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Hello everyone, I am Lao Liang. Today, I will share the writing ideas of the elementary school language assignment design thesis. The title is “Research on Optimizing the Design of Primary School Language Work.” In fact, the overall writing ideas of all papers are similar, and basically designed according to the idea of ​​”asking questions -analyzing problems -solving problems”.

First of all, let’s talk about the current design status of Chinese language assignments in primary schools. The main manifestations are affected by traditional educational concepts. Chinese teachers generally have a large amount of homework and lack of targeted content in terms of work layout, which has led students to participate in the completion of the homework.

Next, let’s talk about the necessity analysis of the optimized design of Chinese homework. On the one hand, a single job design model hinders students ‘learning interest, which is not conducive to the improvement of students’ comprehensive literacy. Design, teachers will not be able to get real feedback, which is not conducive to the optimization of teaching models, and ultimately affects the quality of Chinese teaching.

Finally, let’s talk about the solution strategy. It can be discussed in an appropriate amount, targeted operation, and diversification of job design.

The specific reference is as follows:

Summary: homework is a kind of expansion of teaching and an important way to consolidate the knowledge learned. Under the situation of the new Chinese language curriculum reform in modern primary schools, primary school Chinese homework must also break through the restrictions of traditional test education. By optimizing the design of Chinese homework, Improve the quality of Chinese teaching. In the traditional education situation, teachers and parents generally believe that the more homework layout, the more they can help students consolidate the knowledge they have learned. However, in the context of the reform of the new curriculum, the form and content of the operation arrangement must be updated, allowing students to get rid of a large number of homework burdens, optimize the design of the work with new educational concepts, and improve the quality and level of primary school Chinese teaching.

Keywords: primary school Chinese; homework; new curriculum reform

1. The status quo of the traditional language of primary school

(1) Teachers adopt “Titles Tactics” when teaching knowledge

This model allows elementary school students to bear the pressure brought by high -pressure operations, and mechanically repeats related types of exercises, so that students have inertia thinking, do not know how to respond flexibly. What “seriously hindered the divergent and expansion of students’ thinking.

(2) Language teachers’ job layout is large

Faced with a large class time, covering a wide range of content, this requires teachers to go to each knowledge as the goal, such as reading, idioms, sentences, writing, writing, etc. The purpose of the teacher to achieve is to allow students to strengthen the sensitivity to the answer in a large number of homework exercises, so that students can quickly and accurately write the answer in the exam. However, the actual situation is that the teacher has a large amount of homework, single and boring, making them prone to rebellion. Such homework completion effect will naturally be relatively low.

2. Analysis of the need to optimize the language assignment mode

The traditional Chinese homework mode is relatively single, which is not conducive to the improvement of students’ language literacy, and the goal of the new Chinese curriculum is seriously separated. And the heavy operating amount occupies a lot of time for students, which is not conducive to the healthy development of students’ physical and mental. When the amount of homework arranged to students is too large and relatively single, parents will report a lot of tuition classes to students, which also increases the psychological burden of students in virtue, which is not conducive to the improvement of Chinese academic performance. This also requires teachers to require teachers Reflects with parents.

3. Optimizing the strategy of primary school Chinese homework

In order to further mobilize the interest and enthusiasm of primary school students to complete their homework and better master Chinese knowledge, teachers can optimize the work design from the following aspects:


(1) Teachers should be appropriate when arranging homework

When arranging Chinese homework exercises for primary school students, pay attention to the control in quantity, and try to compress the operation time, especially in the practice of copying, sentences, poetry writing, etc. The machine. You can make reasonable arrangements based on different grades of knowledge and analytical ability, and try to allow students to grasp the knowledge learned in the classroom to avoid increasing the burden of students’ homework.

(2) Diverse forms of language assignments


For copying category. For example, the appropriate amount of characters and poems are reduced, and the time of allocating time in text reading and spoken language communication can achieve allowing students to improve the comprehensive ability of students in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while completing their homework. Because Chinese is mainly cultivated by students’ analysis and learning ability, trying to listen, speak, read, and write as much as possible in the process of layout, so that students can experience the fun of Chinese learning in the form of various assignments.

(3) Strengthen the targetedness of work design

The purpose of arranging homework is to achieve teaching goals, improve the effect of teaching, and obtain the purpose of consolidating knowledge. Therefore, Chinese teachers must have strong targetedness when designing operations. Do not blindly arrange your homework. For the study of an article, you must understand which knowledge needs to be mastered and what the techniques of this knowledge are. Avoid unavailable work. A high -standard work design can help the realization of teaching goals. Therefore, when the teacher performs Chinese homework design, it is necessary to clearly grasp the students’ ability improvement after completing this assignment. In addition, whether students can help students in the process of homework completion, control the ability to achieve speech understanding, thinking expansion ability, and comprehensive induction ability improvement effects.

Three, conclusion

In short, the primary school Chinese teacher must respect the physical and mental development characteristics of elementary school students when designing homework. Especially since entering the 21st century, contemporary teenagers have made greater progress in mental development than students in the last century. The concept of modern primary schools must also keep up with the new curriculum standards and change the design form. Pay attention to stimulating the interest and confidence of primary school students to complete Chinese homework, and improve the core literacy of primary school students.



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Research on optimizing the design of Chinese language assignments in primary school