Silicon -free shampoo has become one of the standards for many people to choose shampoos. In fact, no research has shown that silicone oil will directly affect hair loss, but the addition of silicon oil in the shampoo will directly affect the shampoo after washing the hair. Skin feel.

Because silicon oil is relatively inert, it is necessary to rinse a lot of cleaning to be washed very clean, so that there will be no residues. Therefore, many people will try to avoid shampoo with silicone oil in terms of dry skin feel.

Today we have selected 4 supermarkets of silicon -free shampoo, and analyzed it for everyone. The criteria for our selection this time are four shampoos without silicone oil -free oil -free supermarkets and a relatively high popularity.


Pan Ting’s moisturizing refreshing silicone oil washing out

This shampoo is more common in supermarkets, and large bowls are cheap. For example, this milliliter of shampoo is made by pressing the pump port. It is more convenient to use. Pan Ting’s packaging design is more modern avant -garde.


From the perspective of the entire ingredients, the surfactant of this shampoo uses the S table to re -reclaimed coconut oil. While ensuring the cleaning power, the follow -up citric acid has some antibacterial ingredients, but its active substances are relatively small, which are basically arranged in the latter of the ranking table. The active substances are pan glycol (vitamin B5) and thorns. Dry tree oil, slightly insufficient moisturizing. It is worth mentioning that it is the addition of preservatives, and MIT is used, which is relatively exciting.

Silicon -free oil guarantees refreshing, but there are fewer activity ingredients. The added preservatives have a certain sensitivity to the scalp. I personally feel that it is more suitable for people with relatively healthy scalp.

After washing your hair, you should have some slightly tightness, which need to be used with conditioner. The main thing is basic cleaning.

Ziyuan Wuyan Zi Shi Shiwa


At that time, Song Hye Kyo’s phrase “no silicon oil, not irritating” made the brand’s shampoo and fire all over the country. Before, we have also analyzed that the brand of Ziyuan is actually domestic goods, but some spokespersons they invited are Korean stars, whether Song Huiqiao or Hyuna.

Ziyuan’s shampoo is walking with silicone -free routes. The same is true of its main and sub -line products. Today, I will analyze the relatively refreshing oil control series.

From the perspective of ingredients, the surfactant of this shampoo is S table or a complex coconut oil amide DEA. In the new version of the ingredients, MIT as preservatives, and using more mild preservatives, this is worthy of recognition.

Some active substances are added follow -up, and the composition ratio is relatively sufficient. Most of them are plant extraction formulas, such as wormwood extracts, ginger root extracts, licorice extracts, etc. not only achieve the bodybuilding effect of active ingredients, but also can also have the effect of fragrance. Essence Overall is a relatively conscience shampoo,

After the revision, the preservatives do well, and the moisturizing and cleaning power is acceptable.

The only thing worth talking about is that the surfactant is slightly stimulated, and the content of preservatives is slightly more content.

More suitable for universal oily hair. Because no silicon oil is added, the haircase needs to be maintained in the future.


Lafang light silicon -free shampoo water


La Fang’s packaging design in recent years has a much better face value than before, and consumers will definitely be willing to pay for him. In recent years, the packaging design is still very stylish. Abandoning the big red and purple packaging is less recognition.


Here is a shampoo of silicone oil. From the perspective of ingredients, the S table is also alive, but the subsequent surfactant is re -added of the catechin glycoside and amino acid surface active agents. From the perspective of cleaning, it is more suitable for skin and is not so irritating. But in terms of skin feel, it is really not very refreshing.

There are not many dedue components in the entire ingredient table, which is a relatively basic shampoo. The price after the revision is slightly higher,


There are more preservatives, and the active ingredients are behind. It can be said that there is no contribution, which is more suitable for health and dandruff.

Aduf’s silicone -free shampoo (four specialized research)

We have previously analyzed the most common shampoo of Adoff. From the perspective of allergenic ingredients and preservatives, we do not do it. Today I want to analyze Adoff’s silicone -free shampoo. This shampoo is relatively rare, and it is not the focus of their family.


From the perspective of component ratio, S tables or re -complex two amino acid surfactants and sunflower -based glycoside are gentle in terms of the matching ratio of the surface active agent, and there are more moisturizing agents and viscosity control added in the future.

It is worth mentioning that there is a certain risk of caching in the ingredients of whale wax, so it will feel slightly refreshing after washing, but it is not very friendly to the scalp, which may cause allergies, acne, dandruff, etc. Many people do not know what the scalp environment is actually, so many irritating preservatives, flavors and emulsifiers are inert. If it is not cleaned, it will have a more or less impact on the scalp.

OK, the above is today’s sharing

In terms of overall performance, I am more popular with Lafang and Ziyuan. After the revision, the preservatives will be more milder. There are not many effects ingredients in pulling. The main foundation is clean. The other two are slightly exciting in terms of component ratio.