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The entry of handmade leather goods is not difficult, but many novices will be rejected by all kinds of tools. I think this is another so -called “pit”. Since the development of the handmade leather goods market, there are indeed many “pits”, such as cutting knife pits, chopping pits, etc., making tools to blow their own shovel, and practitioners have burned a lot of money for various evaluations for various evaluations. , But according to my experience, these things can be used cheap and easy to use. I will definitely make many peers dissatisfied, but sorry, you say that a expensive tailoring knife, what Ruimi, and Damascus are not as good as 2 wallpaper knives in my eyes. You are easy to use. You What is this cut, that cutting, the difference between the diamond chopping from 10 yuan in my eyes is not so big, because for users, no one cares about what knife cuts, what cutting is beating. The appearance, the appearance is clean and neat, and the neat lines are what they want. This industry depends on the work to speak, not a tool.

For novices, for example, we just want to make a simple card bag. As shown in the figure below, we can do very beautifully, neatly, and we can also make many types of money clips.

Small card bag purse

To do this simple vegetable tanned leather, the tools that need to be used are mainly self -healing boards, paper cutting knives, hand sewing wooden clips, glue, threading, scalding, needle, thread, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, cutter, edge, and edge,, edge, edge, and border. Poster rod, seal the edge liquid. And if you only pursue the neat lines and do not pursue a round edge effect, there are fewer tools used, but if the works do not seal the edge, it looks less delicate. Essence


Below I will introduce some of the tools necessary for novices based on these years of experience in the years. I can not replace it in the later period of long -term use. I hope to help everyone take less detours.

1. Novice must -have tools


1. Self -healing board

Gundam Model Making Cut Cushion Paper Case Carved Case Cutting Panel Conduct Clatform Backplace A3 A4 A525.92 yuan


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The self -healing board is also called cutting pads or not rotten. There are a lot of search for the first richest man in the horse. It is recommended to buy a larger one, at least the size of A3, and A4 is a bit anxious. The above card is just an example. It’s almost the same, don’t pursue import.

2. Paper knife

4 Put the knife tablet with 30 degrees, the trumpet knife, the wallpaper, the carton, the box, the knife, multi -function stainless steel handicraft cutting paper cutting pen holder telescopic knife carving knife special knife 9 yuan

The card can be bought directly, the one of 9 yuan and 3, or you can find a cheaper, but remember that the main point is a 30 -degree sharp knife, and then go to Alibaba to take a box of knife. You can use it for a lifetime. It ’s a few times, and you do n’t need to grind the knife. The cornering of 30 degrees is also very sharp, which is much better than a few hundred and thousands of cutting knives.

There is also a better brand called OLFA. You can search for it. It is better than the above, but the price is expensive. I don’t need it anymore. After all I feel that there is nothing wrong with using domestic goods.

3. Chopping

Leather Lingzhe Handmade DIY leather perforation tool Anti -slip and Japanese leather set 3mm4mm hand sewing ringing 24.8 yuan

The above card example is Ling Chu, don’t buy this one, expensive, just go to the wild shop to search for cheap ones. I remember that I had approved a set of about a dozen dollars and 2+4 teeth in Alibaba. It is best to buy one teeth separately.

4. thread

Wooden handle pipe device wallet firing thread wireline edge wire upgraded version of the blade mouth is thinner and clearer and 14 yuan

The side of the side of the side is that the vegetable tanned leather can be used, and the chromium tanning leather cannot be used. The price is okay, 15 yuan, and this thing is worth the price. Buy one and make vegetable tanned leather can always be used.

5. needle


John James hand sewing needle

The hand sewing needle is only recommended to buy this, John James hand sewing needle, 002, the price is slightly more expensive, but it is definitely much better than selling new gloves online. It can be used all the time. Essence You can go to the home of the richest man in the horse, about 25 yuan a pack, including 25 stitches.

6. line


Yule round wax line

Novice recommends this Yule round wax line. The richest man in the horse searches casually, and the diameter is 0.55 or 0.35. Low, sintering can be used at the end. The Major Rich Family Meow Store did not sell it, and the card could not be put. A volume of about 10 yuan.


7. Practicing the wooden stick

Polished wooden stick


The polishing wooden stick recommends this kind of polished wooden stick, which is mainly used for polishing the skin. Of course, there are more use skills to develop. The richest man is about 15 yuan. Of course It only takes a period of time to play the best polishing effect. The above figure is used to use it, avoiding a lot of trouble.


8. Hand sewing wooden clip

Hand -sewing wooden leather leather stitching fixing seam leather bag shaver wooden frame handmade leather DIY tool 45 yuan

To be honest, the current tool market is very competitive, and many tools are much cheaper than when I first do it. The hand sewing wood clip can be used all the time. It is very difficult and tiring. The wooden clip in the picture above is 39.8 free shipping, half cheaper than when I buy it. Everyone can also find cheaper at the Rician’s C -Store.

The above is a must -have tool for novices. The price is not expensive. You can use it after buying. You do not need to replace the upgrade. If you just want to make a simple leather item, the tools above are completely enough. The rest is to buy your favorite leather.

2. Novice advanced tool

1. glue


Environmental water -based glue

The picture above is the glue I currently use. Unfortunately, I have not found the raw material for this glue. I can only buy this kind of allocation. Due to the limited energy, I bought a few industrial glue. Try again, the 100ml of 25 yuan in the figure above can be used for a long time if you have a small area. If you have the hope of knowing glue, you can share experience with me and save expenses!

The glue industry in the picture above is called the Hermes Royal glue. I do n’t know if it is imperial, but it does have many advantages. At present, there is no shortcoming. Cold resistance can be diluted with water. Except for the price is slightly expensive, there is no big disadvantage.

2. Border cutter


Leather border handmade DIY cowhide bag carved leather belt leather wallet production tool repair device 30 yuan


The edge cutter is used to polish the edge of the leather and pour the corner. The advanced tool must be used, which can make the skin look more refined. I haven’t used it in the picture above. I bought it in the hands of domestic toolmakers, with nearly 300 yuan. I have to say that market competition is still very meaningful.

3. Hot border

Sandalwood Border Skin Glotter Handmade Skin DIY Tool Decoration Line Cold Pressure Line Rathered Drum Scald Border 160 yuan

The hot edge can be scalded with a decorative line to increase the aesthetics of the edge. The picture above is the heating model of the alcohol lamp. I need to master the heating temperature. I use the hot edge machine in chromium tanning, and the hot side machine is very expensive. It is not recommended for novices to buy. The passive heating hot border in the figure above, you can search for it, just buy cheap ones.


4. Fa cut

Hexagonal cutting method handmade leather DIY diY punching tool hexagonal rice grains cut holes and flattened diamonds 160 yuan

Advanced categories can be chopped. The full name French is flattened. The price in the card is too expensive. According to my experience, a set of French cuts within 100 yuan can be sewed. It should be thin, the overall thickness is about 3mm, and there is no problem at all. At present, the card that cannot be searched in the article, so everyone can only search by themselves, and you can try several cuts, 3.85mm, 3.38mm, 3.0mm, 2.7mm.

5. Type thread

Advanced can try the use of the linen. The most famous hemp is the AU Chinois method. It is not easy to use. It can be said that it is difficult to use. No cost -effective. I use the tingling to go to Jian Ma line. You can go to the richest man’s search. One volume is 28 yuan. It is not cheaper than the nylon wax line, but the tattoons are more firmer than the nylon line. Try to the color of the roll. Do not buy any nather wax line imported from Japan, it is very poor, and it is very expensive

6. Sub -knife

One -in -one thin knife handmade leather DIY cutting knife shovel and a round blade shovel shovel thin knife section to cut the drum oblique and cut 32 yuan

The thin knife is used to cut the skin edge, use the multi -layer adhesion of the folded or folding or the leather edge, or use it when it is used for a slightly drum, which can also be used for large -scale thinning. It requires a certain skill. The thin knife is similar to the card, and the price is similar. When it feels thin and laborious, it is sharp and sharp in 1000 mesh sandpaper. It is suitable for advanced novice use.

Generally speaking, all the tools mentioned above can be used in the later period. Others are not mentioned. Most of them are carefully purchased.

Please do not buy newly set meals online

Most of the things inside are not useful or difficult to use. If you want to get started to experience the handicraft leather, just buy the tools mentioned in my article.

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