The status of Hunan specialty hair fish is one of the best in the heart of food! Intersection Intersection This little fish is spicy and delicious, with excellent toughness, so spicy, and unable to stop. Who can understand the inner nine of the food and learn this dish.

Difficulty: side dishes (intermediate)


Time: 30–60 minutes


Main ingredient

Golden line fish dried 1000g


Ginger 100G

Minced garlic 100g


Pepper powder


Cooked sesame 50g


5g of peppercorns

Cumin grain 5G

Thirteen incense 10g

Cooking wine 15ml

Steamed fish soy sauce 20ml


5ml incense vinegar

Fresh 5ml ~ 10ml


Old soy sauce 5ml


Sesame oil 10ml


Gann sugar 15g

1. Golden line fish dried, I bought it in Wal -Mart, and I should buy all the major supermarkets! The small fish is buying the head. Except for the salty taste, the other basically does not need to be treated. This kind of small fish is firm and the toughness is excellent and the taste is good. According to my many experiences, only this kind of fish makes the mouth feel. most. So recommend the right fish!

2. Since the small fish will be relatively salty, I will soak it with water for more than three hours in advance, and then rinse it with water several times to clean the impurities and small fish phosphorus slices.

3. Use the time to soak the water to prepare ginger, minced garlic, cooked sesame, and my peppers are prepared together.

4. Let’s take a picture of the water! oops! My saliva!

5. Don’t forget, let the small fish controlled in the water fry it in the oil. This is a key step to determine the taste! Today’s volume is relatively large, I have been exploded four times.

6. Basically, it is almost the same. Pay attention to the fish line on the side of the small fish to become reddish brown! If you are too scoop, you will have to season. It will be too dry. It will be crispy and lost, and the taste will be discounted. Pay attention! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

7. Put the oil on another pot, add pepper, pepper powder, ginger minced garlic in the hot when the oil is 60 % or 70 % hot

8. It can be seen that the amount of ginger and garlic is used more! Considering the small treasures at home, I do n’t use much of my peppers!


9. Little fish is put on the pot! After mixing with ginger and garlic slightly, put in cumin grains and thirteen incense, mix well, and then add cooking wine, vinegar, steamed fish soy sauce, taste very fresh soy sauce, old soy sauce color, and then according to individuals according to individuals, then according to individuals according to individuals Put the appropriate amount of granulated sugar in the taste (if you don’t like sweetness, you can not put it. The amount of steamed fish sauce in the seasoning is large, which is sweet in itself)

10. Come out of the pan! Finally, put the appropriate amount of martial arts, sesame sesame oil, pour in cooked sesame seeds and mix well, and go out of the pan


11. The finished product is here! Come and eat it cheerfully

12. Finally, thank you for these beautiful seasonings! Everything depends on them


Spicy and delicious, eat more on fire, leisurely

Step of the practice of spicy hair fish