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How should we buy a silk quilt?

The weather turns cool, is the silk you bought?

The national standard stipulates that silk quilt refers to 50%or more products that fill the filling with mulberry silk and (or) silk silk. The filling contains 100%silk is a pure silk quilt, and the filler contains 50%or more silk to mixed silk quilts.

What is the quality of the silk sold on the market? Not long ago, the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Association (Committee) jointly released 20 Silk Lisi was compared with test reports. The brand involved Yalu, Ye Yujiangnan, LF, Arctic velvet, southern bedding, silkworm margin, silkworm flower nils®, Lovo, FIRS, FIRS Shanshan, Ciyun, Qianhuang, BOE Tokyo, Kim Jias, Jiangnan Ancient Rhymes, Pillow Water Family®, DOHIA love, Dream Jie Meisong, Luolai Luolai Family Textiles, Belles, Taihu Snow. Let’s take a look at the test results together.

Yalu and Ye Yu Jiangnan 2 sample products instructions and fiber contents are not up to standard


Product use instructions are the most intuitive way to convey product information such as product, basic performance, characteristics and other product information to consumers. It is usually conveyed in the form of manuals, labels, durability logos. This comparison test found that the instructions for use of 2 samples of the 20 samples do not meet the standard requirements.


Among them, the nominal manufacturer is the sample of the Yalu quilting/mulberry silk quilting (cord number: Y3119009C, priced at 169 yuan) of Yaluli The labeling of durability label products is inconsistent; durability labels are not clearly marked with fiber components and content, unsmayed filling of the filling rate of the filling of the filling, and the mix of the old symbols in the maintenance method of the maintenance method.

Another sample of Ye Yu Jiangnan Silk Silk quilt (goods number: Non -marked, priced at 194.99 yuan) sold by Ye Yu Jiangnan Silk Silk Sales, which is not marked with the official flagship store of JD/Xilianjia Textiles, has a “unsigned manufacturer’s name and address; The durability label is not clearly nominal fiber composition and content, and the maintenance method washing the method of washing the new and old symbols; the product number and specifications of tags and durability labels, the maintenance methods, and the implementation of product standards “and other issues.

The fiber content is one of the important quality indicators to test textile products. It is the most direct way for enterprises to convey product raw material components to consumers. Consumers can understand the quality of product performance and comfort to understand the performance of the product through the fiber content of the enterprise. The results of this comparison test show that the fiber content of the above two samples does not match the actual measurement.


The quality deviation rate of the filled material is filled, and the LF sample exceeds the standard of 120%


The quality deviation of the filling refers to the proportion of the difference between the quality of all the silk that is filled with the filling of all silk. After testing, only one of the 20 samples of the samples of the 20 pieces of the samples were sampled, and the mass deviation rate of the filled material exceeded the scope of the standard requirements, reaching 120%. This sample is Wimidina’s cotton-mulberry sulfur-cotton-to-mulberry silk summer cotton-to-mulberry silk summer gray (nominal trademark: LF, Ryj04012). The measuring value of the filling of the filling material is -2.5%~+10.0%, and the measured value is+20.0%.

According to reports, the reason why the quality deviation of the filling material may not meet the standards that the manufacturer’s understanding of the standard is not thorough, and it is believed that the actual filling quality is no problem than the value. But in fact, the quality deviation rate of filling must not be in a certain positive and negative range, too much or too little.

17 pieces of the standard silk are sample information


Purchase guide

1. The product logo should be complete and clear

Consumers pay attention to check whether the product logo is complete clearly, including:

① Use instructions to indicate the name and address of the creator, product name, number or specifications, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, product execution standards, safety categories, and the consistency of various types of use instructions; Location indicates the name of the silk quilt (pure silk quilt or mixed silk quilt); ③ the finished product length, width size, and the quality of the filling of the filler should be marked; ④ Level (long, medium and short).


2. Differential filling of the type of silk


Consumers try to buy from regular shopping malls, give priority to buying brands with good reputation and comprehensive logo. At the same time, check whether the labeled fillers are mulberry silk or silk silk.


Mulberry silk: silk secreted by mulberry silkworms. Silk silk is thin and long, with a slightly yellow in white, delicate and smooth feel, and there is a touch of the unique smell of animal fibers. The quilt made with this silk is particularly soft and close, which is the superior product of the silk quilt.

Silk silk: silk secreted by the silkworm. Silk silk is shorter and thick than mulberry silk, and its original color is relatively darker. Often, chemical agents need to be faded. The “silk gum” contained in the silk silk, so the feel is relatively rough, the luster is also dull, and the rigidity of the silk silk is also relatively strong.

3. Differential filling silk quality

Consumers buy as much as possible to check the quality of the filling, prefer to choose a silk quilt of mulberry silk, long silk cotton, or medium -sized silk. Pay attention to the color and thickness of the filling of the filling Discover damage, no odor.

4. Judgment from product prices and levels

Consumers can judge the authenticity of the product according to the price level, and can also judge through the level of the silk, and try to choose a high -level silk quilt. The basic requirements are as follows:

Outstanding products: Filling contains 100%silk, does not contain fluorescent whitening agent and obvious dust; first -class products: Filling contains 100%silk, the appearance is basically uniform; qualified products: The silk content is more than 50%.


Source: Chinese Consumers, Beijing Consumers Association website, etc.