Girls POLO shirt flowing trend is fashionable!


Cardon Mommy, who has an elegant interpretation of life, is the most temperamental and most suitable mummy in the hearts of netizens. This time, at the “Ralph Lauren Polo 50th Anniversary Flop Classic Photography Exhibition” event, you can see her choosing to choose Elegant and intellectual temperament style appears. To celebrate Ralph Lauren Polo’s 50th anniversary, choose a classic Polo shirt to present a very creative style gameplay, and fashion shows charming dressing taste.

Ralph Lauren Polo shirt that the royal family loves


In fact, it is not difficult to find that she loves to change with relaxed and casual items from the private wear of Carden Mommy. Leisure but taste. Ralph Lauren Polo shirt represents the US fashion culture. It integrates sports, taste and leisure style in one. Practical and simple POLO shirts have become the favorite and selfish match of many high -class social people. Become one of the favorite items in the fashion industry.

Polo shirt classic popular return! Fashion than you think

With this “Ralph Lauren POLO 50th Anniversary Flinking Classic Photography Exhibition”, Cardon Mommy’s classic white POLO shirt is used to make women’s modern fashion. The white POLO shirt, the lower body is a feminine temperament with a high -waisted black chiffon and swallow tail skirt. At the same time, it will feel a little modern. Through this dress, Carden Mommy also shared her own philosophy of dressing: “Because I have been working, I hope to show that women can wear it. One of the items, I think I can show ingenuity in the lower body when I go to work, and then present more levels with accessories. “


Grasp the “one key point” to have a full -scale eye -catching look!


And Kayen Mommy also shared some beautiful lazy people to wear skills, such as the upper body cover POLO shirt, the lower body chooses narrow jeans, or denim shorts with sneakers or sandals. Increased liveliness will not feel too casual.

In the end, she did not forget to share the suggestions of daily wear: “A focus on the body is enough: color or accessories, like a large piece of necklace today, you will abandon the earrings, and today it appears in black and white, and you will choose some bright colors. Jewelry, if the summer is here, everyone wants to choose blue, yellow and other bright colors to wear. You can wear a delicate silver bracelet on the wrist and paired with white sneakers to create an overall coordinated dress atmosphere. “

The tannin jacket is definitely a versatile king! Private clothes depend on it

At this photography exhibition, you can see that Kayen Mommy also demonstrates quite young and lively street wear. It mainly focuses on the white POLO shirt. Pants, putting on thin root sandals, seemingly casual but quite stylish! One of the other is the streets of the boy, all presenting mature women who want to play creativity and keep a charming texture look. You who love elegant style, wear the POLO shirt with Cadden Mom, show such an elegant charm. Essence