When it comes to Dong Qing, what we think of is the noble woman. “There is a poem with a poem, and the years have never been subjected to the beauty.” This sentence should be the best interpretation of Dong Qing. Although she rarely wears sexy exposed clothing, she has a temperament of the spring breeze, giving a particularly warm warmth. When Dong Qing attended the event, he chose a slim dress, which really made people sigh: Dong Qing is really too much, the slim dress is “supported” and the bumpy feeling makes people look at. Let’s take a look together!

This is a relatively slim dress with a light purple background. It is inlaid with the embellishment of black lace embroidery, and it has more exquisite and elegant noble sense. In fact, the slim dress is also very common. Perfect fit body curve can show the bumpy visual aesthetics. For some women with exquisite figures, the slim dress is a very good choice. Dong Qing wore a slim dress, making her body more full and more full, with a particularly seductive charm.

The light purple background has a low -key and luxurious beauty. Purple is a very noble color system. Although the saturation is not very high, the brightness is not very high, and it is not so white to wear. But for some fair -skinned women, they can set out a more elegant and noble temperament. For Dong Qing, this light purple background is in line with her temperament. Simple small round neck is not so sexy, but more elegant and stylish temperament. It is really favorite to exude the charm and self -confidence of mature women.

This slim dress is incorporated into the embellishment of lace embroidery throughout the body, and it is more elegant and noble. The perfect waist design outlines more slender waist. Against the tight dress, the chest lines have become clearer. There is a more seductive temperament. The flat belly has no fat sense. It is really enviable. 47 -year -old Dong Qing is still the most beautiful and elegant.


Compared to the grace and luxury of long dresses, short dresses can have a self -confidence and beauty. At the same time, this short dress is more casual and natural. With a pair of black high -heeled shoes, the proportion of legs inadvertently stretched, it seemed that Dong Qing’s figure was more graceful and elegant. Simple short hair, flying with the wind, showing a more confident smile. Such Dong Qing, even without heavy makeup, is still the best.


Dong Qing is really too expected. The slim dress is “supported” and the bumpy feeling makes people look at it. This slim dress is very simple and atmospheric in design, exuding a more natural and elegant beauty. The sleeveless style shows a slender arm and perfectly shows Dong Qing’s good figure. The 46 -year -old Dong Qing was too full. He wore a slim dress and “supported” the bumpy feeling, and the staff looked at it.

As an excellent host, Dong Qing’s temperament is very good, and it is also specially borrowed on dressing. She doesn’t like too sexy exposed clothing, and is more like simple and capable workplace style. Like this black wave dot skirt, it shows a more delicate and stylish beauty. The black and white color scheme is elegant and natural, the style of the stand -up collar is exquisite and generous, and perfectly exudes the confidence of mature women.


The white dress can be said to be essential for women. If you think that the simple white is too low -key, you may wish to choose Dong Qing, a white dress that integrates into the black splashing ink, and a slightly straight style can perfectly modify the waist, which also has a very strong advantage in covering the meat. Even a slightly fat girl can easily control.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Tung Qing’s set of LOOK, which one do you think is more beautiful?

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