There are usually two forms of clothing color:

Solid color system


Non -solid color system


The pure color clothing is to use a color to present a unified and harmonious state of styling. A color modification effect often blooms in the visual effect, and for the image charm and style of wearing style There will also be a certain display.

Similarly, because of the outstanding color charm, the charm and characteristics of the style are ignored, and the style of clothing is also a key. The use of style characteristics is sufficient to reflect the integrity of the shape. Therefore The outstanding color effect reduces the role of style, and it is indispensable to the addition of fashion elements.

For non -solid color clothing, the uniformity of color is the design highlights. The use of intricate and complicated rendering effects to enhance fashionable attractiveness and highlight personal style.

Although in the solid color and non -solid colors, the solid color system is not as fashionable as non -solid color system, but it does not prevent the display of personal charm.

The use of its pure color clothing items can be worn, which can make the style of the royal sister style, sweet style, cute style and other styles more vivid

For celebrities, whether they are attending large and small occasions, the emergence of solid color clothing is indispensable. Choosing solid color clothing for wearing will not only have a sense of atmosphere, show a dignified and elegant state, but also for individual tastes for personal tastes. There is also a certain ability to show, among them,

Tang Yixin’s solid color wearing

The shape is very valuable.

Tang Yixin’s appearance is sweet, wear

Red real silk robe

It can also be full of “pure desire”, too embarrassing, Tang Yixin did not have a child, there was no two, and she boldly wore a red sleeping robe with beautiful legs, and Zhang Ruohuan didn’t care about it. Tang Yixin’s style of dress is quite changeable. Pure, pure wind, and cute wind can control, and have to say that good figure is willfulness.

Below, please refer to it


The charm of solid color wearing

A color use


One color is deep or shallow, or bright or dull, which can be expressed in solid colors, and the effect of different colors has a certain influence on style characteristics and temperament charm.


For the pure color system, it is to choose a clothing item that is built with a color color to wear, and use the color to improve the intuitive feeling. Among them,


Use the dark color system to show maturity and stability


Show fresh and age -reducing with a light color system

The selection of different colors can achieve different image attractions, showing fashionable charm from multiple levels.

Wine red robe

Use wine -red clothing to wear, the rich and deep sense of color, will further

Enhanced white effect

, Show the charm of pure desire, sexy is full of femininity. And under the effect of the wine red pajamas,


Neckline cross

Design and waist use


Belt decoration

The effect will be a highlight in the shape, and it will go further.


Enhance the charming feeling

The value of the heart will also greatly increase.



The sense of styling presented by the pure color robe, lacking the addition of fashion elements, will show a state of lack of attractiveness, which looks too mediocre and simple. Therefore, the cuffs or the body are added to the body. It can enrich image charm and look more fashionable.

Pure color clothing recommendation

Light blue gauze skirt

In the summer season, everyone will be more willing to choose a cool -style clothing for wearing, which can not only achieve a certain match with the seasonal climate in terms of visual effects, but also enhance the attractiveness of the image, show the superior curve line charm Essence

The use of mesh skirts is indispensable in summer. The fabric not only has good breathability, but also uses its thin fabric characteristics to display the skin condition in a looming form, which can be salt and sweet.


When choosing a pure colored gauze skirt for wearing, the use of light blue is good. The freshness of the freshness is more outstanding. Under the action of light color, it will further show the sweetness and purity. Age and youth.

Classic color stitching skirt

There is also a special style for solid color skirts, that is


The skirt, in order to avoid the mess of color matching design, choose a classic charm color for stitching to get a certain relief. Among them, black and white with classic color charm are good choices.



Black and white stitching design

At the same time, the color division is performed in the area of ​​the upper body and the area of ​​the lower body.

At the same time in the stitching position, in one

Ripple contour division

The form can also add a certain sense of design, which looks personal and wonderful. Choosing different colors or pure color clothing of different styles can show different attractiveness, endless charm, come and choose!



Tang Yixin’s solid color wearing