The school season on March 1 is coming again, and the beasts are about to return to the cage.


After my little niece received my new schoolbag that I gave her, the cub who had been online from the small clothing immediately opened the dress mode …


I found that she was very happy every time she received the new schoolbag. She actively cleaned up the book, and was going to go to school quickly. Let her fall in love with school and read happily.


This time, the GMT FOR KIDS ridge children’s schoolbag was still sent to her. Because its schoolbag was designed very light and light, the little niece was carrying without burden, so she had been repurchasing. Everyone remembers that you have to choose a lighter to choose a spine schoolbag, and effectively reduce the burden from the source!

Let ’s share it with you, the children’ s wearing results show because they receive a new schoolbag. It is not heavy for a week, full of vitality, and you can refer to those who are young at home ~

1. Some small TIPs that children wear and buy


1. Children are more lively, and the comfort of clothes is important. Try to choose loose and natural casual clothes. It is convenient to play games and exercise.


2. Choose the color of clothes according to the skin color of children. If the skin tone is darker, choose high -brightness and high -purity children’s clothing to ensure that the color is eye -catching and spiritual. If the skin tone is brighter, the pair of color width is relatively high, and the colorful color is more lively.

3. The fabric of the clothes is mainly comfortable, and the schoolbags and shoes should increase functional needs under the premise of comfort.

4. After going to elementary school, there is a physical education class, and the teacher has very high requirements for the children’s shoes. When buying, you can’t look good. The focus should look at the soles of the feet. At the same time, it is necessary to facilitate the development of the feet and protect the child’s arch.

5. In order to prevent children from becoming a “little humpback”, we must choose a schoolbag with a light fit and spine structure. At the same time, the internal space design of the schoolbag should be reasonable, and the selection is large and light.


6. Appropriate accessories will be the finishing touch, such as hair bands, baseball caps, etc.


2. Children’s daily wear display


The first set: Mengmeng Little Princess

Light pink small hill shoulder+pink blue GMT small square bag, sweet and fresh feeling. The addition of the warm coffee color corduroy skirt and snow cotton makes the blue and pink comparison color not so strong, and the overall color mix has some warmth. Here is a baseball cap, cute and energetic.

The effect of putting on the body is not bad. Western girls are both visible ~ Pink small shoulders are velvet, and they can be worn outside.

Open the new schoolbag with happiness, GMT, the lightweight material selected by the children’s spine schoolbag, is less than 800g from the weight, and the weight of the two apples. The children carry without burden. After the chest buckle is on, I do n’t worry about the schoolbags falling off accidentally, and my shoulders will not feel tired ~


I have been repurchasing children’s schoolbags in GMT’s house. The most important thing is to value its professional spine function. Those two unique S -shaped shoulder straps filled with high -density rebound sponges, which can effectively fit the child’s shoulder. Behind the shoulder strap is an integrated patented spine backplane with raised both sides and a depression in the middle. After fitting the back lines of the child, the weight can be evenly dispersed.


In the picture, you can see that the shoulder strap of the school bag is well fitted with the shoulder curve, divided the gravity, and with the S -shaped curve backboard. The children’s spine, lumbar spine, and tail vertebra are supported. Disaptive schoolbags pressure on children’s spine.

This professional design is placed in the reality, and the evaluation of authoritative agencies can effectively transfer the shoulder pressure exceeding 30%. For example, children with this schoolbag back 10 pounds of weights, in fact, the weight of the somatosensory body is only a little more than 7 pounds ~

The children received their favorite schoolbags and kept reading quietly next to them.

Second set: Sweet cool girl

This set of wearing more sports atmosphere, turning into a sweet and cool girl, with a wool hat, is quite fashionable.


The upper body is Disney’s velvet sweaters. The feel is very soft. The collar and cuffs are two fake designs. They are very comfortable to wear inside. It’s 50 % off now, it is worth starting ~


The shoes are Dr. Jiang. The comfort is five stars. The magic stickers are also convenient to wear and remove. The baby usually wears the most times.

Putting this set, children raised their hands and feet were full of lively temperament. When taking pictures, I said that I couldn’t help but like GMT’s schoolbags. I especially like its color schemes and designs.


If you usually go out and play, you can throw the schoolbag on the ground. The steady shape of the GMT small square bag will stand firmly everywhere.


Seriously and actively clean up the book … Wahua said that every storage space should be stuffed into their favorite small objects.

This is another major reason I like GMT spine schoolbags. Its storage space is very sufficient, top bags, main bags, front pockets, front pockets, left and right pockets, and hanging bags. You can cultivate children’s fast storage habits.

The main warehouse of the schoolbag is a 22L rectangular space. The pocket below the front can put some commonly used paper towels, snacks and other small items. The left and right sides are open pockets, which have a certain elasticity, and have an extended design. When the higher water cups or umbrellas are placed, it is guaranteed not to fall out.

The disassembly magic stickers and the rain cover are stored in the top bag. You can usually put some lunch boxes, transit knives, etc. The space is still very large.

The magic sticker on the top of the schoolbag is the favorite of the little niece. There are three styles that can be replaced. The disassembly is simple, the paste is firm, and each time has a different sense of freshness. There are also anti -light strips on the front, side and shoulder straps of the schoolbag. A reflective highlights will appear at night or rainy weather to increase recognition and effectively reduce the possibility of children’s traffic accidents. They are all practical designs.


The third set: split girl


This set is very loose and comfortable as a whole, and chose a casual suit with some playful sets. Shoe is



The shell head is kicked, and the classic children’s sports shoes are easy to wear, light and soft, and comfortable.

Show a fork for everyone, the dance class is not in vain ~


The lapel of the suit top has a little naval style. The bear embroidered shape is cute and playful ~ the pants are very elastic. The overall fabric is the kind of skin -friendly and breathable, and it feels very soft.


If you are cold in spring, you can put a denim jacket, and the pose is a bit handsome!

Wearing this thin suit, the carrying system of the entire schoolbag is also very fit with the child’s body. After filled the book, it will not fall down like an ordinary backpack. The child is comfortable and easy to carry, and we are more assured as parents ~

The fourth set: full of vitality full of little sun

Another full vitality, chose a bright yellow top and the previous GMT fantasy star sea model


The schoolbags, the two contrast colors are matched, fashionable and sweet, and the children’s skin is particularly fair.

Like the GMT schoolbag, the whole clothes were made of lightweight design. The collar of the clothes has two fake designs, which eliminates the troubles, and the bottom is good -looking.

This GMT Turkistan school bag is a gift I gave her last year. It can protect the spine and wear resistance and dirt, and make an integrated mold design at the bottom. It is a very unique tumbler stable structure.

The opening and closing method of the schoolbag is quite novel. A Fidlock buckle is designed on the lid. It can be automatically buckled. Rotate half a circle to easily open it. It is faster and more ritual than the zipper.

In addition to the spine backplane, S -shaped shoulder strap and adjustable chest buckle of the S -shaped spine bars, this one also adds a belt. Children can adjust according to their own body needs and minimize the spine pressure to minimize. In addition, the entire external fabric of the schoolbag is also waterproof, oil -proof, and pollution -resistant. Visual inspection of this quality little niece for four or five years is not a problem ~

Fifth set: milk is cute

This set of wearing is 100 million a little fashionable ~ It is still a bit cold in the spring of the spring. Put the down vest on the vest. , A proper handsome younger sister!


This down vest filled with high -quality 90 white duck down. The real thing is very fluffy and light. Buy a slightly larger number and is more fans ~ The design of the small stand -up collar is windproof and warm.

Cordonic pants are hailed as darlings in the fashion world. It is easy to clean with wear resistance and is very suitable for children. This foot was made of beef tendon, and it was just windproof in the snow cotton. It was appropriate to wear it in spring.


It is very good to match with the new schoolbag ~ The GMT small square bag is more impressed by me. It uses high -efficiency antibacterial technology from the inside to outside, and has the national standard GBT20944.2 standard. Such as common Golden Polygang, E. coli, etc., has a rapid inhibitory effect, with a bacteriostatic rate exceeding 99%.

Children usually have so many people in school, and schoolbags will inevitably put on bacteria. With antibacterial design, they can better protect their health ~

Carrying a beloved small schoolbag, go to school happily ~

Finally, I hope that this wearing sharing can help friends who are preparing to buy children’s learning and daily necessities ~

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