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This is a case of a February girl baby. Parents report that the baby has been sleeping on the right, and now the left side of the back of the brain is a bit prominent. Can this situation improve by changing the sleeping position? Can I sleep on a fixed pillow?

Dr. Tu Yingling of Yudang Park explained


Babies within 6 months

Because their bones are still soft, if the baby has a tilted head and tilted head,

You can use the way to adjust your sleep posture to correct

For example, if the left side of the baby’s back is protruding, the baby can sleep towards the left side, and fold it with a towel into a strip -like pad to fix the posture behind them.

However, the baby does not keep the same posture for a long time. The head often moves around. The towel behind him will be squeezed to the side to correct the effect of correcting the head shape.

Generally speaking, we recommend babies within 6 months to use a set of pillows to correct the migraine and tilted head. The material of this pillow is usually more sophisticated,

That is, soft and breathable and elastic, can meet comfort, and at the same time, it is not easy to be squeezed and deformed, which can play a certain correction effect on the head shape.

And there is a depression of the size of an adult’s palm in it, which is the key to correction. When using a set pillow, parents should let the baby’s head protruding parts into the depression area of ​​the pillow, so that this can play a fixed role, so that the position of the head of the head can be against The position continues to grow.

If you want to correct the flat side of the baby’s head, you can also put this side on the depression position of the pillow. In this way, the position of the head of the head is actually not exposed to any plane, and it is not subject to external forces.


Head shape

Develop towards normal state.

Some parents will ask, isn’t it that the baby is not recommended to use a pillow before leaving, so why can you use a fixed pillow?

Earlier, we also talked about the material and structure of the set pillow, which is obviously different from ordinary pillows. Its main use is to correct the migraine and crooked head.

Parents should know that babies have a great adverse effect on their growth and crooked heads. In addition to affecting the beauty, they may also affect the development of skull and the function of facial features. This is by no means alarmist.

in addition,

For babies after 6 months, because their skull has gradually hardened. If the head shape is severe, the role of the styling pillow can play a limited role. It is necessary to use a corrected helmet to correct the baby’s head and tilted head.

Finally, parents remind you that once you find that your baby has a tilted or tilted head, you must choose the appropriate method according to the baby’s age. The earlier the intervention, the shorter the time it takes. Essence