Essential oils are mostly using distillation, chemical solvent extraction, cold pressure, etc., from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of natural plants in water, volatilization, containing various plant factors, complex chemical components, and Organic mixture with aromatic smell.

However, not all oily substances extracted from plants are essential oils.

Essential oils are not “oil”. This is different from vegetable oils. Botanical oils are mostly extracted from plant seeds. The main ingredients are various fatty acids, vitamins, simple and not volatile, and sticky. It is the most accessible edible oils that we are in daily life, such as olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc.

However, essential oils are not only unable to eat directly, but also have a certain danger.

Because of the pharmaceutical attributes of essential oils and the characteristics of highly concentrated, so that essential oils should not be rubbed directly on the skin when used, and vegetable oil must be diluted with concentration.

The magic of essential oils is not only physiological healing, but also spiritual balance. Its unique aromatic characteristics make it an excellent assistant to spiritual healing!

For beginners, choosing a mild and widely used essential oil in the practice of essential oil is the best choice, such as lavender essential oil.

Speaking of the effect of lavender essential oil, it may really take a lot of time. After all, lavender essential oils are recognized as widely used.


Lavender essential oils have a strong comfort and sedation effect on the spirit of the human body and people. It can calm the heart, reduce hypertension, soothe palpitations, and purify the soul, reduce irritability and fatigue, and relax the body and mind. helpful.

Lavender is one of the best analgesic essential oils. It can effectively improve muscle spasm and relieve muscle strain and sprains.

Lavender essential oils also have repair effects. It can repair the wound and promote the recovery of the damaged tissue regeneration, so the treatment of acne, acne marks and the recovery of trauma wounds are very effective.

The disinfection and sterilization function of lavender essential oils is also very prominent. It can promote the healing of acne and small wounds. At the same time, it is not interfered for by acne acne on the skin surface oil secretion, converging pores, and long -term protection of skin.

Early level -blending skin care products

Before using a cleansing product each time, add 1 drop of lavender essential oil, blend and make rich foam and then wash your face;


Drop 2 ~ 3 drops of lavender essential oil into the medium reconciliation of cream, lotion, mask, etc., apply to the face;


Make lavender toner with 5 drops of 5 drops of pure water+lavender essential oil. You can carry it with you, and the hydration effect is very good;

Adding shower gel and mixing in shampoo can slowly add a burst of flavor of lavender, and it can also eliminate the fatigue of all day.

Mid -level -face massage

Clean the face thoroughly, and you can use refreshing lotion with refreshing water.

Drop 5-8 drops of lavender in 10ml base oil. Take an appropriate amount of essential oil at the palm of your hand, use the body temperature of both hands to warm the essential oil, and then apply the entire palm;

Gently wipe the outer side of the face, then wipe it gently with your hands on your chin, and then gradually wipe it in the direction of the temple;


Use your palms to wipe the cheeks, and wipe the direction of both ears at the same time; place your hands in the center of the forehead, and then gradually wipe it in the direction of the temple;

Press your thumb in the center of the forehead, then press down along the direction of the temples; draw the circle in the eyes with the ring finger of both hands;

Pick up the muscles of the chin with the thumb and other fingers, then pinch the massage along the direction of the ears; use the middle finger and the thumb to knead the tail of the eyes to the bottom of the eyes, then pinch the corner of the eye to the bottom of the eyebrow, then gently pull it up and pull it up gently upwards Essence

The five magical effects of lavender essential oil

| Copy multiple skin problems


Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender through water vapor distillation method. Its smell is fresh and elegant. It has a variety of effects such as whitening and beauty, oil control, freckle removal. It can even promote the recovery of skin injury tissues, suitable for damaging skin recovery.


For example, the repair function of lavender essential oils, because it can promote cell regeneration, so it can treat lighter acne and acne scars. Lavender essential oils also have certain bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects. effect.

For example, the pores of the skin are rough, because the cleaning and balanced effect of lavender essential oils can be treated with problems such as large pores and blockage caused by uneven oil secretion.

| Used for skin injury recovery

Smooth grass essential oils can promote cell regeneration and repair scars, which is effective for burns and burns.

The history of lavender essential oils opened the history of modern aromatherapy. It is said that Dr. Gatferne accidentally burned his hands in a laboratory, only to discover the magical effect of lavender essential oil, which caused her to deeply study the interest of essential oils. Finally, the “aromatherapy therapy” was invented. Words.

Because of this, lavender essential oils have magical effects on skin burns and burns. A few drops of lavender essential oil on the wound will not be generated by blisters, which helps wound healing. For summer skin sunburn and burns, lavender essential oils have the same effect, but you need to pay attention to the proportion of essential oils when used.

| Eliminate the odor

Lavender’s elegant smell and deodorization ability are enough to “remove” the unpleasant odor, and return you a fresh and pleasant air. The diluted lavender solution can be sprayed in any place where there is odor, such as toilets, kitchens, corners of the room, and even shoes!



The aroma of lavender is very charming, but for us, when this smell is emitted in the air, it is an unsaring poisonous gas bomb for the small worm.

Drop a few drops of lavender essential oils on cotton balls and places where mildew is molded in bookcases and wardrobes, which can effectively prevent mosquito invasion. You can also leave our favorite aroma on the pages and clothing.

| Entory Sleep help


Lavender essential oils have the effect of moving the heart and calming the heart, and it is very suitable for treatment of palpitations. From a psychological point of view, the influence of lavender essential oils on psychology and physiological effects on the psychology.

It has a balanced function and therefore helps people who are imbalanced in emotion, including hysteria, mental depression or emotional fluctuations.


Therefore, when you have insomnia due to anxiety and stress, you can use the power of lavender essential oil to drop 1 ~ 2 drops of lavender essential oil by the pillow to help you fall asleep safely.