The rod is now a very important accessory in the fishing process. From the most original supporting fishing rod, many additional functions are extended. If you still have old thoughts, you will not be able to enjoy the convenience brought by the pole. I have been engaged in the fishing gear industry for many years. For the pole, it is very familiar from the inside out. Therefore, this article focuses on sharing the choice and use of the rods with fishermen. Let’s first look at the following points:

The material and component of the pole

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There are many antenna doorway

An excellent pole requires the conditions: light, hard, and humane design.

The composition of the pole and the difference between the material:

The main function of the pole is to support the fishing rod. When fishing, you can liberate your hands. From the perspective of functionality, it is divided into two types. One is a form of plugging in the soil. Choose with fishermen in the fishing box. The second is the pole that is inserted without ground. It can only be connected to the fishing chair and fishing box. This is also the most mainstream pole.

Most of the three parts of the main pole, the horns, and the back -hung (antenna) form the entire set of stand

Essence The main pole is the most important accessory in the pole, and it is also the most expensive part. Its material is mainly

Three different types of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and carbon

The price is also from low to high.

Aluminum alloy


The disadvantage of harmony is heavy. Most of the connections of the telescopic section are made of ordinary plastic materials, which are rough;

Stainless steel


The characteristics are light and fine, but because the length of length will be relatively soft, it will cause serious bending when supporting long poles and heavy poles;

Carbon material


It is the most mainstream material, light, hard, and paint, but the disadvantage is that it is more expensive than the other two materials.


Therefore, under possible circumstances, the main pole should choose the carbon material as much as possible, but it is necessary to pay attention to the screening,


Some merchants use stainless steel to make a carbon standing rod

The coating outside is very similar. If there is no experienced fisherman, it will often be ignored. In fact, it is very simple to distinguish. The carbon rods will be heavy, and the body feel will be slightly cool under normal temperature conditions.


Selecting skills:

The first thing to consider is the length

Generally speaking, the main pole of the fish rod within 5.4 meters is enough to be competent; if 6.3 meters or more fishing rods are often used, the lowest length cannot be less than 2.4 meters, otherwise it will easily cause the front section of the fishing rod to start with too heavy after starting from the section of the fishing rod. , The phenomenon of the handle is raised.

Secondly, the hardness is hardness

After picked up the main rod completely pulled out the telescopic joint, put the front end on the ground, press it slightly down a few times, and observe the bending phenomenon of the main rod. If it is obviously bent, it means that it is too soft and too thin. It doesn’t matter if it is used in a short fishing rod, but the long pole is not suitable. Unless the price is very cheap, such as 3 or 40 yuan, try not to choose as much as possible.

The last is the expansion section connector

, Basically, plastic (rubber) and metal materials. The two have advantages and disadvantages. The plastic material is easy to rotate, but it is easy to damage after frequent stress; the metal material is not easy to damage, but the quality of the quality is easy to “slide”. So when choosing, turn it a few more times to see if it is smooth. According to the above introduction, I believe that you can buy a standing pole that suits you. What needs to be explained is that

Many poles are only the main poles and the horns, and the back -hanging (antenna) needs to be purchased separately.

, So ask in advance when buying, so as not to cause misunderstandings.

The front end of the horns is the accessory similar to “V”,

Divided into disassembly and irregularities:

From the perspective of convenient replacement, it is recommended to choose the type that can be replaced, because if the horns are accidentally damaged, if the non -demolished, the entire pole cannot be used. If it is a replaceable sheep head,

It is recommended to buy the type of installed battery

The advantages of using electronic drifting 425 batteries are obvious.

During the night fishing, under the condition of too dark light, put the fishing rod on the standing rod, it is easy to see the position of the sheep’s head, especially those who have poor vision. A good fishing rod, later replaced with a battery to light the head of the sheep, no more troubles at night.

Tips are batteries using electronic drift waste

It is a very small battery. If you use a new battery, you will find that the brightness is too large, which will interfere with you to see the float.

There are many materials on Yangjiao’s head, which is not tilted here, but no matter what the material,

We must adhere to this requirement: the opening should be wide, the polishing should be delicate, rolling axis and certain damping

Essence If the opening is too narrow, you will find that when you use a long pole, it is not easy to get stuck in the fish rod; if you polish and not fine the burrs, you will repeatedly scratch the fishing rod; The rolling axis can smooth the fishing rod smoothly, which will appear when the water thread and dragging the teasing fish.

The back -hung (antenna) is referred to as the back, and its doorway is not less than the main pole. What is the back hanging? We call the back of the rod similar to “Y” as the rear hanging, and the function is to support the fishing rod with the horns. When buying the main rod, many of the default are not hanging back, so you can choose the type that suits you.

All the rear hanging is fixed on the main pole through the “clip” method. It is nothing more than the form of this “clip”. The rear hanging is the most easily damaged part of the entire pole. For example, buying a more than 10 yuan back -hanging seems cheap, but it is damaged in half a year or a year, so the purchase price is not low, so please consider it carefully.

The disadvantages of hanging after low prices:

Usually the price is between 8-15 yuan, and there are plastic materials without exception. Only the clip part is a thin iron piece. There are 3 easily damaged places after this type. The part of V “is the position of supporting the fishing rod. It is very fragile where the connection support rod is connected; the second is the connection of the connection rod and the clip; the third is the knob of the loose clip; Twisting, fishermen who are relatively strong can break, so I personally do not choose this type of post -hanging. It does not have any advantages except cheap.

An excellent posterior hanging should have the following characteristics: large opening, not damaging at the connection, and the position of the clip must not loosen.

The opening of the back -hung is choosing to pay attention to the type of large opening. It may not affect when using a short pole and thin pole, but once the use of heavy rods, for example, when fishing giant, the fishing rod is usually thick and heavy.

Then it will be embarrassing for too late

, Can’t hold the fishing rod;

It is very important to be easily damaged at the connection.

It is mentioned above the three positions that are hung after low prices. It must be very reliable. When choosing, you must negotiate with the merchant. You have to test it slightly. If you twist at will, you will break Essence

This is also important to not loosen this point

Most of the low -cost back -hanging exists in this disadvantage, so this cannot be compromised. If the clip design is unreasonable, squeeze the clip to fix it on the main pole by the knob. The fishing rod will suddenly tilt on the bracket. Therefore, the method of selecting a metal screw buckle is to be selected. This type of fixed method will be firmly locked on the main pole through the screws. There is no possibility of loosening. You can refer to the figure below for understanding.

About the final summary

In summary, it is the content of the choice and some techniques of the pole. Before the end, I want to explain a truth. The pole is a accessories with a long period of use. It will be surprised and said, why is a standing pole more than 100 yuan? In fact, such a rod will not be damaged for 6 or 7 years (my standing pole is still used since 2014), and the low -cost pole may be possible. During this period, I have to change 4 or 5 accessories, and the cost -effectiveness of who is comprehensive is clear at a glance.

I hope this article can help you. If you think it is good, please like and follow, and share interesting fishing tips at any time. I am a fisherman Wulan, a pure fisherman!

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There are many antenna doorway