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When the temperature is 18-25 ° C, the number of people who buy stockings and stockings will increase. When 23 ° C, people buy stockings at the highest enthusiasm. This is “gold stockings temperature”. This temperature is just 0.618 times that of the normal body temperature of the human body. So, let’s talk about how should you choose the stockings in spring and autumn? How do girls get rid of the troubles of stockings and removing silk?


First, will it look frivolous when wearing black silk?

2. How should stockings be selected?


Third, how to wear stockings better? 2022 wearing recommendations

Fourth, cold knowledge about stockings: Can you filter gold?

For a long time, the popularity of this topic has only increased. Therefore, I also want to take this opportunity to talk to you about black silk. At the beginning of the creation of stockings, it did not represent sexy, and it was even more frivolous. To sum up, it is to make life more convenient. With the evolution of society and some LOOKs that wear people, it has some “sexy” positioning.

At the beginning of creation-

Men’s men are dedicated to covering the legs of the legs, showing the calf muscle lines;

Gradually popular-

Women’s stockings began to produce and sell, because the price is expensive, attracting many women to fight for.


When the stockings were first invented, there was a seam behind the legs. At that time, the limited supply of nylon was particularly expensive. Many ladies painted a black line behind the leg and pretended to wear stockings. It is said that during the Great Depression, there were still people invented a small tool. With the eyebrow pencil, they could draw a line behind their legs and make stockings …

But until it was popular, there was no proof of stockings = sexy, but more trend trends. And now, through everyone’s wear and the guidance and positioning of some merchants, stockings have been slowly given another


—— sexy. But what Xiaobian wants to say is that in addition to sexy, another important reason for stockings exist is etiquette. International etiquette regulations


Skirts are women’s formal clothes


Wearing skirts and light legs are disrespect to others


Essence And the smoothness and softness of stockings can increase the beauty of the legs. Putting on stockings will give people a kind of

Solemn and beautiful

a feeling of,



Skin flaws on the legs will also play a certain protective role to prevent some from

Slight bump

The best thing to cause damage to the skin is

Prevent glow

Essence As a result, many industries and formal social networks need women to wear stockings, which represents a kind of politeness.

What? You say that formal costume+stockings are really sexy.


Xiaobian believes that stockings are a type of fashion items. From the perspective of wearing, it can make the shape better and more popular. At this time, the sexy should be a meaning of meaning. But to say that stockings are equivalent to frivolous, it is too narrow. However, there are indeed some blind spots that cause the beauty of stockings to decrease extremely. This also requires everyone to wake up and overcome. Here the editor teaches everyone to get rid of the frivolous dress.

Skirt over the knee+black silk+the whole body color tone is cold and medium

Essence In addition, Xiaobian will sort out a few non -costume and reliable stockings for meals for your reference.


01 Industry term of stockings

① Thin thick ~ see D value (Daniel Denier)


The smaller the D value

, The thinner the fiber, the stockings

The thinner the more transparent; the larger the D value

, The thicker the fiber, the stockings


Ultra-thin 3D-12D


Generally the thin ones 12D-39D

The thick 40d-200D

Thick 300D-20000D

2200d above is super thick


It is a unit that represents the wire density (that is, the thickness of the yarn).

② Paste the skin ~ Look at spandex


—— See if the tag contains an appropriate amount of spandex.

③ Devil Den ~ Look at industry standards

——The whether it meets the “FZ/T 73055-2016 Industry Standard”.

④ Storm of stockings ~ Divided according to length

——The short stockings, middle stockings (below the knee), long stockings (on the knee, use with hanging socks), pantyhose.

⑤ Textile process

——Crystal silk

02 Quick purchase area, it is recommended to collect! Intersection Intersection

Like great elasticity (you can open your legs and gently) -ATSUGI, Fukuske (Fu Xun).

I like vigorous elastic pressure socks -Gunze (county is). The 120 -year -old brand has been carrying stress socks.

I like the cute style of the girl -Tutuanna, and there are quite a lot of styles.

Like to adjust (lifting your hips and closes his hip) -water, the pig’s desire.


D value selection-40D-60D in spring and autumn, and chose less than 20D in summer.

Recommended 1: thick woody meat color stockings

Houmu is one of the earliest companies in the world to produce stockings. It is now the number one Japanese stockings in Japanese stockings. There are many models in summer and they are quite fashionable.

Can’t afford hair, suck sweat, non -slip, stick the skin


The color is consistent with the skin, very comfortable


The silk texture is smooth and delicate, it is not easy to hook the silk, it is very thin and natural.

Recommended 2: Tutuanna ultra -thin meat color stockings

The cost performance is super high!

Don’t drop the file! Don’t draw silk!

Super invisible! It’s really like light legs

You can also cover the small flaws of chicken skin legs ~

Recommended 3: Calzedonia Light Legs Artifact 8D


The color is naturally uniform, transparent, and the toes are transparent

Do not drop the crotch, moderate elasticity, smooth and delicate touch, comfortable crotch

Anti -hook silk, anti -ball, regular workmanship

Recommended 4: 推荐 推荐 推荐 推荐 推荐 推荐 推荐 推荐 3D

The color distribution is evenly distributed, the transparency is better, and the anti -light light is lacking

Anti -ball, the anti -hooks lack a little bit lack of

Seamless design, smooth, the lower half of the crotch is more comfortable

Recommended 5: TightSSHOP ultra -thin invisible all -transparent pantyhose 5D

The feel is smooth, the anti -hooks do well

It is better to have foot type and leg shape design

Tips are transparent, natural


The overall crafts are good

How to wear stockings is better. I think the time of time can come and take a look. After all, learning is always good. More importantly, the disaster from stockings is also terrible.


Color -guaranteed

Unified color tone

, The color block should not be too much

Clothing -the first choice



Shoes -try to choose design relative



Friends with thicker legs can match

Boots, over -the -knee boots


Look 1 casual style -small suits, black stockings, Martin boots, denim shorts


Simple and single body is the least wrong match for black stockings. This set of styles will make people’s visual focus move to the legs. Martin boots have a dynamic youthful atmosphere than high heels. Essence


Look 2 temperament style -short skirt, middle heel shoes, black suit jacket

In fact, it does not need to be a complicated match. A simple one -style dress. A stockings can save many simplest styles of clothes without errors.


Look 3 high -cold goddess -disappear on the lower body, one word collar sweater, sweater

This is also the most common and not falling and suitable for early spring. The top can be replaced with growth suits, one word collar sweater, sweater, etc. The shoes are also very good, but you must remember that the length of the top must Covering the pants, otherwise it will look old -fashioned if you show too much pants. This kind of shoes can choose sports shoes, high heels, and even boots.

Look 4 -pleated skirt, one -step skirt and stockings versatile artifact

The most versatile with stockings is a short skirt, but the shorter it is, the better, it is necessary to grasp the degree of long and short, otherwise it is easy to disaster. The young lady in the picture is a transparent meat -colored stockings. It can be replaced with black silk, which is also very beautiful! Intersection

In addition to black silk and transparent silk, the most common ones are gray stockings. Gray stockings with light -colored skirts are very good.


Do you know who wearing black stockings?

In the end, the first man in China was the first man in black stockings, the president of Peking University–

Hu Shi

They can wear it from the end of the 1920s (of course, men’s stockings).

When Mao Dun met with Hu Shi, he was most impressed by Hu Shi’s “Master” dressing: I only think the costume of this big professor is a bit strange. He wore silk gown, western pants, black stockings, yellow leather shoes.

Cold knowledge, in addition to filtering milk tea, can you “filter gold”? Someone uses stockings to filter gold, which is specifically. Everyone listens to my way: Everyone has heard of this sip ——


The old phone changes the washbasin, the old phone changes the kitchen knife 嘞 …

As far as I know, from today, this industrial chain still exists, and existence is reasonable. So what is the use of waste mobile phones? In fact, the waste mobile phones and computers we have discarded contain high -value gold, silver, copper, tin, and other precious metals. There are three recovery directions of these hawkers. One is to repair second -hand mobile phones to make money, and the second is to sell them. Electronic components make money, and finally provide gold to extract gold.

In the process of printing circuit boards (PCB) such as mobile phones, in order to obtain better conductivity and other needs, it will be plated for some boards. Some merchants recover old mobile phones at low prices to get this layer of gold plating to refine it.

In order to steal the gold, some criminals were stolen with the substances that can adsorb gold with stockings. Unexpectedly, there are not only stockings milk tea, but also this kind of stockings filtering gold. Essence


Here, Xiaobian seriously condemned such illegal discipline and called on good citizens who comply with discipline and law.

In the end, Xiaobian wanted to say that stockings as daily wearing items are a small finishing touch in everyone, but due to the particularity of black silk, everyone must master its

Wearing rules


, Can better play a better role.

The road of life is long. I hope that everyone will have the courage to kill the enemy, but also to delete the error code and freely, showing their excellent excitement!

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First, will it look frivolous when wearing black silk?

2. How should stockings be selected?


Third, how to wear stockings better? 2022 wearing recommendations

Fourth, cold knowledge about stockings: Can you filter gold?