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This year’s Double Eleven pre -sale activities came to be extraordinary.


As a qualified old mother, Xiaobian boiled to 12 o’clock every night and bought it for the baby to buy and buy.

However, in the matter of choosing shoes, I have diverged with my mother again!

She is simply a living ETC, and she is raised with me for 24 hours! Intersection Intersection Intersection

Her old man insists on buying a baby




Cotton shoes!

Fortunately, after fierce Battle, I won this time! In fact, there is a trick to choose shoes for baby, especially when choosing shoes in autumn and winter must pay attention to these.


Basic principles of choosing shoes in autumn and winter

Keep warm

Although it is said that the baby’s activity is large and afraid of heat, but the sky is cold, you can’t give them single shoes! Keeping warmth is the most basic principle for choosing shoes for baby autumn and winter.

Especially in the winter shoes, it is best to have a part of the inner fluff (but not too thick), and the material is preferably the warm and breathable material such as leather and canvas.

Non -slip

No matter how cold the sky is, we have to take the baby out to slip away? The autumn and winter roads are easy to freeze, especially for babies who have just academic steps, their body balance ability is relatively weak, and it is easy to fall.

Therefore, you must choose a non -skid soles to choose shoes. The rough the surface of the soles of the pits, the stronger the grip ability. (As shown below)

(Pictures from the Internet)


Soft and hard

The baby’s small feet are developing quickly, and the degree of softness and hardness of choosing shoes is very important.

So how to judge whether the baby’s shoes are soft and hard?

In fact, it is very simple, teach you a formula: one fold, two pinch, three twisted and four press.


Remember the basic principles of choosing shoes for the baby in autumn and winter, then we must say how to choose the baby.


How to choose

Look at the shoe

The shape of the shoes should be as low as possible to the baby’s feet and the shoe help, avoid higher shoes to help the baby’s ankle; they cannot be overly pursued and ignored the practicality; Last year, I chose a pair of high -quality sneakers I think I think it ’s super beautiful and Fashion. As a result, I did n’t move it again after wearing it!

Look at the material

The upper material

Soft, breathable, no odor

Essence The baby’s feet are more delicate and easy to sweat. Excessive materials will not only wear the skin, but also immerse them. When you sweat, your feet will be uncomfortable.

Bulls and sheepskin, canvas, and velvet are all good choices, but it is best not to choose plastic and synthetic leather.


Xiaobian reminds that the rear gangs and toe materials of the shoes still need to be harder, which will protect the toes and ankles.


Look at the size

——Stateless feet! Comfortable!

——It long wear! save money!

This is the standard for many elderly people to choose shoes for baby.

However, these shoes can easily affect the baby’s bone development, which may cause the Feds such as legs, X -shaped legs, and feet.

The inner length of the shoes is 0.5-1 centimeters longer than the baby’s feet.

Therefore, don’t pursue big, and you must eliminate it in time.

When wearing too large shoes, the baby’s feet must be gripped hard. Walking like this is easy to lean forward, which not only affects the development of bone bones, but also affects spinal development. Too small shoes squeeze your feet, which can easily cause methylitis.

In addition, judging whether the size of the shoes is appropriate, you can let your baby wear socks and test shoes, so that the shoes you pick are the most suitable.

Alternatively, parents can use small fingers to measure. If the small finger can be inserted between the heels and the shoe gang, it means that it is more appropriate.


[Special Tips: Replace regularly]

The baby’s feet grow fast. Parents should remember to replace the child regularly. The money that should be spent is to spend. Don’t save them for them to choose inappropriate shoes for them. In case the feet are deformation, it will be too late!

Generally speaking,

Every 3-4 months will change the shoes for the baby


And every other month, parents have to check the comfort of the baby’s shoes. If you put it on, the space on the toe is less than half the width of the small finger, or the heel and the feet have a scar, which means that the baby’s feet grow up, the shoes are not suitable, and you need to replace it as soon as possible.


Don’t choose these three shoes

Although buying and buying is very happy, you still have to choose shoes for your choice of shoes. Pay more attention ~

Especially the following three shoes, don’t choose!

Many babies wear this shoe, I also buy a pair for the baby!

These shoes are so cute, buy a pair!

You see that our baby’s shoes are not bad at all, let’s wear it for your baby!

Is this you?


Just like looking for a target, choose shoes for baby, of course, you can’t just look at the appearance! Many shoes are not true and are not suitable for babies.

High -top boot


Everyone wants to make the baby beautiful and fashionable, and many parents will also choose high boots for the baby.

However, the bone development of the baby has not been set, and the high -top boots are not conducive to the baby’s ankle movement and bone development.

Like the high -top boots that are just stuck in the ankle below, in addition to the risk of the ankle skin that is not conducive to the development of ankle, blisters or infections occur, and it will be lost! No matter how handsome and beautiful, don’t choose!

snow boots


In winter, snow boots are basically standard for everyone.

Keep warm, comfortable, and versatile, but it is not recommended to wear it for your baby.

The hair is too thick and too thick, the baby’s little feet sweat, and the taste is up.

It is really soft, but the toe and heel are also very soft. It cannot protect and support the baby’s ankle well, which can easily cause ankle and ligament damage.

Moreover, the soles of snow boots are very flat. Over time, the baby will have flat feet, even “inner eight characters”.

Second -hand shoes

When someone wants to send your baby’s second -hand shoes, please refuse politely!

Because each baby’s feet and walking posture are different, and the efforts are different when walking, the wear parts of the shoes are not the same. So every pair of second -hand shoes will leave the “branding” unique to the previous master.

But your baby is not this foot type. If you wear second -hand shoes, you will unconsciously adapt to the “branding” that the previous baby stays on the shoes, which is not conducive to the development of the arches and lower limbs.

Second -hand shoes, saving money, spent your feet!


In case there is a little bacteria on the previous baby’s feet, and then it is transmitted to your house, then it can be tidy ~

Therefore, the choice of shoes looks small, there are still many doors!

I hope this article is helpful to you. Remember to repost at the end ~

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(Pictures from the Internet)

(Pictures from the Internet)

(Pictures from the Internet)

(Pictures from the Internet)