Before the article starts, I want to ask you a question: Do you get used to wearing safety pants in skirts?

I recently brushed a question on a chance: “Is safety pants really meaningful?”

There are more than 5,000 answers below, 80%of the answering women think that “it is necessary to wear safety pants”!

Because it’s really easy to go! Light! La!

For example, when we usually walk stairs and elevators, the gap between the high and low is easy to create opportunities for the wolf.

Sitting down and squatting is more obvious. You can see the color of your underwear at 180 ° in front!

Even if you are careful to cover your skirt, they are still “pervasive”!

If you are not lucky, you will be cheaper when you encounter a wild wind blowing over, and a large group of people passing by.

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After all, it is almost summer, and more and more people wear shorts, and there are many wolves that are jealous!

Moreover, the root of the thighs/triangle area is directly attached to the public chairs that countless people have sat. I feel so dirty!

Although wearing safety pants is a line of defense, it is the same reason as wearing underwear, and it is also “cool shackles” in summer.

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Usually “underwear+safety pants+skirt” inside and outside 3 floors.

If it is a few days of each month, there will be another layer of sanitary napkin, the four -frying test, it is really hot enough to tear the underwear!

It is also possible that the discharged sweat cannot evaporate, causing bacteria to breed, and there is a odor and itching below.

In addition to interference in normal life, the relationship between husband and wife is also greatly affected.

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Therefore, if you can find a comfortable and breathable dress, you can also replace the safety pants directly on the underwear ~

But it is difficult to find the quality and so many requirements. There will be more than 10 that we will eliminate it!

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Because many safety pants on the market experience giant garbage!

× Ice silk fabric is not elastic, and tight legs are uncomfortable;

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× The lace pants love to draw on the side, the root of the thigh is itchy and painful;

× The fabric is thin and transparent.

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× The “inner roll” of the trouser legs love the shift. After two steps, you have to pull down …

After looking for a long time, Ji Qianli finally saved the field, otherwise she would almost give up this selection.

Set value / anti -light / naked wear experience / breathable / buttocks / abdomen.

It can be said that we have chosen for so long, and finally chose a conscience pants that really designed from the perspective of women!

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For the first time, I couldn’t believe it was a pair of safety pants.

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Because it is so good -looking, solid color+bilateral letter style, the upper T -shirt can go out to work directly!

This is too fashionable than the lace and ice silk safety pants that I look at usual ~

Paste the spandex, and you can wear it directly as a underwear.

There is no trace to wear, like the second layer of skin growing on the body.

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Wearing tight skirts is no longer afraid of embarrassing marks ~

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The length is just right, even if wearing a short skirt, it will not leak out. With a small skirt you like, it is cool and full of security ~

Don’t want to exercise? It can also be used as abdominal pants. Bleak

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It is easy to help you recessed the peach hips and the waist of the snake, which is more useful than making 100 hip bridges with tears every day.

Many female colleagues in the company have grown grass when they look at their face value, and almost people have a few people.

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We wore skirts to be cool, but we also need to be panties+safety pants+skirts. Layers one layer is really sultry and uncomfortable!

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The ice -silk safety pants that we usually wear are really garbage.

So choose safety pants, the fabric must be very particular!

Ji Qianli uses spandex fabrics, which has both ice silk and not transparent.

Even if you don’t wear underwear, you will never go away.

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Underwear+safety pants 2 is one in one, and a pair of Ji Qianli in the skirt can go out directly.

Don’t look at it thinks very thick, in fact it is very light.

There will be no heavy sense of “wet daet”.

And the fabric is the same as ice tofu, cold ice ~

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Wearing it will naturally cool down, and it will not become more hot.

Even for a long time, the heat dissipation speed is much faster than ordinary ice silk safety pants!

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This kind of fabric also has the characteristics of [fast dry], so sweating is huge.

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Basically, you can completely suck the sweat from the pants. It is not stuffy all day long. It always makes people have the illusion of “no pants”.

Take it as a yoga pants. When you do exercise, you wo n’t get a crotch sweat. It ’s embarrassing to breed bacteria.

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And it ’s a good job. When you go out, you can put a sports BR or T -shirt at home, and you can complete the entire leisure look and kill the female coach in the gym in minutes ~

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You see, at least 100+ yoga fitness pants on the Internet, you can’t cover it in short skirts.

But Ji Qianli can be used as yoga pants, and is usually a safe underwear. The cost performance is really high.

And the length is just right, even with a short skirt, not afraid of glowing, nor is it afraid that there are traces revealed!

Such high -value safety pants, only 49 yuan, average of about 1 16 yuan.

If you love to wear light and personal skirts and to make yoga fitness, you must match this Ji Qianli to pick up his belly pants. Usually, you will not panic in the escalator, subway, and buses!

In April, I did n’t lose weight, I was sad in May, and the flesh eaten in winter was not too late to go back to summer.

Moreover, it is often sitting for a long time, eating and not exercising, and slowing metabolism.

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Wearing the same skirt, comparison is really different.

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Ordinary safety pants careless and cool, but rarely noticed the two points of “abdomen and hip lifting”.

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However, Ji Qianli considered these issues and made reforms and changes according to the needs of Chinese women.

For small belly ▼

Smanty the waist to 16cm to wrap the places with a lot of meat below the navel.

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Change to [micro -pressure fabric], and hide all the fat on the abdomen.

Although it is a micro -pressure fabric, it will not be as tight as rubber bands.

Can easily wear jeans that have been lost before, this thin waist ability is too amazing!

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With it, you don’t have to hold your feet after eating and drinking. Wearing a tight skirt still has “the water snake waist that appears only for a few days” hahaha ~

For flat hips ▼

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In terms of hips, the effect of using the fabric with elasticity is designed as the effect of [Hand -type buttocks].

The effect of peach hips can be reached with hard life. You can know how fragrant it is.

I first worn out for the first time, and my friend thought I had a hip (joking, how hot how hot in summer) …..

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It is the gospel of sitting workers and treasure mothers for a long time.

There is also a small surprise. On both sides of Ji Qianli, there are double -layer enhanced bands, which can pull the alternative fat of the crotch to the center of the hip, and the fake hue is invisible instantly.

It is said that good figures are exercised, but 10 times paid, and they do not necessarily have sexy body. How many people have given up because they can’t see the results and give up before 3 months.

But with Ji Qianli safety pants, you do n’t have to toss after get off work every day, put on it, and the figure is available.

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Don’t think that a dozen dollars of safety pants are not good.

I have tested it for you for your quality, and you can basically bear it for 2-3 years.

Washed color.

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Different from the design of ordinary safety pants, Ji Qianli pants feet are reinforced and width, so as not to take off the line or curl.

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This fabric is not easy to hook up and get the ball.

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Not to

The elasticity is extremely large, and it is not tight to put on the body.

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Average, 80-140 catties of sisters can be worn.

There are 3 colors, each of which is versatile and is very suitable for summer.

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Whether it’s a sexy skirt on the knee;

Still fiery hot pants;

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Fashionable and charming lower body disappearance method;

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Ji Qianli safety pants can make you have no worries in your lower body!

I just said yes, you may not believe it, but the young ladies who have passed are good.

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I also calculated the account for you:

Now buy 2 pieces of underwear and safety pants, and it costs 100 pieces.

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This pants are underwear, belly pants, yoga pants, and even safe pants.

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Three items are only 49 yuan, and the average one is only about 16 yuan.

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One piece of milk tea is also a cup of milk. Although you can’t buy good -looking skirts, you can buy real peace of mind.

You know, you must be optimistic about the quality, otherwise it will cause skin diseases, and you can go to the hospital more than this money.

Believe you, know what is the best for yourself.