“Chinese Holiday Fairy Tale” Lu Bing is on the Yangtze River Literature and Art Publishing House

A few days ago, writer Lu Bingxin’s “Chinese Holiday Fairy Tale” was published by the Yangtze River Literature and Art Publishing House. The book uses the mood and beautiful language of fairy tales. Through the protagonist Xiaoshui Drop and the life experience of his family, 12 major traditional festivals have been stunned, 24 fun stories are interspersed, and more than 40 poetry nursery rhymes are chanting. Holiday knowledge tips. It is full of romantic imagination to tell the traditional festival culture in the form of fairy tales. Text/Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter: Sun Yan

Holiday culture is the root and soul of the Chinese

Speaking of the original intention of this book, Teacher Lu Bing recalled his own barren but spiritual teenager. His life also laid the foundation for his children’s literary writer. In 2018, he accidentally found that his fairy tale “Spider’s Store” was selected into the primary school Chinese teaching script, which gave him a great encouragement. At the same time, in the textbook, Teacher Lu found that there were many folk holiday nursery rhymes, so he germinated it and used it to use it. Fairy tales to write the idea of ​​traditional Chinese festivals.

Lu Bing believes that festival culture is the root and soul of the Chinese. In fact, the holidays are the imprint of our children’s spirit. Setting on the track of festivals is to set foot on the track of personality, the track of happiness, gratitude of gratitude, and dedication … Every festival can bring people a different emotional experience. In addition to the major traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid -Autumn Festival, “Chinese Festival Fairy Tale” also mentioned the popular festivals such as the Spring Dragon Festival, Huazhao Festival, and Aunt Festival.



Creating fairy tale requires a simple after complexity

Question: The 12 traditional festivals in the book are all around a family named “small water drop”. Does the story of “small water drop” and his family have a special meaning?

Lu Bing: It reveals a secret: “Small Drop” is my milk name. I entrust my imagination of all the beautiful imaginations on this character. When writing the book “Chinese Festival Fairy Tale”, I first wanted to show the growth of a child and show the “chemical” role of traditional Chinese festivals on a child … Therefore, in addition to writing each festival, I also wrote a small water drip family. Sadness and joy … The nodes of emotional experience are the festivals such as Qixi Festival, Mid -Autumn Festival, New Year’s Eve.

For example, in the chapter of the Tanabata Festival, my father and mother experienced separation and reunion like a cowherd and weaver girl. The heart of the beekeeper and the heart of the small water dripping the family linked the heart of the “Qiaoqiao”. The Mid -Autumn Festival was a reunion festival, but the little water dripped through the separation -separated from Heerbaoer, and his father was in the distance. He only reunited in the imagination of the fairy tale “Moon”. Sadness and joy are separated, the moon is full of yin and clear, “all the separation of this separation is just to reunite the New Year’s Eve!

Question: What quality do you think of a good fairy tale work?

Lu Bing: Writing fairy tales requires a compassion and joy that is low to dust and high in the clouds. It requires a kind of peace after great tragedy, and a simple after complexity.

I remember in a lecture, a child asked me: “Uncle Lu Bing, how old are you?” I laughed: “This is the simplest question, and it is also the most complicated question. I, I, and your age The same is big -only ten years old, but at the same time, I am 100 years old. Why? Because only those who have a ten -year -old child and at the same time have a heart of a century -old man, can The fairy tale. The real fairy tale is shallow, but at the same time is deep; it is light, but at the same time it is heavy; it is simple, but at the same time is complex. “Just as Einstein, he thought about this complexity. The world, the theory of thinking, and finally attributed it to a concise formula. I think the fairy tales should also be like this: the complex world sublimation and condense into a simple and transparent dew -such dew, which can make people see the colorful world.

Source: Guangzhou Daily