#What to wear today#

T -shirt is a must -have for summer. I believe that the partners’ wardrobes have several different styles of T -shirts. This item has a strong versatile nature. It is very suitable for men and women to wear it. It can be said that the hot summer is the stage of the T -shirt. Fashion Icon will use different styles to create a fashionable shape.


In the T -shirt item, the most intuitive change is the color and printing pattern. After all, the style of the T -shirt is very concise. Generally, there is no excessive structural line. The main items in the middle.


The T -shirt seems to be very single, but it can also create different styles of shapes. In the case of color and pattern changes, the style of the T -shirt will produce different styles, so partners must also choose to choose in daily matching. Good style, the shape created in this way will make yourself more satisfied.

1. Pure color T -shirt


Pure -colored T -shirt refers to only one color in the style, without patterns or colors, which is a simple basic model. This style of T -shirts is also very popular, and is versatile and can create a variety of fashionable styles.


White T -shirt

In the solid color T -shirt, the white T appearance rate is the highest and one of the most versatile items. White T can appear in the shape all year round, which can make the shape more concise. All styles of pants in the closet.


Black T -shirt

There is black with white. The wild T -shirt is also very good, and it can easily create a fashionable fan. Regardless of whether the classic black tone or contrast, the shape looks fashionable and versatile.


Color T -shirt

In addition to the classic black and white and gray, the colorful color is also worth trying, and the shape created is more movement. However, the versatile is lower, and it is necessary to control the overall color of the shape.

The camel’s T -shirt is paired with a pair of dark pants. The shape also looks very literary and artistic. The shape is simple and fashionable. With a pair of skate shoes, it can also show the fashion fan.


You can wear bright colors, the charm of the shape will be more outstanding, and it will also give people a youthful atmosphere. Fluorescent green is also a very popular color in recent quarters. It is used in various fashion items. The color of the T -shirt trend and loose shoulders have made the styling fashionable.

2. striped T -shirt

The classic striped T -shirts are popular every year, and the color changes in striped T -shirts also have a lot of changes. They will not be limited to classic blue and white strips. The shape of the size and color of the stripes also shows different styles.

Of course, the classic blue and white formulas are the most versatile, which can create a variety of simple and fashionable style. Even with a wine red casual trousers, it has no sense of disobedience, and can also wear elegant charm.

The loose version of the striped shirt is paired with a pair of jeans, which can easily create a fresh and fashionable style. The color and striped shirts of the shoes can also echo, so the shape looks more delicate and perfect.

It is also very suitable to use striped T -shirts to create a holiday style. With shorts or loose pants, plus fisherman hat and sandals, the full maritime style is full of literary art.

The shape of some candy -colored stripes is more trendy. If the color of the stripes is more bright, then when pairing with pants, it is necessary to be simple and versatile. The red and blue color style is paired with jeans and sneakers, and a baseball cap shape is very prominent.

3. Logo slogan T


Add some logo slogans on the basis of a plain T -shirt, and the shape becomes more distinctive, and the text meaning and design in the T -shirt will become the highlight of the shape.

The style of white T is used to create black and white tones, and the shape looks very overall. With black pants and a pair of white sneakers, the shape quickly creates a fashionable style.


Also in the shape of the black tone, some white embellishments make the shape richer. Although there is a small area of ​​white letters in the black T -shirt, the entire shape will change visually, plus a pair of pairs Black and white color shoes have a layered look.


A few simple letters or logo can change the overall style of the shape. The black letters printed T -shirt with a dark gray workplace pants, the trend of the shape is very strong.


The bright colors and the bright logo, the shape becomes more individual and fashionable. The yellow T -shirt with a light blue water -washed jeans is very overall. Fashionable.

4. pattern T -shirt

The pattern T -shirt is also a weapon for creating a fashionable shape in summer. Some personality patterns make the shape more eye -catching. If you feel that the plain T -shirt is too monotonous, this pattern T -shirt is a good choice.

The white pattern T -shirt is versatile and fashionable. At this time, the partners can choose according to the style of the pattern. Whether it is paired with jeans or casual trousers, the shape is rich and fashionable.


The style of the camouflage printing pattern, with a military green work pocket pants, looks fashionable and overall, the patterns and pants echo the shape to make the shape more outstanding, and the hue of its own shape is also handled well.


The white character pattern T, paired with a pair of water washing jeans and a pair of skates, full of retro street style. In the elegant color tone, the pattern T -shirt also looks very eye -catching, becoming the visual focus of the shape.

Black pattern T can easily wear a sense of fashion with ripped jeans, and the versatility of the shape is very good, and it is easy to handle. So in the summer of these four different styles of T -shirts, the style is different, so which one do you prefer?


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