Before we launched “New Zealand of Good Milk Source”, there are indeed many milk powder think tank members say that the milk source in New Zealand is indeed good. So which one is better for milk powder imported from New Zealand? Today, the friends of the Maternal and Baby Evaluation Center of the Milk Powder Think Tank chose 12 well -known New Zealand imported milk powder for in -depth evaluation. Let’s take a look! If this article does not have a product you want to know, you can leave us a message at the end of the article. The next evaluation may appear ~

Evaluation products include: Shi Miaoli, Ansan’er, Ruiyen Po, Kerry, Kaari Kou Rong, New Ruizi Run, Eliper, Blue Ramp, New Milk Le, Alula Aiyu Lelak, Gao Peizhen love.

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

Evaluation description:

This evaluation is organized by the Milk Powder Think Tank Maternal and Baby Evaluation Center. The nutritional formula refers to the current national standard GB10767-2010 “National Standard for Food Safety Standards and Children’s Formula Foods” and GB14880-2012 “Standard for Food Safety Standard Food Nutritional Reperse” and the “Food Safety Country State in Food Safety in September 2018 Standard children’s formula food (draft for comments).

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

One: milk source and ingredients

In terms of milk source:

The 12 milk powder of the milk powder from this review comes from New Zealand, and it belongs to the original imported milk powder of New Zealand. Among them,

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

Gao Peizhen’s milk powder milk source is to obtain New Zealand AsureQuality grass feed certification

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

New Zealand is located in the southwest of the Pacific. The territory consists of South Island, North Island and some small islands. Because of this geographical environment, the climate of New Zealand is milder. It is a maritime climate of the green belt. The season is the opposite of the northern hemisphere. 1500 mm. The average temperature in summer is about 20 ° C, the average temperature in winter is about 10 ° C, and the temperature difference between the annual annual year does not exceed 15 ° C. New Zealand’s ecological environment is very good, known as “green”, so the milk sources of 12 milk powder in this evaluation are all high -quality milk sources.

In terms of milk -based raw materials:

① Elipeti and Nurezy Run mainly use fresh milk (raw milk/dehydrated milk);

② Poetry Miaoli, An Manner, Kerry, Kawa Bear Kou Rong, Blue Hemu, Alula Aiyue, New Milk Le, Pollack, Gao Peizhen’s first raw material uses fresh milk (raw Cow milk/dehydrated cow milk), at the same time, also adds salted milk powder/dehydrated milk powder/concentrated milky protein powder in the raw materials;

③ Ruiyen Po uses salted milk powder/dehydrated milk powder/whole fat milk powder. In terms of freshness of milk -based raw materials, salted milk powder/skimmed milk powder/whole fat milk powder may be slightly lower than fresh milk, but it also needs to combine the distance between the milk source and the factory.

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

Two: Comparison of ingredients

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

Let’s take a look at the sensitive ingredients and characteristic ingredients that Baoma pays more attention to ~

Summary of sensitive ingredients:

① Ruiyen Jingpu, New Ruizi Run, Kawa Bear Kissing, Blue Hemu, Gao Peizhen Ai, Ilipei, etc. all contain sensitive ingredients such as white sugar, citron, malt paste, and edible flavors;

② Kerele, Shi Miaoli, Aiyule, New Milk Le, Pollack, etc. have added syrup (solid corn syrup/gloutic syrup). This type of component is a substitute for lactose, but it is not as good as lactose in nutritional value;

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

③ An Manan Er added edible spices (Xianglan bean extract);

Summary of characteristic ingredients:

① Blue Hemu’s content clearly marked the content of milk protein powder (5.25g/100g). Waixin protein is a type of protein that is better digested than casein;

② Gao Peizhen loves patented milk protein to the ingredients, and the micro -capsule protein hydrolyzed with preparation element+milk concentrated protein as the wall material. force;

③ Illiper contains water -free cream. The main source of natural milk fat is that among infant formula milk powder, water -free cream can adjust the fat content, improve milk powder flavor, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can promote the chance of calcium absorption, softening, and reducing constipation.

3: Nutrition formula

Nutrition recipes include essential nutrients and optional nutrients. In terms of essential ingredients, because these 12 milk powder belongs to domestic milk powder registered by my country’s milk powder, it is in line with my country’s infant formula milk powder national standard, including 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. Can meet the nutritional needs of ordinary infants and young children.

In terms of optional ingredients, although the enhanced formula is not necessary in the current national standards implemented by my country, these nutrients are beneficial to the growth and development of the baby. For milk powder brands, it is also conducive to increasing the milk powder itself. Advantages and enhance the market competitiveness of the brand. The types of milk powder added by these 12 New Zealand national milk powder are not bad. Let’s take a look at the following picture:

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

You can choose the component summary:

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

Among the 12 New Zealand National Milk Powder, New Zealand, Blue Hemam Apu, Ruiyu Eunpper added 15 or more nutritional ingredients today; Le, Kawa Bear Kou Rong, Neweria, Pollack, and Gao Peizhen have added 10 or more nutrients; finally, Ansan’er and Yili Pei have added 8 optional ingredients.

In fact, we can see from the optional ingredients above that there are many types of these 12 models. The enhanced formula content of these 12 New Zealand national milk powder is in line with my country’s current national standard; let’s take a closer look at them. Specific value:


①Dha is a selective nutritional component in my country’s current national standard and does not add forced to add, but in the previous DHA series evaluation article, the author mentioned that “the Chinese Nutrition expert group” Chinese maternal maternal and infants supplemented DHA experts from infants and young children supplemented DHA experts in DHA “Consensus” proposes that in the absence of breast milk feeding or lack of breast milk, it can be applied to DHA formula powder, where the DHA content should be 0.2%-0.5%of total fatty acids.

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?


Among the 12 New Zealand National Milk Powder, the DHA of Shi Miaoli, Aiyule, and Kawa Bear is above 0.3%(accounting for total fatty acids);

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

The DHAs of Blue Hemu, Newer, Elipeti, and Manchur’s DHA are between 0.2%~ 0.3%(accounting for total fatty acids). The content of the other milk powder is relatively low.

Although the baby recipe milk who eats 3 sections of milk powder is no longer his staple food, and the types and quantities of the usual food that can be eaten have gradually increased, the high content of DHA in milk powder is still more advantageous, so if the baby chose to choose DHA has a lower milk powder, so pay attention to ingesting a sufficient amount of DHA from daily diet.


② Probiotics is a kind of food composition that is not digested. It does not digest the intestine after intake and reaches the large intestine, and then selectively promotes the growth of bacteria in the intestine and has the effect of promoting intestinal health. At present, the prebiotic elements added to milk powder such as hypoltanium lactose, hybrid fructose, polycoges, cotton candy, poly glucose, etc. When using it alone or mixed, the total amount of such substances does not exceed 64.5g/kg, which is 6.45 6.45, which is 6.45, which is 6.45 g/100g.

Among the 12 New Zealand National Milk Powder, the five types of milk powder, including Kawa Bear Kiss, New Ruizi Run, New Milk Mile, Ruiyen Po, and Ili Ren are 3.0g/100g and above , Ke Ruile, Ansan’er, Aiyule, Purlak, Blue Hemu, and other five milk powder are between 2.9g/100g ~ 2.0g/100g. G/100G below.


③ In terms of OPO: Miap, Ai Yule, Kerele, Ruiyen Po, Pollack, Newerizer, and New Milk Le, all contain OPO, of which Miapo’s OPO is 4.0g/100G The other 6 milk powder OPOs are between 2.9 ~ 2.7g/100g.

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?


④ In terms of milk iron protein: Kawa Bear Kiss, New Ruizi Run, Blue Hemu, New Milk Le, Ruiyen Po, Shi Miaoli, and Kerry all added milk iron protein, of which Kawa The contents of Bear Ling Rong, New Ruizi Run, Blue Hemu, and New Milk Music are between 50 ~ 100mg/100g, and the content of milk iron protein in the remaining 4 milk powder is below 50 mg/100g.

⑤ In terms of lutein, only 5 cord lutein is added with 5 models including Ryanpen, Ilipei, Lanhemu, Aiyule, and New Milk Le.

⑥ Ruiyen Po, New Milk Le, and Gao Peizhen love to add CPP. Among them, Ruiyen Pop’s CPP content is 195mg/100g, and the CPP content of the remaining 2 milk powder is below 100mg/100g;

蓝 Ansan’er and Lanhemu include interesting bacteria.

Four: Total score

In this score, the author has set basic and bonus points for each milk powder, accounting for 60%and 40%, respectively. The items are milk sources, milk -based raw materials, ingredients and enhanced recipes of milk powder. The author rated the above 12 New Zealand National Milk Powder (100 points): today’s 12 New Zealand National Milk Powder (100 points):

From the above evaluation, the following important summary:

This evaluation has been comprehensively evaluated from the aspects of essential components, milk sources and raw materials, ingredients, and optional ingredients. The most scored milk powder is Blue Hemam Ap, followed by New Ruizi Run, Ruiyen, Newer, New Newer, and New Year’s Eve. Milk Le, Gao Peizhen and Yilipei, Aiyule, Kawa Bear Kiss, Pollack.

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

The results of this evaluation are for your reference. The highest score does not mean that it is best to be most suitable for each baby. When you buy, you need to combine your baby’s actual situation. In short, it is the best suitable.

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?

12款新西兰国行奶粉深度评测 | 都说奶源好,究竟怎么样?