As we all know, the GUCC bag is the most famous handbag is the canvas series. GUCCI’s canvas bag was born in 1938. At that time, Italy was under fascist rule. The production raw materials were very scarce. , Jute and bamboo and other materials, and make it the most unique style of Gucci. Gucci innovatively painted the petrochemical material on the canvas, and then pressed the pair of double G letters as a trademark logo printing pattern. Unexpectedly, his luggage gets rid of the heavy and clumsy of the traditional suitcase, and it is more waterproof and wear -resistant. At that time, aircraft and cars had gradually replaced traditional trains and cruise ways. Lightweight and wear -resistant bags could better meet the needs of people’s travel. For a while, there were all kinds of canvas briefcases printed with double G letters and eye -catching red and green. GUCCI products such as handbags and cash clip became “the hardest” items.


In addition to canvas, GUCCI is the most proud of pork skin treatment technology. For senior leather manufacturers, the most ideal material is cowhide, of which the raw leather value of the calf that has not been changed or has not eaten grass has the highest value. Called the king of leather upper leather. Followed by sheepskin, the worst is pig leather. The characteristics of pork leather are large pores, tough texture, rough surfaces, and relatively cheaper prices. In order to solve the problem of tight materials during the war, Gucci has developed a technological innovation method: that is, the pork skin is used to cover up the rough cortex with a special method. Welcome.