Building love for your family-In the hot summer, the air of the air conditioner makes you feel your chest tightness. It is better to open the door, open the doorless folding gauze, prevent mosquito ventilation, and enjoy fresh air, unique trackless design, unique orbit design, Let the elderly and children go unhindered, and they are happy. When not in use, remove the gauze net and put it directly into the warehouse without taking up the space. Hurry up your exquisite lifestyle.


1. Beautiful appearance

In summer, it is an indispensable mosquito anti -mosquito -proof project. Effectively isolation of mosquitoes can also allow indoor and outdoor air to circulate and enjoy the comfort of natural wind in the home. The traditional screen curtains can’t be used for a long time, and the appearance of the whole house also lowers the style and taste of the entire house. Today, I recommend a high -end, practical, beautiful and generous, and the effects of mosquito -proof effects.


Second, trackless design

The bottom of the gauze adopts the concept of barrier -free design. The 2 mm orientation strip makes the elderly and children unobstructed. Do n’t worry about being accidentally tripped. The advanced tank chain design. You do n’t have to worry about the gap of the gauze by the wind. Effectively block mosquitoes into the house.

Third, imported gauze

Using Taiwan PET gauze, environmental protection, waterproof, pollution resistance, dustproof and other performance are excellent. The mesh eyes are dense, and the mosquito is effectively blocked to enter the house, and it can also block certain ultraviolet radiation. High -transparent performance, like Fengqin, is very textured, more noble quality, and the looming beauty makes people imagine.


Fourth, thickened profile

The outer frame determines the stability and service life of the gauze door. The trackless folding gauze uses 1.2mm aluminum profile. No color, no rust, no odor, healthy and environmentally friendly. For non -punching installation, avoid damage to the wall and door frame, one person can easily complete it.


Five, easy to remove and wash

When the screen door is dusty, the gauze can be removed directly and washed. It is very convenient to clean it in the bathroom directly. You can also wet the waste newspaper with a rag, and then stick the wet newspaper to the back of the screen window. After waiting for a few minutes, take the newspaper to complete the daily maintenance.

From@来自 *** Jiao Diamond -level buyer’s evaluation


The installation is simple and the size is just right. The store is very patient to communicate the size of the size of the phone. It gives professional suggestions. I originally set the white, but it was better to listen to the store’s proposal. This color is particularly suitable. My house is small, and the door can be kept ventilated. However, in the summer, mosquitoes will be easy to enter, and the dogs at home always run outside. The stairs are in front of the door. I almost fell from the stairs when I went out. This door solved all my needs, met the ventilation, blocked mosquito flies, protected the safety of children, and closed the dog. so perfect! Praise!