Chen Kaige’s son’s aura is not ordinary, the old -fashioned old man shirt with jeans can also wear a sense of domineering

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T -shirt

In our daily life, we can be described as very common clothes. Everyone wears T -shirts or go out on the street every day. For men, T -shirts and shirts are even more daily, and T -shirts

There are many styles


, Different versions of T -shirts will also be available

a different feeling.

So how should you match to put the ordinary T -shirt a fashionable


May wish to learn from the editor to learn the son of Chen Kaige’s son Chen Feiyu, Chen Feiyu,

T -shirt wear



Chen Feiyu T -shirts wearing analysis

T -shirts in the fashion industry can also be described as ordinary representatives. Simple T -shirts will have a kind of

Usually and extraordinary feeling

Therefore, it is also deep in daily life

The love of male friends and female friends.

Different styles of T -shirts of different styles and versions will give people a different feeling. For example, the round neck T -shirt may pass through

More muscle

It makes people feel very strong; and if the V -neck T -shirt may pass through

More sexy.

For the big round neck T -shirt, how to wear it is a artistic, and even the usual T -shirt can be worn.

FASHION’s sense of fashion.

Highlights: T -shirt+jeans

A light or dark T -shirt with a pair of jeans can make people feel very good

young and energetic.

And as the usual clothing, T -shirts will also give people a feeling of a big boy next door.

It’s really age -reducing.

But after choosing the right T -shirt, the matching of clothes is also very important. For example

Normal version of T -shirt

If you, put the T -shirt with extra clothes in the pants.

Then pull out a little more

Cover the belt

, Or pull out a little bit, to see the past more

Natural effect.

This kind of dress is simply full of neighbors

Big boy’s sense of sight.

T -shirt style highlights: holes

Chen Kaige’s son’s aura is unusual, the old -fashioned old man shirt with jeans,

You can also wear a sense of domineering.

It is very important to choose a T -shirt that is suitable for your body.

Different body

For male friends, you should choose the T -shirt style that suits you best to highlight

Your own advantage,

Different from the difference between your own advantages and the public.


Shoulder wide


For men, wearing tight

Round neck T -shirt,

The design of the upper body can be highlighted

Own muscle


Your strong

And the proportion of inverted triangle is very good for men

Body proportions.

If you wear a tight round neck T -shirt, you will look at it in the past


Body is great.

For male friends with smaller shoulders, choose the middle sleeve loose

Wide -collar T -shirt

, Seeing it will be even more

Young literary atmosphere.

It’s as if in

Youth lively age


College students will look very like

Live and handsome.

Highlight wear: youth is energetic

In the general impression of T -shirts, the wear of T -shirts is generally paired with a pair of jeans, which is also a type of fashion. And the T -shirt is also equipped with a pair of trousers

Very age reduction


Youth is vibrant.


T -shirt with a pair of tools will be very student

Youthful vitality

, And work pants are generally adopted

Cotton or hemp quality.


Harder texture

There will not be this state of sticking skin, and it will not be very direct

Appears leg shape,

Seeing the legs in the past, the legs are very thin, and then wearing a loose round neck

Mid -sleeve T -shirt,


College students’ righteousness.

Chen Feiyu has a star fan at a young age.

The face value does not lose her mother Chen Hong.

Choose to the one that suits you

In order to maximize your greatest advantage.

With a pair of black trousers, it will be even more seen in the past

Sexy and mature.

For black high -waist trousers, wearing a loose upper body

Round neck T -shirt


Tight T -shirt

They are very suitable.

If you wear

Loose T -shirt

If you, put your clothes into your pants and pull it out a little.

More natural.

If you are, it is recommended to choose the clothes


Normal length

, This will give people a full one

The sense of vision of long legs.


Analysis of other T -shirts


Loose T -shirt with workers’ trousers

The T -shirt layout and design are important, but for

T -shirt color

The choice is also crucial, if the color of the T -shirt and the color of the pants are not selected properly

It is also easy to step on the mine.

Black and white are the most

The wild color,

It is also very suitable for the combination of relatively light or plain pants. Friends can choose to wear a black one.

Loose middle sleeve T -shirt

, Wear one in the lower body

Purious work pants.

For example, vegetarian green and khaki, look at the T -shirts of the past and upper body

The color phase will not look abrupt.

Round -neck sweater with black jeans

The only impression that we give us is generally very good

The feeling of the sunny teenager, the style of the sweater is also

many different types of,


For example, a hooded sweater or a round neck sweater, different sweater styles will give people complete

Different feelings.

If you wear a hat -connected sweater, you will feel

More vibrant

A little youth. For the round neck sweater, it will be even more

Slightly mature.

Suggestions for the choice of pants


Pants are more suitable

, Compare the jeans or sports pants that are too tight, and then wear a top at this time

Duck tongue cap,


Youth vitality and youth atmosphere.

Army green T -shirt with black trousers

Army green feels like comparison

Mature and stable,

And with a pair of black pants, there will be a kind of

Brother soldier.

If you are green, it will make us feel the whole person

More serious

If you want to give people a serious and unsmiling feeling, this color is

Very suitable.

And if you want that youthful vitality

Youthful atmosphere

If you, choose to choose

Light or white

With the form of workers or sports trousers.

Have you mastered this with T -shirts with different clothes?

Wearing skills

Where is there more about whether the T -shirt is worn?

different opinions

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T -shirt wear

young and energetic.


Tight T -shirt

If you wear

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