The middle -sleeved small suit is the mainstream of spring and summer. It will not be as restrained as long -sleeved suit, nor does it look weird as short -sleeved suit. It feels like that, and it should have the feeling of wearing this season. Whether it is a small red suit or a small sleeve suit with other colors, it will give people a refreshing feeling. Next, I will introduce a few medium -sleeved small suits to see if there is a suitable model for you.


NO.1 Fresh and Elegant Mid -sleeve Small suit


In recent years, the simple and stylish style has been greatly touted. Today, this fresh and elegant sleeve suit is followed. The simple contrasting color makes you look vibrant. Whether it is office or leisure entertainment, you can wear it. The use of fold effects adds a sense of fashion. The combination of a buckle is just right, and this fresh and elegant mid -sleeve suit is a versatile model, which is easy to find a match in your bunch of beautiful clothes. You might as well try it.

NO.2 Korean version of lace OL mid -sleeved small suit

Want to make a little change on the basis of formal clothes? Want to make your formal dress different from others? Then you have to look at this Korean version of the small sleeve white suit in this Korean version of lace OL. The Korean version of the elements are exhausted in it, and it is done completely in accordance with the standards of the formal dress. The difference is that it is a small suit in the middle sleeve and the lace sleeve. The use of lace materials makes the whole sleeve suit add more charming and more feminine. You can make you more confident when working.

NO.3 Half -open collar neither sleeve small suit


This semi -open collar girl’s small suit is tough and stereotyped with the suit collar. It feels charming and more sexy. With this coat, you can try a variety of base -colored skirts, and you will find that it is really better. The pocket of a small suit is a real pocket. As long as the line is removed, it should be noted that few people use the pocket of the middle -sleeved small suit, which will make the overall effect discount. So you have to prepare a bag to make you look more feminine weapons. In fact, it is a fashionable bag. If you use it well, you will add a lot of color to you.

NO.4 Classic Black Sleeve OL Middle Sleeve Small suit

This medium -sleeved small suit cutting is very reasonable, completely fits the curve of women and is carefully created. Standard OL style allows you to enjoy the happiness brought by the office during office. On the occasion of spring and summer, the temperature rose to the apex of the summer solstice. At this time, the long -sleeved suit has been criticized, which has a great impact on the office. However, this medium -sleeved small suit can solve your urgency, give you a good experience, and let you drive away the sweltering and move at work.

NO.5 Korean Edition Slim OL Middle Sleeve Small suit

Still OL -style small sleeves, and busy work has allowed you not to open your body to breathe. This medium -sleeved small suit is to solve your work problems for your latest tide. Let you enjoy life at work