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Beijing Consumer Association released

Furniture product quality comparative test results

The 115 samples of this test include 6 categories, including 10 double -layer beds, 15 children’s furniture, 10 spring soft mattresses, 10 brown fiber elastic mattresses, 32 wooden furniture, 5 cribs, 5 pieces, and 5 pieces of cribs. 33 sofas.

Quick viewing of the test results

Of the 115 furniture products, 72 products meet the standard requirements, and the overall compliance rate of the product is 62.61%.


Do not meet the standard sample involved 5 distribution units and 39 online stores

They are the Chengwaicheng Home Furnishing Market (3), Jimei Home (2), Suning Tesco (5), Pinduoduo (11), Xiaomi Youpin (2), Tmall Mall (6) , Jingdong Mall (9), Vipshop (5).

The test found that furniture products sold by e -commerce platforms meet the low standard rate.


Nine batches of double -layer bed samples such as “city famous gates” do not meet the standards


Double -layer bedding

Do not meet the standard sample involved in the brand:

“Oubei”, “Ou Fansen”, “Xuncong”, “X.M.B Ximengbao”, “Lanshome/Lanxiu Home”, “Urban Famous Gate”, “Groudi”, “Cai Jiashuanglong”, “Jugu Fortune” Essence

The main items are not up to the standards:


The upper bed safety column board, children’s double -layer bed space requirements, bed shops, ladders and other projects.

Index interpretation

① The top side of the safety bar and the surface of the bed shop surface is too small, and no permanent marking line may be risked by the risk of falling on the upper paved mattresses. The net space gap of adjacent blocking components in the same direction is too large or too small may have hidden safety hazards that users stuck in the gaps of furniture.


② The upper pavement surface is shifted by the impact of the bottom force, which can easily cause the sinking to cause safety problems. And too low on the upper and lower paving surfaces will affect the comfort of people during use.

③ The gap between the foot of the foot is too narrow, the gap between the foot and the bed frame is too large, it is easy to step on the empty, too much breathable holes, too small between the foot and the bed frame may cause the child to get the body’s part in the gap.

9 batches of children’s furniture samples such as “Yamei Le” do not meet the standards

Children’s furniture category

: “Yamei”, “Smart Town”, “Poster”, “Original Ya Ga”, “Jiayi”, “Qi Zhi”, “ABC”.

Mainly do not conform to the project:

Edge and tip, protruding objects, holes and gaps, other, other, warning signs, mechanical performance, product formaldehyde release and other projects.

① The sharp edge and the tip can easily cause serious injuries in the process of playing in children.

② The size of the holes and the gap is unreasonable. It is easy to stuck children’s fingers in the gap between the furniture to form a safety hazard.

③ All high tables and cabinet products with heights greater than 600mm should provide connecting parts on the building with fixed products, and explicitly explicitly installation and use in the instructions. Excessive cabinets are not fixed on the wall and are easy to turn over in the process of children’s climbing, causing irreversible accidents. The unstable partition of the cabinet may also be separated from the partition in the process of playing in children in related products.

④ The excessive formaldehyde of furniture may cause the human body to be in an environment where formaldehyde exceeds the standard for a long time, which may lead to various symptoms of discomfort in the body.

浦 Named “Icison” brown fiber elastic mattress samples do not meet the standard




One batch of brown fiber elastic mattress samples do not meet the standards, and mainly do not meet the projects: safety and health requirements (limited harmful substances), durability requirements and other items.

① The harmful substances of the mattress shall meet the standard requirements of related products. The formaldehyde excess of the mattress may form a hidden safety hazard on the human body.

② The height of the mattress surface of the durability test should not be less than 90%of the height of the initial pad surface of the mattress. The durability of the mattress will affect the life of the mattress.

The 14 batches of wood furniture samples such as “Ouoxiang” do not meet the standards


Wooden furniture category

“Ouoxiang”, “Jiale Mingpin”, “Xun Ran”, “Ge Shangya”, “Manosfill”, “Bai Fang”, “Zhuo He”, “A-Style”, “椽桤 桤”, “Huangyuan”, “Shuncai” “” Little World “and” Hande Brothers “.

The identification is consistent with the real object, structural safety, formaldehyde release and other items.

① The material that the product is not compared with the actual material may be that some merchants are mixed consumer consumption of the actual value of their products.

② The push -pull component of the product is not a non -anti -drop device. It is easy to fall off during use and cause physical damage and property losses. Inappropriate distance between activity components, it is easy to cause the finger to occur.

③ The formaldehyde value of the furniture is an important indicator for measuring the total formaldehyde swinging value of the entire family after decoration.

Ten batches of sofas samples such as “Shuanghu Family Private” do not meet the standards

Sofa category

“AiReius”, “Hengxiangjia”, “Doxa” “” A Furniture “,” Double Tiger Family Private “,” Jinhai Horse “,” Double Tiger “,” Vivian “.

There are woods with bark; sofa’s leg thickness; product resistance performance; sofa seats, back and handrail durability and other projects.

① The materials of the product, processing/wooden pieces should not be used with wood with bark. Because the bark of wood is easy to hide mold, bacteria, and insect eggs, it affects the strength and service life of the sofa. The durability of sofa seats, backs, and armrests also affects the strength and service life of the sofa.


② The wall thickness of the sofa’s leg tube is too thin, which can easily cause insufficient carrying capacity of the sofa and lead to safety problems.

③ The resistance of anti -ignition is poor, and it is easy to throw the unprepared cigarette butt on the sofa and cause the fire to cause inestimable losses to people’s personal safety and property.

Pay attention to buying furniture

Safety and health performance


① You should choose a brand with good reputation at regular operating places and online malls. When purchasing in the furniture market or shopping mall, ask the merchant for sales contracts, invoices, transaction vouchers, etc. Screenshots of webpage.

② Buying furniture cannot only pay attention to the appearance and functions, but also pay attention to its safety and health performance. Pay attention to check whether the product has hidden safety hazards and flaws; whether the product has irritating odors. When buying wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture, the material of the product is determined with the merchant, and the merchants are required to indicate the material in the contract.

③ View product use instructions. The qualified products should be marked by trademarks, Chinese factory names, factories, product names, product execution standard numbers, and product quality levels.

④ Ask the seller to obtain the inspection and testing report of relevant raw materials and products, and focus on checking whether the harmful substances and product durability items of the product are detected and whether the testing requirements and the report are qualified if the relevant product standards are met; verbally promised.

⑤ After buying furniture, use maintenance in strict accordance with the requirements of the product instruction manual to improve the service life of furniture.

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Do not meet the standard sample involved in the brand:

Do not meet the standard sample involved in the brand:

Do not meet the standard sample involved in the brand:

Index interpretation

Index interpretation

Index interpretation

Index interpretation

Mainly do not conform to the project:

Mainly do not conform to the project: