The three concepts of MUJI (MUJI) are: selecting materials, checking processes, simplified packaging! In the final analysis, it is practical, minimalist, simple, people -oriented. Today Xin Sauce recommends 10 most worthwhile stationery for you! The pieces are so good to tears! Intersection Intersection


Wooden color pencil

60 color paper tube packaging is exquisitely used in regenerative paper materials. The color is rich, suitable for children and you to draw the pictures you like in your free time. Gifts for children are also decent. There are small 36 colors (short) and medium 36 color (long) selection!


Spring gel ink pens

The writing feels good, and the subject uses recycled materials. The core is (8-151912) writing a smooth pressing gel ricotin pens (0.5 green).


Regenerative paper single edition

Make a notebook made with the same production method as a single book.

MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具

4. 4..

Sand rubber card box

Putting business cards, train tickets and movie tickets are not better!


Rounded cutter

MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具

You can love business cards, manuscripts, even laptops, books, and cut into round corners! Very practical!


MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具

Two -stage pencil box

Very practical, simple, stylish, good stationery box.


MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具

card cover

A single installation, you can put a bus card, double -sided, good texture!


MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具


The ruler has a scale on both sides, but where is the most amazing place? You see, you see, the cross -section is a magical parallel quadrilateral! People who do not leave my nails no longer have to squat on the ground when they land on the ground.



MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具

For the Student Party, the pen and the pen are must -have. With this, it is convenient to hold it in the bag or hold it in hand.



Feel great

MUJI无印良品 最值得买的10件文具

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