Underwear, as a personal underwear, is a necessity in life. Although MM rarely shows out, they pay less attention to it than less. Because a good underwear can make the whole person look sexy and get the beauty from the inside out.

In order to cater to the needs of the beauties, the manufacturers in the market have produced all kinds of underwear. Therefore, many people are dazzling when choosing. I don’t know what brand of ladies’ underwear is better? In fact, at this time, everyone may wish to get Lamiu Lanmu underwear. In order to show women to show women with confidence and sexy on different occasions, they have created a number of series of underwear, which are very good.

Among them, I like the panties of the exquisite series! It can easily show women’s “exquisite curve” and become an unforgettable dessert in the date, exquisite, attractive, but not frivolous and low. Next, I recommend two favorite Linglong series underwear.


1. Linglong · Yu Yu Yao Taoyuan low -waisted flat -angle underwear

This underwear is gently pasted, the texture is light, and the no trace is covered with 360 ° without sensing and walking on the skin. It is comfortable and breathable on the body. The hidden golden ratio has an indescribable sexy.

2. Ms. Lingliang Ranxia low -waist triangle panties

This underwear uses orange purple glow color matching, stitching the dream mesh, is fashionable and sexy on the body. The key is the bottom gear of 100%cotton. It is very comfortable inside and outside, but it is really healthy and sexy.


If you want to buy a good lady’s underwear, choose Lamiu Lanmiao!