IQOO ZX1 is a more excellent mobile phone in iQOO, from color value and configuration, which can be comparable to mobile phones within 2,000 to two thousandth, and therefore will be started by many mobile fans.

What is the configuration of iQOO Z1X?

First, in the chip, Qualcomm, 765g, 6.57-inch LCD pole full screen, and support 120Hz high refresh rate; 5000mAh + 33W flash charge in battery and battery life, 10 minutes from the official website of 10 minutes can be charged 25% of the electricity, basically over an hour, can be filled with battery, and the battery life is extremely excellent. Whether it is playing games or watching video, it can be maintained above 8 hours.

This is why this iQOO Z1X configuration can be comparable to the machine, from the screen, hardware, network settings, and camera function to a high-end mobile phone feel, you can also experience your mobile phone in use. Meteor does not lose other mobile phones.


In addition, the only shortcomings of this mobile phone is that the back cover is plastic. In order to make up for this disadvantage, IQOO Z1X mobile phone shell adapted to adapt, while maintaining stylish feelings.

3D printing pattern iqoo z1x mobile phone case


First, the author will explain this mobile phone case from the following three aspects of this mobile phone case. IQOO Z1x This mobile phone basically uses a number of young people. In choosing the positioning of the mobile phone case, it is basically fashionable and does not lose their feelings, and in order to highlight the personality that young people should have.

First, this mobile phone case is seamlessly connected to the seamless connection of the TPU.

At its back is the perfect border of the 3D stress pattern and the TPU. This design is to better protect the phone, for example, when inadvertently, accidentally fall the phone to the ground to protect the mobile phone.

The appearance of the mobile phone case also fully reflects the beauty and protection of mobile phones, this reason is also the reason for the recommendation of the author. In a lot of young people, I want to choose a mobile phone case that keeps mobile phone beauty, and I want to have a protective function, and this mobile phone case does two.

Second, dirty, direct water is washed directly.


Many mobile phone enthusiasts when choosing a mobile phone case will consider the mobile phone’s ability to dirty and clean, there are many mobile phone shells on the market are dead, and they must be cleaned up with special materials. .


The advantage of this mobile phone case is dirty while it can also be washed directly. This gives great convenience, and you can clean your mobile phone shell in your room. In addition, the mobile phone uses the material of the anti-fingerprint. It also takes into account which occasion of the user can be upgraded.

Third, 3D stress pattern design concept.


This design is a highlight, which also meets the needs of the user, and a lot of young people want a personalized mobile phone case to highlight their own unique personality. Young people choose the pattern design on the phone case, but the general pattern mobile phone case does not highlight their personality. The mobile phone case of this mobile phone case is the design of the 3D stress pattern, which is more in line with the needs of the user.

In addition, this phone case has a special design, which is the function of independent buttons. Many people who use mobile phone shells will delay because of the mobile phone button brought by the mobile phone case, and this mobile phone case does not have this situation on this issue, and it is very sensitive.



This iQOO Z1X’s 3D printing pattern mobile phone case is in line with the needs of the user. In the original function of the mobile phone case, the mobile phone users can also stand their own personality. The three features above are also the highlight of this mobile phone case, and will not lose the original feeling of mobile phone while pursuing fashion. Finally, what do you think, commentary comment!

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