Who said that you can’t wear a bathing suit in winter, you must wear it when you get hot springs. Of course, you must enjoy a good time. Do n’t forget to bring a swimsuit to perform winter style. Most MMs are not used to too open swimsuit. It is not good to be conservative. If you do n’t show so much, you can also be sexy.

Gathering a large size cover skirt conjoined swimsuit

01 When choosing a swimsuit, most girls will choose to be relatively conservative, but with a small and sexy style in conservative, that is, subtle sexy, too open and publicity is not our customary style. Occasionally try it.

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

Small chest gathered conjoined skirt bikini

02 is still a conjoined skirt swimsuit. The small chest gathering design creates a plump and proud chest. Style. The ruffled edge of the decorative elements adds women’s softness and romantic feelings. The layers of the skirts are layered and layered. There is also a conjoined triangle under the inside. Don’t worry about glowing.

Increase the thinning gathers skirt -style swimsuit

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

03 The less you wear a woman, the easier it is to see the quality of the figure. Going to the beach is a good time to show the figure. If you have more meat, you should pay attention to the thin swimsuit. The conjoined skirt swimsuit does not show the hips, which is relatively conservative, but it still shows the white tender thighs in the bright sun, and the eye -catching index will not be bad.

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

Selling thin belly large size swimsuit

04 Compared with the previous several, this swimsuit seems to be more “strict”. The combination of large round neck and ruffled edges, slightly exposed to the career line. Although there is no V -neck sexy, it is better and generous. The folds on both sides of the waist are very good creative, making the version more thin and covering meat, making the nasty belly disappear! The overall feeling is fashionable, noble, and no lack of sexy.

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

Small breasts gathered to cover belly swimsuit

05 The small breast gathering is designed to be adopted by many swimsuits. Even if the small breasts are not worried about the chest, the chest will not worry about it. The use of a large area of ​​folds, like the previous one, enhances the layered three -dimensional sense, and cleverly shifted the protruding of the flesh, and the thin effect was very good. The color atmosphere follows the fresh route. The refreshing bright blue stitching is white and peach red, and then the hem is used to modify it with lotus leaf. The temperament is sweet and pleasant.

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

Split flat -angle swimsuit

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

The 06 split swimsuit is separated up and down, and the lower -angle shorts of the lower body look particularly cool. Different from the conjoined skirt swimsuit, most of them cover the hips. This shorts are close to the skin, and the hips are not worse. Extremely. The style of the upper body suspender vest, with gradient stripe stitching color blocks, colorful and colorful impression of rainbow, full of fashion vitality, lively, playful, smart, is the interpretation of youth.

Split skirt large size flat -angle swimsuit

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!

07 A relatively large swimsuit, the style tends to be mature and elegant, high -quality quality, and excellent workmanship. The large size is loose and free. The strap on the shoulder is not only the support of the top, but also can easily adjust the looseness. It can be worn by fat and thin. The lower body tight -fitting flat -angle short pants exposed long beautiful legs and became a beautiful landscape on the coastline.

Two clothes and swimsuits

08 If there is a sister paper to try a bikini, then this swimsuit is definitely your dish. The three -piece design, the inside is a sexy bikini, the outside is a casual shirt, and the conservative way of wearing the casual shirt is on the outside, bringing micro -sexy. If you want to be unrestrained, take off the one -piece casual shirt, leaving only bikinis that protects the key parts, expose a large skin, and the sexy index burst.

怎么选泳衣 性感又可爱!


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