[Pacific Automobile Network Evaluation Channel] The Fifth Generation Tousheng L Hybrid version has been listed at the Guangzhou Auto Show a few days ago. Hao Yingrui Hybrid, Toyota RAV4/Weilanda Double Engine these models of 250,000 areas have certain advantages. So is it equipped with the Harbin Sheng L, can it be called the hybrid model of Banlita?

System characteristics & driving experience

Let’s start with the focus and talk about the structure and driving experience of this TMED hybrid system. The modern TMED hybrid system equipped by Tutson L hybrid consists of several core units:

2.0GDI hybrid self -absorbing engine, with a maximum power of 110.5kW and a maximum torque of 186N · m.

6 -speed automatic transmission, cancel the unidirectional clutch, and directly connect with the HSG motor to achieve clutch.

HSG startup power generation all -in -one motor,

The maximum power is 8.5kW, and the maximum torque is 43.2N · m. It is mainly used to start engines, power generation and power recycling.

Ultra -thin high -power permanent magnet synchronous motor,

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

The maximum power is 44.2kW, and the maximum torque is 264N · m. It is mainly used to drive the vehicle when driving pure electricity.

1.49kWh lithium ion battery pack,

The discharge power is 44KW, the charging power is 49kW, and it is equipped with a BMS battery monitoring system. It provides eight years or 600,000 kilometers of warranty through squeezing, puncture, fire burning, and soaking.

Under different operating conditions, the power system will have different working modes:

Vehicle start and low -speed driving: pure electricity.

When the brakes are loosened by the static state, the vehicle will drive in a pure electric mode and continue to lightly tap the throttle. During the slow rise of the vehicle, it is driven by the electric driver until 60km/h.

Accelerate and climb: hybrid.

When stepping on the accelerator with a large open degree, the system learned that the driver’s power request, the engine and the driving motor jointly exerted their strength to achieve the maximum comprehensive output of the maximum 142kW and 350N · m.

Driving at a constant speed: Pure electricity preferred.

In the case of sufficient battery battery, priority power drive is given to reduce the engine operation time. When the electricity is low, the engine starts, and directly drives the wheels to charge the battery at the same time to cycle.

Vehicle deceleration: energy recovery.

When loosen the throttle or step on the brakes, the HSG motor recycled the kinetic energy to supplement energy.

Idle speed:

The engine is turned off. The electric equipment on the car, such as air conditioners, audio, screens, etc., is provided by the battery, but when the power is low, the engine is started to charge.

The comprehensive role of these modes allows the Tousheng L hybrid to achieve a 100 -kilometer fuel consumption (NEDC standard is 4.8 liters) at 5.3L of WLTC standards. This performance is comparable to the opponent.

There are three driving modes in Tutson L, namely ECO energy -saving mode, SPORT movement and Smart intelligent mode. Between the energy -saving mode and the motion mode, the work logic of the hybrid system is relatively obvious, and the smart mode is adjusted according to your short -term driving style. When you are gently driving, the Smart in the lower right corner of the instrument is green. When driving fiercely, Smart will become red

During the actual test drive, I found that even if in the ECO energy -saving mode, when the urban road is driving, the engine intervention is relatively frequent. When the accelerator starts deeper, the engine will start and enter the hybrid mode.

Didn’t you talk about starting and being driven by electricity at low speed? In fact, it requires a lot of torque at the moment of starting, and the mixed driver can make you start even more. Of course, you can also start slowly, relying on the motor to drive the vehicle.

When the speed is up, a little back to the throttle, the engine will quickly turn off, allowing the vehicle to be in a pure electric drive state. Unless the throttle is insufficient and the speed is gradually rising to above 60km/h, the engine will start.

It is well known that the fuel vehicle is the most fuel-efficient when driving at a high speed. Like the Honda I-MMD system, the Tousheng L hybrid can be driven by the engine directly through the gearbox. At this time, the driving motor does not run.

However, the difference between the Tousheng L hybrid and Honda models is that under the energy -saving mode, it is still preferred at a high speed, even if the speed reaches 100km/h. When the amount of electricity is relatively low, the engine will start to drive in direct drive and charge the battery, and then repeat the process.

This logic is actually a bit difficult to understand. Since high -speed is the high -efficiency and low consumption conditions of the engine, why not the engine driver alone is good, only the driver motor will be assisted when the overtaking is accelerated, and the lithium -ion battery will be reduced frequently. However, the engineer must be smarter than me. After all, the power battery of the Tutson L hybrid provides a warranty of 600,000 kilometers in eight years.

In the Sport motion mode, the engine intervention is more positive. Whether it is on the urban road or on a high speed, the system is basically in a hybrid mode, so that you can get a better sense of speed. In the motion mode, its speed -up is indeed quite rapid. You can even force the engine speed by the shift paddles to make the engine speed soar to more than 4,000 to more, squeeze out all the power of the entire system.

You don’t have to worry about whether the existence of the 6AT gearbox will affect the smoothness of the entire hybrid system, because it does not have a clutch, and it is connected to the motor. The entire car drove very lightly and smoothly. In addition, this 6AT does not have the torque converter of the traditional automatic transmission, so the power transfer efficiency is about 10%higher, reaching 92.3%.

As a hybrid model, another aspect that affects the driving experience is quietness. Although Toyota ’s THS dual -engine hybrid system has obtained 17 million market verification, its texture is uncomfortable. On some dual -engine models, when the engine starts and runs at high speed, the noise and vibration are too much. Too much affects people. The Honda I-MMD is relatively good in the vibration, but the noise is still not small during high rotation. The NVH of the Tutson L hybrid vehicle is better than them. The cars are quiet and worthy of recognition. Although the throttle pedal of more than 4,000 will have a slight shock, the overall quality is better than the opponent.

The steering feel of the Tutson L’s hybrid is relatively tight. It is not the kind of lightness with a strong electronic smell. The heavy feel makes it drive quite stable, and it will not be too light after the high speed. In addition, the steering response is relatively moderate. It will not be too sensitive or too bulky. The overall steering texture conforms to its target group. It is easy and comfortable to have a little exercise.

In terms of chassis, it uses the front McPherson and rear multi -link suspension. This chassis structure is more common in this level of models. The suspension support is good. It has a good suppression of the opposite roll when cornering, but the shock absorption is not crispy after bumps, especially the short and strong impact like a deceleration belt. Discount.

Another obvious slot is that the brakes are not very confident. First of all, the pedal foot feels a certain amount of front loosening and tightness. There is no deceleration reaction when lightly. The entire brake experience needs to be optimized. As for how its actual braking performance, we cannot make accurate judgments through these subjective feelings, and we need to get a new car for a brake testing in order to draw conclusions.

Static review of appearance & interior

Tutson L is no longer a new car, and the hybrid version has not changed on the basis of the fuel version. Let’s briefly review this design SUV.

The model of Hyundai Kia Group has a fight with the French in terms of shape design. The world is empty and wonderful. Although there are some extreme failure cases, most of the models can be able to ensure that the face value is passed. Create a strong sense of design. The fifth generation of Tutson L is a successful case. Compared to the fourth generation Tutson, which is embarrassing, it finally returns to the normal level of modern brand model design.

In fact, there is no such car abroad. It is the Chinese special version of the Hyundai Car Yantai Design Center. After the fourth generation overseas came to the Chinese market, it was forced to “upgrade” to the fifth generation. It is no wonder that consumers do not pay for such a model that challenges the aesthetics of the audience. But the fifth generation Tutson L fully demonstrated the modern design skills. On the basis of the “Sensuous Sportiness” design language, it is incorporated into the “Parametric Dynamics” element to create a very cool appearance, personality, personality, personality But not weird, bold but not losing the weight.


In terms of power technology and driving experience, the Tucson L hybrid can completely sit flat with the hybrid models of Toyota and Honda, and even in some aspects, its performance is better than the opponent. In addition, its official price is 10,000 or 20,000 lower than the opponent, which is more cost -effective. However, its design style may not be highly accepted for the public, and it may dispel some older potential consumers. In general, the Tutson L hybrid is a very recommended energy -saving model. It is a very good choice for younger car purchase groups. (Figure/text/photo: Pacific Automobile Network Chen Yan)

Model parameter configuration comparison

● Standard ○ options-none

Model picture:

Model information:

Tu Sheng L

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

2022 models

2.0L hybrid · Zhixiang Edition


Official price:

185 million

Purchase tax:


比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

The final landing price (including insurance funds):


Energy consumption (20,000 kilometers/year):


Beijing Hyundai


Compact SUV

Listing time:



2.0L L4


inhale naturally

Maximum horsepower (PS):


Maximum torque (n · m):


Most Horse Power (PS):


Total power of motor (KW):


Total torque (n · m):


Battery charging time:

Quick charge: None, Slow Charging: None

Fast charging volume (%):


6 blocking hands

Body type:

5 -door and 5 -seater SUV

Long × width × height (mm):

4670 × 1865 × 1690

Wheelbar (mm):


Maximum speed (km/h):


Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s):

Actual measurement 0-100km/h acceleration (s):

Perform measurement 100-0km/h braking (m):

Actified fuel consumption (L/100km):

Miles for the measured pure electricity (KM):

Terrate fast charge time (hour):

Slow time (hour):

Power consumption per 100 kilometers (KWH/100km):

The actual measurement speed 0km/h (idle speed) Environmental noise (DB):

Active vehicle speed 60km/h Environmental noise (DB):

The measured vehicle speed of 90km/h Environmental noise (DB):

The measured vehicle speed is 120km/h environmental noise (DB):

Comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (L/100KM):


Battery warranty time:

Eight years or 600,000 kilometers

Pure Electricity Miles (KM) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Charging time:

Vehicle warranty:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Five years or 100,000 kilometers

The first car owner warranty policy:

Driving auxiliary level:


Length (mm):


Width (mm):


Height (mm):


Front wheel (mm):

Rear wheel distance (MM):

Minimum ground clearance (MM):


Car weight (kg):


Drims (one):


Number of seats (one):

Oil tank volume (L):


比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Luggage compartment volume (L):

Luggage compartment maximum volume (L):

1904 (the seat is down)

Internal size (MM) of luggage compartment:


The size of the cargo box (MM):

Maximum load quality (KG):

engine model:

Displacement (ml):


Maximum power (KW):


Maximum power speed (RPM):


Maximum torque speed (RPM):


Cylinder arrangement:


Cylinder number (one):


Number of valves per cylinder (one):

Compression ratio:

Air Supply:


Line diameter (mm):

Itinerary (MM):

The engine -specific technology:



Fuel label:

No. 92 (formerly 93)

Oil supply method:

Direct injection

Cylinder head material:

Aluminum alloy

Cylinder material:

Emission Standards:


Electric model:

Motor type:

Permanent magnet synchronous

Maximum power (KW) of the front motor:

The maximum torque (n · m) of the front motor:

Maximum power (KW) of the rear motor:

The maximum torque (n · m) of the post -electric motor:

Drive mode:

Non -plug -in hybrid power

Drive motor:

Single -motor

Motor layout:


System comprehensive power (KW):


System comprehensive torque (n · m):


Official 100 -kilometer power consumption (KWH/100km):

Battery capacity (KWH):

Battery energy density (WH/KG):

type of battery:


Number of blocks:

Transmission type:

Automatic transmission (AT)

Drive method:

Front drive

Four -wheel drive form:

Central differential structure:

Type of front suspension:

McPherson independent suspension

Hanging type:

Multi -link independent suspension

Steering help type:

Electric help

Vehicle structure:


Preparatory brake type:

Ventilation plate

Types of rear brakes:


Parking brake type:

Electronic parking

Front tire specifications:

235/65 R17

Rear tire specifications:

Specification of spare tires:

Non -full size

Small spare tires:

Near angle (°):

Leaving angle (°):

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?


inhale naturally

Maximum horsepower (PS):


Maximum torque (n · m):


Most Horse Power (PS):


Total power of motor (KW):

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?


比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?


Total torque (n · m):



Battery charging time:

Quick charge: None, Slow Charging: None

Quick charge: None, Slow Charging: None

Fast charging volume (%):

6 blocking hands

Body type:

Wheelbar (mm):



Battery warranty time:

Eight years or 600,000 kilometers

Pure Electricity Miles (KM) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?



Aluminum alloy

235/65 R17

Vertical passing angle (°):

Maximum climbing (%)/climbing angle (°):

Minimum ground clearance (MM):


Minimum turning radius (M):

Maximum wading depth (MM):

ABS anti -hug death:

Brake allocation (EBD/CBC, etc.):

Brake assist (eba/bas/ba, etc.):

Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):

Body stability control (ESP/DSC/ESC, etc.):

Tire pressure monitoring device:

Tire pressure display

Explosion -proof tires:

The seat belt is not told:

Front row

Parallel auxiliary:

Lane departure early warning system:

Road traffic label recognition:

Fatigue driving reminder:

Night vision system:

Front row front airbag:

Lord ● / Deputy ●

Front/rear side airbags:

Former ● / Post-

Front/rear head airbag (air curtain):

Past- / Hou

Front -row knee airbag:

Primary and secondary-

Pedestrian collision protection system:

ISO Fix Children’s seat interface:

Engine electronic anti -theft:

Interior control lock in the car:

Driving automatic lock:

Remote startup:

Key -free startup system:

Keyless entering the system:

Cruise system:

Fixed -speed cruise

Front/rear radar:

Before ● / post -●

Parking image system:

Reverse image

Vehicle -side blind area image system:

Dynamic reminder system:

Driving mode switch:




Engine start -stop technology:

Autonomous driving assistance:

Uphill assistance:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Automatic parking:

Slow down slope:

Variable suspension:

Air suspension:

Variable steering ratio:

The overall active steering system:

Qianqiao Limited Slip Differential/Differential Lock:

Central differential lock function:

Rear bridge limited slip differential/differential lock:

Sky window type:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Can open the panorama sunroof

Sky window size (MM):

Sports appearance kit:

Aluminum alloy wheels:

Electric suction door:

Check trunk:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

The trunk induction is turned on:

Electric back trunk position memory:

The roof luggage rack:

Active intake grille:

Steering plate material:

Genuine Leather

Steering wheel adjustment range:

Up and down+front and back

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Steering wheel electric adjustment:

Multifunction steering wheel:

Steering wheel transmission:

Heating of the steering wheel:

Steering wheel memory:

Driving computer display function:

Driving information

Multimedia information

Full LCD instrument panel:

LCD instrument plate size:

7 -inch

HUD raised number display:

Car driving recorder:

Mobile phone wireless charging:

Seat material:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?


Sports style seat:

The front seat is high and low -key:

Driver’s seat

The front seat padding angle adjustment:

The front row waist support adjustment:

The front -row shoulder support adjustment:

Main/P -P -Pyr Instant Picks Electric Adjustment:

The rear row of the co -pilot seat can be adjusted:

Rear seat adjustment:

Back -up adjustment

Power adjustment of rear seats:

Electric seat memory:

The steering wheel/seat is comfortable in and out:

Heating front/rear seats:

Front/rear seats ventilation:

Front/rear seat massage:

The rear seats are put down in form:


The third row seat:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Front/back seat central armrest:

Back row cup frame:

Air conditioning adjustment method:


Temperature partition control:

Independent air conditioner in the rear row:

The back seat out of the air outlet:

PM2.5 filtering device in the car:

Car air purifier:

Car refrigerator:

Kinshi lighting source:


Far -beamed light source:

Adaptive distant light light:

Driving lights:

Automatic headlight:

Steering auxiliary light:

Follow the headlight (AFS):

Front fog lights:

The front headlight rain and fog mode:

The height of the headlight can be adjusted:

Big light cleaning device:

Big light delay shutdown:

Inner atmosphere light:

Electric window:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Whole car

One -click lifting/drop of the window:

Window anti -clip hand function:

UV/insulation glass:

Rearview mirror electric adjustment:

Heating from the rearview mirror:

Rearview mirror electric folding:

Automatic folding of rearview mirror lock cars:

The rear -view mirror reversing automatically turn over:

Rearview mirror memory:

Internal/outer rearview mirror automatic anti -glare:

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Inner- / outer-

Rear windshield shading curtain:

Rear sideways:

Rear side -side privacy glass:

Sunny board makeup mirror:

Main driving+lighting

Plely driver+lighting

Rear wiper:

Sensing wiper:

Big color screen of the center console:

Central control screen operation method:


GPS navigation system:

Real -time road conditions information display:

Mobile phone interconnection/mapping:


Internet of car:

Road rescue call:

Gesture control:

Bluetooth/car phone:

Central control LCD screen displays:

Car TV:

Rear LCD screen:

The rear central control system:

Interface Type:


USB/Type-C interface quantity:

Standard: 2, selection: 1

220V/230V power supply:

Trunk 12V power interface:


Speaker brand:

Number of speakers:

Standard: 4

Active noise reduction system:

system name:

Autonomous chip:

Chip computing power:

Number of cameras:

Millimeter wave radar:

Ultrasonic radar:


Automatically change the road:

Adaptive cruise:

Keep the curve assistance:

Navigation auxiliary driving:

Built -in high -precision map:

Obstacle visual display:

Remote control parking/driving:

Remote Summon:

Automatic parking in place:

Movement auxiliary system:

Active braking/active safety system:

Motor system:

The size of the center console:

10.4 inches

Face recognition:

Key type:

remote key

Fingerprint recognition:


Number of central control screens:

Screen division rate:

Screen rotation:

Multi-screen interactive:

Voice recognition control system:

Speech Recognition:

Multi -round voice dialogue:

Vague semantic identification:

Gesture Recognition:

OTA air upgrade:


比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?


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比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

比丰田本田更好开更安静?现代途胜L 混动有这么神?

Past- / Hou

Past- / Hou

Past- / Hou

Primary and secondary-

Before ● / post -●