#WeChat supports mobile phone temperature monitoring#boarding on Weibo hot search, causing netizens to discuss. The author believes that as far as temperature monitoring is concerned, whether it is a mobile phone, or other objects, electrical equipment, kitchen appliances, etc. are inseparable from professional, suitable software, temperature switches and temperature detection instruments.

According to the author’s understanding, a certain social software has recently been updated to Android users 8.0.22, adding “performance detection tools”. Users can monitor the current CPU occupation rate, screen frame number, and temperature of the mobile phone in real time. For a while, many netizens have been hotly debated. Some netizens think that “this function reflects small and beautiful.” Some netizens believe that “this function is not practical. In addition to occupying the CPU, it increases power consumption and temperature. It is useless and more practical.”

Some netizens joked “After uninstalling the software, the memory becomes larger in an instant, the system performance increases by 8%, and the temperature decreases by 16%.” Some netizens teased, “The software function is too weak, it is recommended to integrate all the functions of all other apps. Just install an app, is it necessary to monitor the temperature function of the mobile phone? “

As the saying goes, “the surgery industry has specialized attack”, and the skills of skills and academics have their own studies. Of course, for objects including mobile phones, both internal and external temperatures require corresponding professional temperature control devices or temperature detection instruments. Instrument, such as the temperature switch and temperature sensor of electrical equipment/industrial appliances, can better know the temperature change more accurately and control the temperature.

Everyone knows that the temperature switch is a temperature sensing element. When working normally, the dual metal sheet is in a free state and the contact is in a closed state. If the temperature rises to the temperature value of the action, the dual metal components are heated to generate internal stress and quickly move, turn on the contact, cut off the circuit, and then play a role in thermal protection. Wait.

微信支持手机温度监控 这些温控装置、仪器仪表也可以

The temperature sensor is a sensor that can feel the temperature and convert it into an available output signal. It is the core part of the temperature measurement instrument. There are many categories, which can meet the detection, measurement, and monitoring needs of different industries, scenes and enterprises. For example, the thermometer with a temperature sensor can quickly and accurately measure the body temperature; the number of display thermometers is used to accurately determine and measure the temperature in various types of industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, and colleges. The temperature of the monitoring and processing, and then the control temperature needs to be controlled according to the ingredients, thereby improving the taste of food flavor and ensuring quality and safety.

In fact, whether the mobile phone must realize the temperature monitoring function, or the electrical equipment/industrial electrical appliances, the air -conditioning fan motor, the electric kitchenware, etc., while considering its practicality in temperature monitoring and temperature control Sex, adaptation to diversified scenarios.

Benefiting from the strong support of domestic policies and the rapid development of downstream new industries, China’s intelligent temperature control devices and instruments are becoming increasingly richer, products are continuously iterated and upgraded

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The breakthrough of the technical “card neck” problem, which has formed an important supporting role in the development of electrical equipment, kitchen appliances, and data center servers, electronics, electricity, industrial and mining, hospitals and other industries.