When watching “Biography of the Moon”, it was a woman who sighed. This woman was Wei Mei, who was dedicated to Chu Guojun in order to marry Chu.

Wei Meiren, like a title, looks like the country and is kind, but unfortunately too simple, and was finally harmed by Zhang Zi’s hand with the hands of the south.


Women like Wei Meiren, if they do not marry into the royal court, may be able to preserve in her lifetime, but unfortunately she is born with the daughter of the royal family.

Once he was sent to the court to serve the king, thousands of pets were in love, and it also attracted thousands of jealousy. Unconsciously, he was involved in the struggle and interests of various rights. Sacrifice.




Wei Meiren not only looks beautiful, but also kind.

Because Huang Xie likes Yueyue and does not like herself, she does not like himself, so he hates Yueyue’s hate and goes to the back. Fixed life.

As soon as Wei heard Yin Yin’s words, he was furious, and immediately sent someone to call Yueyue beside him, blamed twenty, and then ordered someone to close her.


And Yueyue was located in Yuehua Taichung next to Zhang Huatai, where Wei Meiren lived. Wei Meiren left his hometown and was lonely and depressed. He could only scatter his heart in Zhanghua Garden. To Yuehua Terrace.

There Wei Meiren met Yueyue. At first sight, the two people talked well and became good friends.


Later, for a few days in a row, Wei Meiren and Yue Yue talked about the boredom in private.

She saw that Yue Yue was imprisoned so happy, and suddenly hated Yue Yue, secretly secretly added poison to her daily meals.

After eating a meal, Yueyue would be poisoned and gave birth to a serious illness.

After the first healing of Yueyue’s illness, her body was very weak.

Unfortunately, a woman who looks like Wei Meiren and the proportion of her heart is not fair to her.



Since Wei Meiren came to the Chu Palace, King Chu was greedy for Wei Meiren’s beauty and loved her, but the king’s love was a danger.

No, it was dissatisfied with Wei Meiren’s separation of the monarchy and dew. It happened to catch up with Zhang Zi to use the division of Chu and other vassal alliances to make a name for the Qin King. The victim of political conspiracy.

Zhang Zi gave south to the south, and on the surface, he helped Nanhou Fuxing, but behind it was the surging of political trends.


Nankou listened to Zhang Zi’s strategy, took the initiative to approach Wei Meiren, descended his identity, and commensurate with the sisters of Wei Mei. He also said that he would wait for her and the king.

When Wei Meiren saw the Lord of the Harem of the Harem, she was so approachable, and thought that the south really wanted to make friends with her.

I was really distressed and speechless when I saw this here.

What is distressed is that she is sincere with people, but is counted behind her. What is speechless is that the naked wolf ambition of the Nanda Hou, Wei Meiren did not see it.

It’s really beautiful. It is exchanged for IQ.


Wei Meiren had a relationship with the south, and Yue Yue also ordered Wei Meiren. She asked her to stay with the thoughts of the south. Unfortunately, when Yueyue’s words, Wei Mei did not listen in half a sentence, but also felt that Yueyue was one of the one. Ten years of being bitten by snakes are afraid of well rope.


For Wei Meiren’s words and deeds, I can only say that it is not wrong, but it is stupid when he is too much.

After the south, she stayed in Wei Meiren for many days, blowing the rainbow farts in various ways to Wei Meiren, boasting that she was beautiful, and sent her to eat delicious food, and then gave her a hairpin.

Seeing that the relationship was almost cultivated, the south finally revealed his dirty mind.

She first gave Wei Meiren a box of rouge, and then through the rouge, she deliberately said that Wei Meiren’s nose was not good -looking, so that Wei Meiren covered her nose with feathers, flowers, and sleeves.

Wei Meiren thought that the south was to help him concealer in front of King Chu, but the fact is that the Nanda knew that King Chu was inferior because of his own body odor. It is equal to indirectly telling King Chu: Can I not stand the taste of you?

Sure enough, Wei Meiren repeatedly covered her nose, and finally completely angered King Chu, and King Chu ordered her nose.

I have to say that Wei Meiren is really miserable, but such a brutal punishment is such a brutal appearance.

In the future, Wei Meiren may not have a little joy. After all, he once had the beauty of the stars, but eventually fell into such a world, and it was difficult for anyone to accept it.




Why did Wei Meiren end in such a tragic end?

I summarized three reasons.


First: Wei Meiren was born with a golden spoon from an early age. She was spoiled over and did not know how to be sinister.

According to Wei Meiren herself, her father was after the waiting and she was the only daughter in her family. She must have been held in her palms since she was a child.

The family members of her love to protect her, and the people also looked respectful in front of her.

Children who grew up in adults who grew up in love are unpredictable about the dangerousness and changes in people’s hearts, and may not be very transparent.

For example, Yue Yue was able to see the south at a glance that he was good at Wei Mei.

Why is Wei Meiren and Yueyue so much different? Is it really because Yueyue is smart enough?

Not necessarily, I think this has something to do with cleverness, but it is not exactly because of cleverness.

It is mainly because Yue Yue has been used to the hooks and human hearts in the palace since childhood. She understands that there is no good reason between people and people for no reason, nor bad for no reason.

But Wei Meiren, she has been the pearl of her parents since she was a child. She was protected too well. Naturally, she did not understand the darkness of the people’s hearts and the cruelty of the court struggle.

Second: Wei Meiren’s beauty is both her advantage and her grave


Why did Wei Meiren easily believe in the words of the Queen of the South and think that her own nose is really a problem? I think mainly she cares about her own appearance.

Because everyone has been praised by everyone since childhood, Wei Meiren has a strong sense of superiority about his appearance.

When she suddenly said that her nose was crooked, Wei Meiren was naturally unacceptable. Wei Meiren was accustomed to being sought after by her beauty, and Meng Buding made her come down at the peak of beauty. She must be resisting.

And the south, it was precisely the idea of ​​Wei Meiren’s appearance, and then deliberately dug this trap for her.

Wei Meiren was favored by beauty, and finally dug the grave because of her beauty.


Third: Wei Meiren, as the only child, is lonely and longed for friends

I remember when Wei Meiren met with Yue Yue, she told Yue Yue that she was jealous of Yueyue who had a confidant friend, and because of her beauty, she had no friends. She could only accompany the flute all day.

The words of Wei Meiren actually revealed the helplessness and loneliness of many only children.

Although Wei Meiren was used to being lonely since she was a child, her heart was longing for her sisters’ affection.

So seeing the south is so enthusiastic about her, Wei Mei’s talents will mistakenly think that the south is sincere to herself.

In fact, this kind of psychology of Wei Meiren is also easy to understand. After all, for a lonely person, everyone will be grateful to her with a little enthusiasm for her.

It is also a poor man to wear Wei Meiren. Although he has the beauty of everyone, he has no corresponding IQ to support his skin, and in the end he has become a victim of politics.

So, if you look too beautiful, it may not be a good thing. It is empty and beautiful. It is a disaster without IQ. It is better to be an ordinary person. You can still save your life. What do you say?

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