The operation and use of fingerprint attendance machines is basically similar. The following methods of full -Yitong fingerprint attendance machines can be used for reference: new purchasing users need to learn how to collect fingerprints. After the fingerprint collection is completed, the attendance machine can be used normally.

1. Power the attendance machine, turn on the machine, and make the machine in normal working state.

2. Press the main menu [MENU] – [User Management] – [User Registration] – [Fingerprint Registration] on the attendance machine operation panel. , Press [OK] to confirm after entering. At this time, the screen prompts: “Please put your finger.”

3. When you put your fingers, you should pay attention. Put the stomach with a very full stomach on the collector glass sheet from the beginning of the fingertip. Do not slide your fingers, press it gently, and hear the “嘀” sound. , Press 3 times to collect a complete fingerprint

4. After the pressing is completed, press [OK] to save. At this time, the screen prompt: 登 New registration? ‟We can press the [ESC] key for backup registration. Each employee can collect at least 2 fingerprints to prepare one of the wear and rupture.

5. After the backup is completed, press [OK] to save. At this time, the screen prompts: “Continue to backup?” If you want to continue the backup, press [OK], please press [ESC] to end the backup and register the fingerprint registration of the next employee.

6. After the fingerprint registration is completed, you can use the registered finger for fingerprint attendance. Just press the method of pressing the fingerprint. After pressing, the screen displays the employee’s work number, accompanied by the machine voice prompt “Thank you”. If the pressing is unsuccessful, there is a voice prompt “Please press the finger”. At this time, press your finger or change the other finger.

7. In the 6th step of the above operation, we only saw the employee’s work number, and we did not see the name. In fact, the name of the employee can be displayed. Please take the following steps.

8. Install the attendance management system on the computer. Put in the installation CD and press the screen prompt for installation. Pay attention to change the program installation path to D disc

9. Connect the attendance machine with the computer. The communication machines and computer communication methods include RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, and USB data cable.

10. Open the Quanyi Tong attendance management system, select the name of the equipment and the corresponding connection method, and click the [Connection Device] button. This fingerprint machine will connect with the computer. You can download the data and upload personnel information.