In today’s world, the world is still in the era of oil, oil and gas still dominate energy, and it is still important energy sources in the future.

New Energy PK crude oil under the Syrian crisis win?

Due to the development of shale oil and gas such as shale oil and gas in the past few years, and the global economic downturn and the epidemic of new crown pneumonia this year, the global oil and gas consumption has shrunk significantly. The world’s oil supply is greater than the situation, and it will last for a period of time. The world is in the third energy transformation process. The general direction is to transform in a cleaner and low -carbon direction, but the model, path and rhythm of the transformation of various countries are inconsistent. Coping climate change has become a big trend, bringing corresponding emission reduction and carbon control pressure to countries, and even becoming an ideological and moral pressure. From many countries to energy companies, the goals and timetables of carbon neutralization and net zero emissions have been proposed, but the challenges are achieved and requires unanimous actions around the world. Resources are still the focus of competition, but the importance of technological innovation is increasingly prominent. New technological revolution and industrial revolution are breeding, ready to go, and technological innovation will become the core of future energy competition, especially digital and intelligent development accelerate. This process. Whether energy storage, nuclear fusion, and wireless charging can make breakthroughs. New energy and renewable energy sources are developing rapidly, and the competitiveness is gradually increasing, but the total base is still small. The development path in various countries is not balanced. The development path in some areas is still exploring (such as hydrogen energy). Competitiveness. The future energy pattern will be a complementary and systematic energy system. Various energy will exert its own comparative advantages. From the global energy structure, maybe coal, oil, gas, and renewable situations.


The fuel crisis, energy crisis, solar system, major issues related to the solar system

As a secondary energy source, solar energy is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible cleaning fuel. The sun is universal. The sunlight shines on the ground. There is no region restrictions on land or ocean, regardless of the mountains or islands, can be developed and used directly without mining and transportation. Sun light is harmless. The development and use of solar energy will not pollute the environment. It is one of the cleanest energy. Today, the environmental pollution is becoming more and more valuable. Solar resources are also extremely rich. The annual solar radiation energy on the surface of the earth is equivalent to about 13.3 billion tons of coal. The total amount is the maximum energy sources that can be developed in the world today. At the same time, due to the broad land area, the radiation solar resources are also extremely abundant, effectively developing and utilizing the development exhibition of human survival environment and economic and social development; and using solar power generation is also safe, no energy is required during the power generation process, and zero zero zero is zero, and zero zero Eat emissions, clean environment, and hygiene, meet the requirements of low -carbon environmental protection; solar power generation does not require long -distance power grid construction, does not require great space, and its development and application is of great significance. Solar optical heat generation is an important direction for the use of new energy. The biggest advantage of optical heat power generation is that the power output is stable, which can be used as basic power and peak -adjusting; in addition, its mature and reliable energy storage (heat storage) configuration can be continuously generated at night.

New Energy of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up


The new generation of solar groove -heat power generation system technology is a thermal carrier represented by melting salt, using the optical principle of the parabolic line to gather solar energy, and then bring the solar energy to the heating pipe. During the flow of the solar set of hot fields, the temperature was gradually heated from 290 ° C to 550 ° C, and then the solar heat field was flowing out of the solar set. The heated high -temperature molten salt flows into the high -temperature molten salt storage tank in the heat storage system, some of which will flow from the steam generator and water from the high temperature melt salt storage tank, and then flow back to the heat storage system In the low -temperature melting salt storage tank, the water vapor of 375 ° C into 375 ° C pushes the steam turbine to generate electricity; the other part of the high temperature melt salt is left in high temperature melt salt and stored in a high temperature melting salt tank. The output heat exchange is used for the power generation of the steam steam turbine.


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