To say that from last year to this season, what the items that must not be missed, it must be the pants of super IN! If you want to create a casual and handsome shape, you can easily get it with pants.

Title: 2014 Summer New Women’s European and American Big Brand Janes Big Body Wide -Legs and Pants Chiffon Clothes Trunk Pants

1. 2, wide -leopard leopard junior slim chiffon trousers, the flow of the pants will bring you the beautiful gesture of swaying the wind, with the retro of the literary and artistic cavity, and a little casual, not sexy, but can be able Plucking heart chord.


Title: Summer women’s chiffon jumpsuit European and American big -name wide -leg long pants pants dress V -neck show thin jacket pants

2. European and American popular new tourism vacation must have trousers! During the holidays, to Hainan, the must -have equipment for tourism in Sanya, Phuket, and Lijiang. A very easy -to -control and aura jacket skirt, sexy, thin, creating a romantic style of Hawaii, just one piece can be used. Lighten all fashion elements.

Title: Summer Character clothes Korean Women’s Summer Summer Summer Slim Slim Casual Chiffon Janes Pants Long Pants

3. The trousers can be rolled up. It is very uniform. The style of the upper body workmanship, the design of the big pocket is very handsome, the style is full of points, with a belt, with some metal jewelry, and earning enough to return to the street!


Title: 2014 summer new Korean conjoined jeans casual leisure leggings sleeveless vest jacket women’s tide

4, splicing contrasting color is a very good choice in summer. The round neck design, elegant and gorgeous; sleeveless, revealing the feminine lines unique to women’s shoulders, fashionable and sexy and charming; 7 points of Harren pants design, fashionable and versatile.


Title: 2014 Summer Summer Chiffon Wide Lantern Trunk Pants Terminal Summer Korean Jungs Women’s Women’s Dale Large size#


5. Wear body pants on the front and back 2, a set of clothes and two feelings. Lochrus food, which brings a bit of sweetness and playful jumpsuits to temperament jumpsuits, modify various face shapes, expose neck lines and sexy collarbone; beam design, suitable for various figures, hidden small belly, front convex and backward tall Sexy and intellectual; wide -legged lantern pants, stretching the figure visually, is more tall and elegant.

Title: Jewelry Women’s 2014 Summer New Joint Jungs Women’s European and American Big Brand Chiffon Specker Speed ​​Pants Pants

6. Sweet princess bubble sleeves, seven -point Harun pants design, fresh colors, colorful bubble patterns, refreshing and pleasant, cool summer.

Title: 14 Summer new Korean version of casual chiffon panties pants collar short -sleeved pants long skirt women’s large size thin


7, leisure collar, versatile princess short sleeves, slim and casual adjustable waist rope, let more MM show their tender and euphemistic femininity on the stage of life with a confident attitude. Whether it is a party with girlfriends, Traveling is very suitable for office.

Title: Summer Haren pants are thin European and American style chiffon jumpsuits wide -leg long skirts female suspenders jackets connecting pants tide

8. The camisole round neck design, easily shows beautiful clavicle lines, reveals fresh sexy. With a ribbon around the waist, it is casual into a sweet butterfly dressing, making it full of spring romance, making the trousers more delicate.

Title: jackets 2014 Summer dress new wide -leg pants Bosomia female chiffon pants skirt wide -foot pants summer long


9. The thin modification of the legs, stitching visually that the leg lines are stretched! The workplace life is done! The simple design and color matching is a good product in the workplace. You can return to the little woman instantly!


Title: Yuwa Women’s 2014 New Chiffon Europe and America Sweet Sleeping Sleeping Slender Slim Sanctuary Female Xia Jane Tide

10. Inspired by the perfect summer, the main concept of the 2014 summer design is formed: leisure, simplicity, and authenticity. The simple large color block is stitched up and down, the texture is elegant, and the feminine charm is full of feminine charm.

Title: New women’s chiffon stitching wide -leg vest conjoined shorts summer Korean version sleeveless round neck jacket tide


11. The fake two -piece design can cover the small belly, and the wing stitching of the back makes the back breathable. The brisk and bright fruit green, injects a coolness into the hot summer day, fresh and natural, fashionable and versatile.

Title: Korean Women’s Skirt Fashion Casual Sleeve Sleeveless Short Pants Sat White Commodity Clothes Jaginet


12, minimalist design lines, hidden mysteries. The three -dimensional blade -type tailoring has excellent lean effect on the overall vision. Easily cover up the parts such as small abdomen and legs that are prone to fat, perfectly outline the S curve! Whether it’s dating, shopping, work, or playing at the beach, it can make you focus.


Title: Handu clothing Korean version 2014 summer new women’s thin pocket pure color conjoined casual shorts NJ3132 翝


13. New fashion jumpsuits, exquisite and three -dimensional short lines, handsome and capable. Symmetric three -dimensional pocket design, full of leisure.

Title: 2014 summer new women’s Korean version of the disassembly chiffon jumpsuit slimming and thin round neck jacket short pants


14. Simple U -shaped collar, romantic shrugging, bow belt, hem of lace, oblique plug -in pockets, exquisite flower bistlae fabrics ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. have all sweet elements gathered in one.

Title: Summer Women’s Fat MM Large size Slim Symbol Chiffon Short Tide Set 2014 Supreme Pants Loose Large


15. The perfect combination of splicing style, solid color and color color, full of fashion, temperament reduction. The waist drawing and waist design, perfectly cover the small fat on the waist, the thin effect is very good. Whether you are fat MM or thin MM, it is quite a fan to wear ~

Title: 2014 summer new women’s pants tide Korean version of slim paston floral short -sleeved pants, shorts, jumpsuit pants

16. The fresh color is as bright as summer flowers, as refreshing and pleasant as walking in the green road. The front zipper style, novel and fashionable, shows unique personality.

Title: Cai Bing Textile 2014 Women’s Summer New Sleeveless Lace Strange Non -Nie casual jacket Short pants slimming jumpsuit

17. Cowboy and lace are perfectly spliced, and the trend of collisions and elegance collides.

Title: High -quality 2014 summer new women’s jumpsuit Deng Ziqi same lace conjoined shorts jacket pants

18. The back design, but the black lace inside makes this YY wear it without being exposed but not sexy. The wonderful and cuteness brings sexy, the design of the pants is both beautiful and convenient. Deng Ziqi in the sixth issue of “I am a singer” under the guidance of the same style under the guidance of the image guidance!


Title: 2014 Spring New Women’s Trendy European Stands Lian Janested Pants Summer Short Body shorts jacket jacket jacket

20. The collar is spliced ​​with hollow mesh, the collarbone is looming, the low -key sexy upper shirt style, the embroidery process, the three -dimensional sense, the elegant and romantic lower -shaped shorts A -shaped, highlighting the long legs.


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