Are many girls who are new to makeup? Knowing that thrush is a very important thing, but you can’t control your hands. The thrush time is short for half an hour, and there is no upper limit. Eyebrows and eyebrows. Why is it so difficult to love you? In fact, if you want to draw your eyebrows, the most important thing is to choose a good eyebrow pencil. Today, I will look at the eyebrow pencil suitable for the stars.

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South Korea’s 3CE’s eyebrow pencil is also listed as a must -have item for the stars. The soft texture is easy to color, and a light painting can draw a perfect eyebrow shape even by novices; the soft and light -lighting effect of the glutinous sense is more natural; Long -term waterproof and oil release, lasting natural eyebrow shape.

Korean genuine 3CE eyebrow pencil durable waterproof no makeup

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This double -headed eyebrow pencil in House Iti is also suitable for beginners. The professional eyebrow pen brush head shape, the color of the pen core is natural and bright, smooth and easy to color, can easily control the pen tip, flexibly change the thickness of the lines, make the eyebrow shape more natural, you can draw more fine natural, more three -dimensional, more three -dimensional. Beautiful eyebrow shape. After that, you can use the eyebrow brush to gently brush in the direction of the eyebrows, and the shape of the eyebrows can be more natural.

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A double -headed eyebrow pencil recommended by the Beauty Human Manpower, the core is very soft, and contains vitamin E, which not only has a good moisturizing effect, but also the effect of makeup is very soft and will not hurt the skin around the eyes. Even the skin is sensitive to the skin. The girl can also use it. The color of the eyebrow pencil is natural, and it can be easily colorful at a time to outline the perfect three -dimensional perfect eyebrow shape. With professional eyebrow brush, it is convenient to organize the messy eyebrow shape, which is very practical.


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A very easy -to -use eyebrow pencil is the eyebrow pencil that the star can also control. A small one, very small, it is easy to control it in your hand. The tip of the pen is delicate and smooth, it is very good, it will not hurt the skin, and it will easily draw perfect eyebrows. It contains natural waterproof formula and does not last color. Four colors are available, different skin tone and different hair color can be found in the same color, which is very practical.

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Many novices are using the eyebrow pencil, which is specially made of flat -shaped pen. It can be applicable whether it is flat brush and drawing edges, so that your eyebrows are more three -dimensional. The professional eyebrow pen brush head shape is natural. It will not be very thick and obvious. If you are colorful, you can draw a more fine and three -dimensional beautiful eyebrow shape. The other end has an eyebrow brush to sort out a messy eyebrow shape.