01. There is a kind of cold in this world, called “Grandma feels cold.”

Not long ago, a 5 -year -old child became popular in a “clear” way. The reason is that the child shouted hot when doing early exercise, and the teacher helped her take off her jacket, but the child was still hot.

The teacher took a closer look and found that the child’s grandma wore 5 pants for her. This really makes people cry.


When many netizens laughed crazy, they did not forget to shout their grandma:

“Too much wear, it will really cover the problem”;

“Although it is kind, it is actually more likely to get sick than cold.”

“After verification, it is no doubt about grandma” …

There are countless examples like this. There is this:



There is also this:

It is simply: the same world, the same grandma.

The pediatrician once said that there are many children who have a fever every year. After understanding, many children are not because they wear too little cold, but because they wear too much.


It can be seen that it is not love, but harm to children.

Because on the one hand, the child temperature regulation center has not yet developed, and they are moving. Once they wear too much, the calories are not easy to emit, which may cause high fever and sweat.

On the other hand, wearing too much, children’s small arms and calves are very laborious. If you just start to learn to climb, turn, sit, and walk, it will be difficult to practice repeatedly. Moreover, children wear too much, which limits their movements, but can easily reduce children’s resistance.

02. So how should you dressed your children scientifically in autumn and winter?

1. Determine hot and cold first

For children who cannot express clearly, the most direct way is to touch the child’s back and back.

If the neck and back are smooth and have no sweating, it means that the child is suitable for dressing; if you sweat, take it off in time.

Secondly, you can also observe the child’s state directly. If the child’s small face blushes, it means that the child is too hot, and you should also reduce the clothes in time.

Observe at any time and make preparations for increasing or decrease clothes to maintain the best state.


2. Onion dressing method

This statement is actually very vivid, that is, wearing a few thin clothes for children, which is better than wearing a thick clothes.

It is winter, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is also large. Wearing a few thin clothes can just meet the principle of getting rid of the hot and cold when it is hot.

3. There is a skill in choosing clothes

Generally, children’s skin is more delicate, their base temperature is higher than adults, and it is easy to sweat. Therefore, when choosing clothes, don’t be too blind.


You can choose a cotton -friendly clothing for your child. Kweet absorption is not easy to stimulate the skin; wearing warm clothes in the middle; coats must have windproof functions.

When wearing this, children are not easy to cool, nor will they be uncomfortable because of sweat.

4. The most worthy of reference baby “dress formula”

A pediatrician in Hangzhou spent three months, and through the experience summarized from his daughter, he put forward a “dress formula” about the child:


Temperature+increase in clothes = 26 ℃

Because 26 ° C is the most comfortable state of children, if the weather cools down, it can be appropriately increased to achieve the effect of “constant temperature”.

The temperature that each piece of clothes can be increased are roughly as follows: thick down jacket 9 ° C, thin down jacket 6 ° C, thick wool sweater 4 ° C, cotton vest 4 ° C, fleece clothes 3 ° C, thin coat 3 ° C, thick cotton sweater 2 ℃, thin cotton sweater is 1 ℃.

Of course, this is not absolute. After all, each child has different constitutions and different exercise volume. Parents still need to increase or decrease their clothes in time according to their children’s specific circumstances.

03. How to communicate with the elderly?

Many children are taking care of the elderly now, and it is inevitable that there are differences in the concept of new and old childcare, especially in dressing children.

Many old people are afraid that they will have a loss with their children and make the baby suffer from being sick. Therefore, when you feel cold, the first reaction is to wear more for your baby. The original intention is good, but the method is not necessarily right. Therefore, when children communicate with the elderly, they must pay attention to tone and method.

Friends have been distressed by this, but now she is able to deal with it freely. In her opinion, old children and old children,

The old man also depends on “coaxing”.

For example, once a grandma wore a lot to the child, she first praised the old man: “Mom, you are really careful, remember to add clothes to the child when the weather is cold.”

After the old man was readily accepted, he raised it gentlely: “Yeah, the child sweats. I remember that some pediatricians said some time ago that many children were wearing too much to cover the disease. Shouldn’t it?”

Although the old man was okay, he silently took off the child silently.


It is not easy for the elderly to bring a baby, so try to understand and communicate well. After all, we can work without worry, and do not worry about children’s pick -up, thanks to the elderly help us to go forward. What do you say?

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