At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of the Curriculum Standard (2017 Edition), and re -revised the curriculum standards of 14 disciplines such as mathematics and Chinese.

Compared with the 2003 version standard, in the “New Curriculum Standard” announced this time,

The thinking requirements of thinking and algorithm have been greatly improved.

“Learn mathematics well, and you are not afraid of walking all over the world.”

It is no longer just a mantra of Mathematics, but a truth that must be paid attention to under the reform of education.

You want to take a good university or professional, and you don’t have a chance to learn mathematics or physics well. so,

The quality of mathematics and physics is not only directly related to the child’s junior high school, middle school entrance examination, and college entrance examination, but also affect the child’s big future!

At this time, you will definitely ask:

So how do I cultivate children’s mathematics ability?

How to do to help children learn math well?

Do children not like mathematics now, is there a way to remedy?

Today I will recommend a magical box to help you solve the trouble:

Ape Counseling Mathematics Capability Box -Taking mathematical ability training as the starting point, cultivate children’s mathematical literacy, and develop the strongest brain

Let the children master the future life.

You must also know that there are many mathematical boxes and courses on the market. Why do I recommend ape tutoring mathematics box? No exaggeration to say, this is my current

I bought it


“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Mathematical ability training box


The entire gift box includes:

3 original color printing textbooks+customized mouth calculation questions 1 book+full set of learning habits to develop tables+1 set of four compact boards+3 cubic expanded box+6 high quality live broadcast classes

so much!

As long as 9 yuan! Also free shipping! This is equivalent to free!

Children can learn while playing, master the three core mathematics skills!

Ape tutoring mathematical ability training box

New students exclusive 9 yuan special Huihui

Primary school 1-6th grade applicable

↓ Press the QR code for children


In ape tutoring,

9 yuan

You can give your child a super good mathematical ability training

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

In fact, this course has been opened since the release of the ape tutoring in September 2018.

There are already 180,000 parents to sign up for their children,

You can see what parents say ↓↓

The effect of children after learning, parents are also very satisfied:

“The course is very interesting”, “Children are interested in class”, “Children’s mathematics performance has really improved” …

Moreover, this year’s course upgrades, and it has won the second season

The official recommendation of the “Strongest Brain” program

This kind of strength endorsement is enough to prove the scientific nature of the course.

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

The strongest brain star captain Bao Yan

And more than a dozen top 100 players are also recommended. Among them, there are both mathematics teachers and parents of adolescent education, as well as young geniuses who have studied in class in ape tutoring.

As Einstein once said:

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Thinking ability is more important than knowledge

Essence What really pulls the child’s gap is not the knowledge that can be recited, but to hide the thinking ability behind it.

The ability to cultivate should be early. This ape tutoring mathematics “Little Orange Bag” specially created for children in grades 1-6. If you have elementary school students at home, you must collect a set!

Ape Counseling Primary School Mathematical Ability Training Camp

Suitable stage:

Primary school 1-6 Grade

New trainees enjoy the price:

9 yuan (including 6 live broadcast classes+gift box full set,

Free shipping home)

Registration now adds gifts: worth 49 yuan

The strongest brain player training the same model “Intelligence Display”

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Next, let’s talk about this ape tutoring primary school mathematical ability training camp,

Why is it worth buying?


The strongest brain topic person to lead the team to teach

Learn mathematics with the strongest brain

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Ape Counseling Primary School Mathematical Ability Training Camp,

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

strongest brain

And Education Platform with Primary and Secondary Schools-

Ape tutoring

Joint customization, Professor Liu Jia, the most powerful brain program, serves as the general consultant of the course

Teachers, composed of teachers with high education education backgrounds such as 985, 211, average

The teachings are more than 7 years, and the lecture experience is rich

, Accurately grasp the errors and difficult points in the learning process,

Know how to cultivate children’s learning interests and habits

Enter the top 100 primary school math teacher ↑

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

This time, there are 3 teachers Qi Jinjin’s top 100 brain,

The level of teachers can be imagined. Not in Beijing, you can also ask the strongest brain program to teach the children to teach mathematics for children.


3 Teacher 108 Classic Questions Training

Start the wonderful journey of exploring mathematics

Each mathematical box has three major teaching aids in logic, space, and application. Each title is carefully selected by Professor Liu Jia and ape tutoring primary school teaching and research team.

1) Full -color printing materials, pay attention to life and fun, children like it at a glance

This textbook is not the textbook we see in the traditional sense, and it is exactly taking the children to play games in the barrier.

As a general consultant and curriculum guidance, Professor Liu Jia emphasizes the characteristics of the development of children and adolescents.

Step by step, life and interest, so that children have a strong interest in it.

The directory of the design is the concept of “warm-up before class-each break” and other images, and the small cards are accompanied by “play”,

From this cute and gamified design, you can imagine that after the child opens the book, you will definitely be explored by curiosity with curiosity

, Not to throw away the book and reject you.

2) Each question has a selected targeted practice question

I have finished these 3 teaching aids seriously,

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

There are supporting exercises in each book. There are at least 3 sets of selected exercise questions in 3 books, and they are also equipped with analytical answers.

After completing 2 sets of selected questions, I believe that children can truly penetrate this knowledge point!

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Do not brush the questions, refuse mechanized repeated, guide children from different angles to understand key knowledge points

Let the children pass through the way of thinking behind the topic and quickly transform knowledge into ability.


Ape Counseling Customized Teachers

Mathematics can be visible and touched

Games are children’s language, and playing is the best way they get new knowledge.

This box is prepared for customized edition teaching aids. For example, this four compact boards customized in grade 1-2. This is a traditional intellectual game, which can not only spell all kinds of interesting patterns, but also allow children to be in

Enhance the concept of graphics during the play.

There are also 3 cubic expansion maps in the box. Children can get started in person, fight, cut one cut, fold one fold, and quantity, not only consolidate the knowledge points, but also fully mobilize a variety of senses.

Deepen the child’s space imagination.


Learning habits to develop kits

Establish a sense of learning ritual

The process of accompanying children to learn,

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

I found that another magic of this gift box is a sense of ritual!

Learn 3 -piece set to help you build your children’s exclusive learning space!

Paste the customized learning habit development plan,

Be sure to let your child choose a good habit you plan to develop and paste it yourself.

Make a choice plan by ourselves instead of our adults forced. Children do better than us. This is the power of ritual sense.

↑ The surface of the plastic seal, you can repeatedly write and use

Whether it is a habit of sticker or a water -based pen, write the stars,

You and your children can easily tear off or wipe off and use it repeatedly.


Supporting primary school abacus questions

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

5 minutes a day, the calculation is fast and good

Newly upgraded mathematics box

Increased exclusive customized mouth calculation card

More than 300,000 students are using it. Five minutes a day, the mouth is easy!


“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

6 live lessons+WeChat group counseling+comprehensive literacy evaluation

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Triple gift benefits

In order to guide everyone to better use the mathematical capacity box, so that children can get truly scientific and effective thinking training, and

6 live broadcast lessons for free, 40-55 minutes per class.

Professor Liu Jia personally taught the first lesson. I repeatedly listened to it many times and benefited a lot. The live broadcast class was also taught by ape tutoring teacher. It was easy to understand and interesting.

Core lessons on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 19:00 ↑

1) After class with WeChat group, 1 to 1 question,

Counseling teacher accompany you to learn happily

During the gift course of the mathematical box,

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Each small class is equipped with a exclusive tutor to track the service throughout the process

, Timely feedback the child’s classroom performance and follow up the child’s homework.

Don’t worry about your children who can’t keep up. Any questions that can’t be answered professional.

2) Free comprehensive literacy assessment,

Help you better plan for your child

After the training courses in mathematics boxes are over, children can also receive a set of capabilities developed by the Department of Psychology of Beijing Normal University and get a detailed explanation of the evaluation report.

In Beijing, only 10%of key primary schools have the opportunity to participate.

This report can help you understand your children more accurately, and can provide TA more personalized education guidance in the future.

▼ Everyone

Say good is really good

As of now, there are already


The child received a math box for ape tutoring and opened the three core ability training journey of mathematics. Many children love the teachings in the box and fall in love with mathematics-

We often say that interest is the best teacher. Ape tutoring mathematics box is

Make children happy, learn easily, and cultivate children’s interest in mathematics from an early age

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

This is more important than anything!

Now, it’s time to fight.

if only

, Bring the mathematical box home, the child is among them, the mother feels easy!

Add it together!

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Sign up now,

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Also limited time free benefits!

Worth 49 yuan

The strongest brain player training

The same intelligence of the same model

Free delivery

The strongest brain player’s same training tool “Smart Qiqi”,

Children can also play their own uniqueness at home, while moving their brains, playing excellent thinking.

You know, it is just that the teaching aid box is more than 9 yuan. This price does not dare to imagine other places.

In 2019, the new upgrade ape tutoring primary school mathematical ability training box.

Don’t let your child miss the opportunity to fall in love with mathematics because of your hesitation

The first course of the first course will be fully discontinued in less than 2 days

This course

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

It will be on May 10th

Start class at 19:00 on Friday

Sign up in advance!

The question you care about

Q1: Which age of mathematics training camp is suitable for children?

A: For the development of mathematical ability of primary school students, suitable

Grade 1 to 6.

Q2: How to arrange the course time?

A: This course will be in

May 10


Start, 3 core lessons are all in

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

19:00 class.

40 minutes per class in grades 1-2, 55 minutes per class in grades 3-6.

Q3: Can I register again this year I learned last year?

A: This course is

New students exclusive special courses

, 2018

I have learned and not supported and re -registered

You can check the previous courses and continue to study.

Q4: After the registration is successful, how to join the parent group?

A: There are two ways. Method 1: We will use

Text message

Inform the teacher’s WeChat. You can take the initiative to add a teacher as a friend and pull you into the group. Method two:

Wait for a teacher

Add you as a friend before the start of the class and pull you into the group. Due to the large number of applicants, the teacher will pass a friend verification within 24 hours, please wait patiently.

Q5: Where can I listen to the course? How long is it valid?

A: Mobile phone and iPad, please download the “Ape Counseling” APP listening lesson; computer side, class on the official website of “Ape Counseling”. course

Permanent and effective, you can listen repeatedly

Q6: How to get the teaching auxiliary gift box?

A: Registration can be obtained for free. The gift box is still being made nervous. It will be sent to the child within the week before the start of the class. Please wait patiently. At that time, you can use the mobile phone number to log in to the “Ape Counseling” APP to view logistics information.

↓↓ Click the original link to register for the child first








Ape tutoring mathematical ability training box

Ape tutoring mathematical ability training box

Ape tutoring mathematical ability training box

New students exclusive 9 yuan special Huihui

New students exclusive 9 yuan special Huihui

New students exclusive 9 yuan special Huihui

Primary school 1-6th grade applicable

Primary school 1-6th grade applicable

Primary school 1-6th grade applicable

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

↓ Press the QR code for children

↓ Press the QR code for children

↓ Press the QR code for children




9 yuan

“新课标”重新修订了数学标准, 还在蒙头刷题的醒醒了!

Sign up now,