At noon on April 16, the takeaway of the takeaway was sent to the cabinet in the Ocean International Center of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and some of them were posted by the merchants with “food safety sealing”. Those who came to pick up the meal saw the “sealing” takeaway, and they praised that “such safety, don’t worry about food passive”.

This is a scene of the reporter at the scene after 15 days of implementation of the “Online Catering Service Catering Safety Management Standards” issued by the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. According to the management specifications, takeaway merchants should use a sealing method such as takeaway packaging seal or one -time sealing outsourcing bags. The sealing and outer packaging bags should not be restored after opening.

In recent years, the scale of the takeaway catering market has grown rapidly. Especially during the prevention and control of the epidemic, “non -contact delivery” food takeaway has been well received. At the same time, it is not uncommon for takeaway foods to be stolen and maliciously adding foreign bodies. In order to improve the safety of food and food food, since this year, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Hebei, Beijing and other places have successively requested or advocated the use of “food safety seals”.

What is the implementation of the “Food Safety Sign” in various places and what are the problems in the process of landing? Focusing on these issues, the reporter launched an investigation and interview.

It is not optimistic about the use of takeaway seals, the use situation

Not long ago, a man in Beijing ordered a hot and sour powder on the Internet. About twenty or thirty minutes later, the takeaway called and said that the takeaway arrived. Since the man happened to be unable to get away, he asked the other party to put the takeaway on the shoe cabinet at the door. Two or three minutes later, the man found that the takeaway was stealing the hot and sour powder he ordered.

In addition to being stolen from takeaway food, some people maliciously add foreign bodies in takeaway foods.

Ms. Pang from Shanghai had an order for 3 cups of milk tea on a platform for a while. The bag of milk tea was not sealed. I did not expect that every cup of toothpick was drank. She checked milk tea and found that there were small holes on the packaging of each cup of milk tea. It was suspected that the rider poked the plastic packaging packaging to put the toothpick. After checking the monitoring, the rider who put a foreign body was determined. Subsequently, the public security organs involved in the investigation.

The reporter sorted out public information and found that in recent years, takeaway food safety issues have been repeatedly exposed, but whether these issues are in merchants or riders. Responsibility is often difficult to divide and evidence is not confirmed.

“If the merchant is uniformly seal and then handed over to the rider, it cannot be recovered after the sealing is opened. Secretary -General Chen Yinjiang said.

Relevant departments have also paid attention to this issue. Since the beginning of this year, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Anhui and other places have successively issued relevant regulations or issued relevant initiatives, requesting or advocating the use of “food safety sealing”.

However, the reporter recently interviewed many targets and consumers that most merchants still failed to “seal” their takeaway as required.

There are more than 20 takeaway merchants in a commercial street in Wanda Plaza, Hedong District, Tianjin. At noon on April 12th, the reporter observed at a entrance and exit of the commercial street for 20 minutes and found that more than 300 takeaways were sent by takeaway, half of which were packaged directly in ordinary plastic bags, and the rest were mostly packed in paper bags and bundles. There are less than 10 takeaways in An Feng.

At the same time, there were 11 takeaways on the table at the gate of Building 2000, No. 2000, Chaoyang District, Beijing, which are more than 100 kilometers apart from Tianjin. Use “Food Safety Seal”.

The reporter subsequently interviewed 10 riders who sent takeaway in the community. They could run 20 to 50 orders a day. Three of these riders said that they have seen “food safety seals” several times since April, and the rest have said “never seen it.”

Also rarely seen “Food Sales Seal”, there are also Mr. Changshu resident rivals in Jiangsu. He has an average of 9 to 12 takeaways a week, mainly fast food and bento. According to him, since the Jiangsu Catering Industry Association proposed on March 15th that “catering and takeaway services should try to use non -contact distribution as much as possible, promote the use of self -made or customized special ‘food safety seals'” There is no obvious change. “There have been a sealing sign before, and there are still no before. Some fast -food chain stores continue to pack plastic bags, not even ordering books, let alone sealing.”

Mr. Yang, the resident of Jiaxing, Zhejiang, noticed that although some merchants used the “food safety sealing”, many times he received the closure of the seal when he received the takeaway, especially some of the humble takeaway, “for example,” such as food packaged in plastic bags, It is often found that the sealing visa is not complete when receiving the goods. “

Increase the cost of economic time, the willingness to use merchants is not high

Although there are relevant regulations or initiatives, why do many businesses still have not used the “food safety sealing”?

The reporter interviewed multiple takeaway merchants found that it was two main reasons for the use of signs and use of signs to increase the cost.

For example, some merchants have proposed that “always wrapped in pockets, no one told us not to use it, it is okay to pack it in a plastic bag next to the shops.” Some merchants believe that although the takeaway has not been used to be a signature, it will not recover if it is dismantled. , Or have already used the booking machine to order and tie the knot, there is no security problem during the delivery process, and then the sealing sign is pasted. Some merchants have proposed that not using takeaway sealing is considered out of cost factors.

Is the use of “Food and Signing Sign” a prescribed action? Chen Yinjiang believes that the key is to determine based on the local policy.

“If the local area needs to be sealed in the form of laws and regulations, then the merchant must be implemented in accordance with the regulations. But if the local only advocates regulations, then the merchant can indeed decide whether to use it according to their own situation. In addition, if the merchant has adopted the sealing sealing Packaging can ensure the safety of takeaway food, and there is no need to increase costs to post a seal. Otherwise, not only does it not meet the national consumption methods that save resources and protect the environment, but also increase unnecessary consumption costs. “Chen Yinjiang said Essence

Zhu Xiaojuan, director and deputy secretary -general of the Chinese Law Society’s Business Law Research Association, believes that some places stipulate that foods should be sealed, but there is no specific state of signing. Merchants can make simple seals when reducing costs.

The reporter searched on the e -commerce platform and found that the general takeaway seal is generally priced at 10 yuan and 500 yuan, and the average price is 2 to 5 cents; The corner money is around.

The average price of plastic bags with smiling faces is less than 1 corner of money; a better bouquet waging bag, portable takeaway bag, leather paper bag, square bag only requires two triangle money; non -woven takeaway bags are a bit more expensive The average price starts at 4 cents, but there is almost no more than 1 yuan.

The reporter also inquired about the takeaway platform and found that most takeaway merchants will charge a packing fee, and a single price ranges from a few corners to a few dollars; some takeaway merchants require customers to choose one thing to collect 1 yuan for packaging fees, and a meal of meals. The packaging fee is five or six yuan.

In addition, customers’ concerns about sealing are also one of the reasons why some businesses do not use. The reporter randomly interviewed 10 consumers. Some of them were worried that “will the riders add a new seal after the takeaway will be opened after the takeaway is illegally opened.”

“Using a seal will increase the economic costs and operations of takeaway merchants to a certain extent. Some merchants will resist due to economic and time and other reasons. There are also some places that are only proposed clauses instead of compulsory regulations. Buyers are not particularly special. Pay attention to whether there is a sealing sign, which causes these reasons to promote the current “food security seal sign ‘.” Zhu Xiaojuan analyzed.

Strengthen publicity and introduction of supervision, and promote food safety sealing

A number of industry experts interviewed by reporters pointed out that the use of takeaway foods can solve the problem of being contaminated during takeaway delivery, adding a “safe lock” to the “last mile” of takeaway food, but for various reasons, the landing process is caused by various reasons. There are still certain obstacles in China. It is recommended that relevant departments strengthen the promotion of “food safety sealing”, and at the same time introduce supervision forces to impose necessary penalties for businesses without sealing.

“Online catering service catering safety management specifications are mostly local standardized documents, which are the performance of the implementation of the high -level laws such as the food safety law. The above -mentioned normative documents clearly stipulate that they are not used for delivery and distribution. When refusing to distribute, it should be in accordance with its regulations; even if there is no clear specification, because the sealing has become a necessary component of catering services, no seal or blocked damage means that the service or product of the takeaway merchants is flawed, and consumers should bear the consumers. Consumers have the right to refuse to accept the responsibility for breach of contract; riders also have the right to refuse to distribute in order to protect their own interests. At the same time, relevant departments shall take administrative measures to take corrections or even fines in accordance with the unqualified provisions of the Food Safety Law on the unqualified packaging of the Food Safety Law. “Zhu Xiaojuan said.

Zhu Xiaojuan believes that in order to promote the use of takeaway sealing, the government can strengthen supervision, spot check beforehand, and order rectification after actively discovering problems; timely processing after receiving consumer complaints, and increasing administrative law enforcement efforts. Platforms should also strengthen internal supervision, formulate relevant rules and systems, and guide merchants in the platform to implement measures and use measures.

“From the perspective of a merchant, it is necessary to actively realize that the sealing is actually a protection of itself, and if the sealing sign is used well, it can also make it a carrier of the brand influence of takeaway merchants, such as adding its own logo , Design Warm words, etc., can attract consumers and retain the retreat. “Zhu Xiaojuan said.

In Chen Yinjiang’s view, takeaway food safety issues are involved in all aspects. The sealing is only a measure to solve the problem. It should also establish a credit evaluation system for online catering platforms to publicize the information of dishonesty merchants on the platform. Corrected with personal identity card information, even if the merchant’s “vest” is opened again, the previous credit records can be displayed in a significant position, so as to truly play the role of credit supervision. For merchants suspected of illegal acts, concentrated consumer complaints, or poor credit records, measures such as adjusting search rankings, temporary or permanent stop providing platform services can also be taken.

(Rule of Law Daily)