Nowadays, with the upgrading of mobile phone camera technology, more and more friends are in love with photography, and began to use mobile phones and other shooting equipment to record a beautiful moment. So how do you choose how to save photos? Some people may exist on the computer and mobile phones, and some friends will upload it to the network disk to retain. However, the author believes that printing photos into albums will be more memorable. Today, I recommend three printer products suitable for printing photos.

Fuji Xiaoluo Seal Photo Printer

First of all, the color of this printer recommended for everyone is very healed. This is a very high -value printer product, which definitely makes you shine. The simple design seems to be obviously different from the traditional printer products, which is in line with the aesthetics of modern young people. Overall, this photo printer has a good performance in appearance.

周末别再EMO了 用这几款机器打印照片更治愈

In terms of printing quality, because this printing product uses a subtraction printing technology, it has a good output performance. And there is no need to be plastic separately during the printing process. During the printing process, a transparent protective film will be automatically attached, which effectively plays a role in waterproof and fingerprints, making the photos not easily turn yellow.

周末别再EMO了 用这几款机器打印照片更治愈

Canon TS5380 color inkjet integrated machine

Here is a Canon TS5380 color inkjet allocation machine, which is also a very cured printer product. In terms of color schemes, Macaron’s color scheme is used. There are two colors of pink and pink green to choose from.

In terms of consumables, a 4 -color FINE integrated ink cartridge is used, which can also bring high -quality comfortable printing experience while printing at high speed. At the same time, the ink ink is used in ink, which increases the color gamut under the dark environment to make the color printing quality better.

Epson L3153 Ink Cangs -type all -in -one machine

Finally, I recommend this Epson L3153 ink -type all -in -one machine. The biggest feature is that the printing amount is large enough. Black can print 4500 pages, and color can be printed 7500 pages. The larger printing amount is more suitable for printing photos, and users will not interrupt printing due to frequent lack of ink.

Finally, there is a good performance in terms of cost. The cost of black single printing is only 0.01 yuan, and the color single printing cost is 0.035 yuan. Even if you often print color photos, there is no problem at all, and you will not worry about the cost of use in the later period.