Many people have always had a question, what is the difference between electric piano and piano? Today, I will tell you what the difference between different types of piano is, how should people with different needs choose.

The common piano on the market can be divided into: traditional mechanical piano (real piano), electric piano, electronic piano.

1. Traditional mechanical piano

Traditional mechanical piano is generally divided into triangular piano and vertical piano, which is composed of wooden cases, steel frames, string strings, sound boards, strings, and keyboards. It hit the sound of the piano with a small hammer to change the sound of the piano and sound. The word piano in English means “piano with strong and weak pronunciation”.

Simply put, it is voiced by the Department of Physics.

Principles of the triangle piano strings:

Internal structure of vertical piano:

2. Electric piano

Electric piano, also known as digital piano, is also divided into vertical electric piano and triangle electric piano, which is no different from piano in appearance. Piano prices are usually lower than mechanical piano. Digital piano has many “AI intelligent digital multimedia” functions than traditional mechanical piano. Digital piano uses digital technology instead of simulation technology, which restores mechanical piano to the greatest extent in touch and sound quality


Make it not only realize the realistic imitation of traditional piano, but also has all the functions of mechanical piano, but also has a unique sound, storage memory, change, mixing, beats, and the MIDI interface, headset, microphone interface, etc. The combination of piano traditional technology and modern high -tech.

Although digital piano has developed from the historical history of modern electronic piano through more than 40 years, it is not an electronic piano.

3. Electronic piano

The electronic piano does not have the feel and strength of the piano. Whether it is light or heavy, the sound of sound is the same. There is no strength and weakness during the performance. Although the electronic piano with MF modulation simulation technology has initially solved the sense of strength and has strong and weak sounds, the level of strong and weakness is far less rich as the mechanical piano.

The advantages and disadvantages of their respective advantages:

1. feel and sound quality

In these three categories, the feel of electronic piano is too light, so if it is used to get started with piano, Xiaobian does not recommend everyone to use the electronic piano, which is not conducive to the cultivation of music and feel.

Generally speaking, the sound quality of the triangle piano will be better than the vertical piano, because the triangular piano cavity is specially designed, which can show excellent sound quality.

In the eyes of most people, the feel of the electric piano is not as real as the real piano, but it is just a brand and model with lack of technical and rough workmanship.


In fact, for some professional electric piano brands, such as the British SPYKER, it can now be able to achieve unlimited feelings and sound quality of Zhengang. The changes in sound effects, and the 88 -key heavy hammer ABS keyboard highly restores the feel of real steel, making it difficult for many professionals to distinguish.

2. Price

The price of electronic piano is usually relatively close to the people, and you can buy an electronic piano less than a thousand.


Among the traditional piano, the cheapest vertical piano also costs about 20,000, medium to 50,000, and nearly 100,000 high. The cheapest triangle piano requires 40,000 to 80,000, medium to more than 10,000, and high-matching 200,000 to 2 million. I won’t go into details here.

The price span of electric piano is also very large, because the technology, materials, and functions on the electric steel market are uneven. Some entry -level level of 30 to 10,000, SPYKER Britain is a brand that launched the Bougainvillea Piano earlier, with a minimum price of less than 30,000.

3. Function

The piano’s sound changes are rich, and different styles can be interpreted by priority.


The development of electronic piano has also been rapid in recent years, and various functions have become increasingly perfect. You can edit and modify, arranged, and multi -track recording of sound -changing and external sound cards. It is very helpful for music production.

Electric piano (digital piano) is a modern high -tech piano digital analog instrument. It can not only play piano songs, but also play the music that traditional mechanical piano cannot perform; it can play traditional piano works and popular piano music. Expressiveness will be richer. It can use a variety of musical instruments to play different music music.

High -quality digital piano can be performed by any piano song, which is also part of family entertainment and audio. Modern digital piano, good audio effects can replace family audio, you can play piano, play world music, play different instruments, and also It can achieve recording, connect the microphone to sing and sing, karaoke, etc. It can also take on a variety of teaching models of modern music education and become the new favorite of modern normal music teaching.


Piano brand recommendation: If your demand for the piano is not just a traditional ordinary piano, then Xiaobian recommends that you buy a electric piano. According to the budget selection, about 20,000 can choose vertical piano: Shijue HD-L116, Shijue HD-L123, Kawai ES8, Roland DP-90.

Shijue HD-L123 is suitable for piano testing, teacher teaching, home use, and the appearance of 13 floors of piano paint, acid resistance and alkali and resistance, sound samples from Shijue’s tens of millions of flagship piano, 88-key heavy hammer strength ABS keyboard, with headphones with headphones, with headphones Confucius is mute playing, and at the same time, it is equipped with multimedia functions and automatic performance functions.

If you want to put a beautiful triangle electric piano at home and add an atmosphere when meeting with friends and family, then you can choose Shijue HD-W152. This piano not only has a super high value, but also the workmanship is also very delicate. The 13th floor Piano paint, acid resistance and alkali. The sampling of the sound source has been a nine -foot piano since Shijue. Relying on the powerful algorithm of AI smart chips, the PCM multi -density high -fidelity sounding technology is used to allow you to enjoy the audiovisual feast. At the same time, you can also equip the automatic performance system so that you do n’t need to play at the party. You can use the automatic performance system to perform more than 300 world famous songs.


After watching the sharing of the editor, everyone must be clear about the difference between the electric piano and the piano. Go and buy the piano you want!