IT House News on April 5th. A few days ago, Xiaomi released the new edition of the new rice home electric scooter. It was officially launched tonight at 899 yuan.

IT House learned that Mijia electric scooter 3 Youth Edition was reduced by 10mm compared with the Mi appliance skate 1S frame, and the low center of gravity rides is more stable.The body is made of high -intensity aluminum alloy materials, making the body easier and easy to mention, and it is easier to carry.

小米米家电动滑板车 3 青春版今日开卖

In terms of design, the Mi Home Electric Scooter 3 Youth Edition will design the forehead to design, creating a visual minimalist sense.At the same time, move the lights down to “reduce the burden” on the forehead, increase the proportion of the instrument screen, optimize the screen control experience, and combine the previously divided display area into a whole, equipped with an integrated display.Mi Home Electric Scooter 3 Youth Edition is available in black and white, with red, and set up front wheel caps to increase retro elements.

In terms of performance, the illegal climbing ability of Mi Home Electric Skate 3 has increased by 13%, a maximum speed of 25km / h, and a rated power of 250W. It has 20km battery life.