Looking at the fast -frequency nails of female celebrities, I thought that her nails had been made of nails fragile, and they could not eat frequently changing their patterns … Many girls think that the one is two in the nail shop. It is clear to the harm of nails. Today, these little techniques for get let you fall in love with your own nails at home ~

I want to play all the fourth seasons of nails without fear of hurting nails


That’s DIY at home!

The beautiful Reba, the pink nails are matched with the same color top, the girl’s heart is satisfied in an instant ~ The nails that want to match the color of the clothes every day can only be painted at home!


At first glance, Benba saw her bright purple -gray nail art. This color is still quite popular this year, and it is more versatile in winter clothes.

Many people always feel that applying nail polish at home does not work well to go to the nail shop, and it is not so long. In fact, this is not the case at all. Nail shop effect nails!

Is it better to apply nail polish yourself to the nail shop?

That’s because you don’t use these things!

1. base oil


Many girls apply nail polish directly, but I don’t know if there is something that must not be omitted by base oil! After using a transparent base oil, it can not only make the surface of the nails more smooth and smooth, but also the application of nail polish after convenience, but also make it more lasting. On the other hand, it can avoid long -term dark nail polish, so that the nails are yellow and dull.

TIPS: The north nose who like to change the color of nail polish often can try to add a layer to pelection oil before the transparent base oil. When you want to change the color, you don’t need to use the nail water!

2. top oil

After speaking, Benba came to popular science. The top oil is coated on the top layer after the non -color nail polish is dried. There are many types of functions, which have various functions such as fast drying, micro -light therapy, and frosted, and some even have patterns! However, no matter what kind of top oil is used, the nails will be more durable, and it can also repair the situation where the nail oil is applied unevenly. Even if you accidentally apply the brush marks before, you can instantly invisible after applying the top oil!

Benba’s experience: Benba once fell for a few days after applying nail polish, but since the top oil is added, the nails have been motionless for half a month ~


3. Cotton swab/small brush+nail washing water


Many people are worried about applying nail polish to the edge of the nails, so when applying nail polish, they are boupled, which causes potholes to potholes, which is completely unnecessary. If you accidentally apply the nail, after the nail polish is completely dry, use a pointed cotton swab or small brush to dip the nail water to gently wipe the edge of the nail water to create a clean nail edge!


TIPS: Do not dip the nail washing water too much. You can get excess water on the bottle or napkin paper. If you measure too much, you may accidentally wipe off the nail polish on the nail surface.

Nails also need maintenance


Girls who often apply nail polish should pay attention!

1. Do not frequently apply nail polish

Because nail polish is longer than nail polish, some girls are more oriented to apply nail glue to nail shops, but it will be more harmful to the nails. In order to make it sticky and lasting, the nails often need to be thinner when making nail glue. Even if the nail glue is removed, it is necessary to use tools to remove the residual glue after soaking the nail washing water. One is one. If you accidentally make your nails thinner. Long -term coating can also cause the nails to be stratified and cracking. Occasionally, it is okay to apply nail glue, but don’t be too frequent!

2. Unloading armor cannot be too rude

You can soak your nails with warm water before removing nails, and then soak nail water with paper towels like makeup remover, apply tens of seconds on your nails, and then wipe the nail surface. If the nail polish is not easy to unload, you can repeat it several times. Do not remove nail polish by your nails, it will cause damage to your nails! How to choose nail polish? My sister interviewed Suzi Weiss, co -founder of O.P.I brand, we asked her ⬇️

#Benba at the scene#


SUZI Weiss, the world’s No. 1 Madam and O.P.I brand co -founder

Bazaar: Some people are good -looking for this color, and some people are like ordinary. How do girls choose the color of nail polish?


SUZI: Of course, the color of the hand skin is one aspect. The most important thing I think is to do hand care regularly, such as building a dead skin on the edge of the nails, and making some hand massage.

Bazaar: I understand, there is no good -looking color, only small hands who are not diligent in maintenance ~

Bazaar: What is the trend of nails this autumn and winter?

Suzi: I think the seasons around the world are different. There is no boundary of the color of the season. As long as you match your clothes and makeup today.

Bazaar: What suggestions do you have?

Suzi: I put a bottle of finger oil in almost every bag and coat pocket. The small one, which is 15ml. O.P.I finger oil has avocado essence and grape seedin, which can moisturize the fingers that can not be moisturized. It is very needed in autumn and winter.


Nail polish is the same as lipstick

I always feel that I lack a color number!

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O.P.I Macaron series nail polish contains six candy colors, like the light red red red red red red red, the fluffy yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow, soft clouds and white like clouds … it will definitely satisfy your girl’s heart Intersection


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Sephora re -developed mini lacquered nail polish contains 50 treasures, full of color, long -lasting bright, helping you create shiny nail art!


Lipstick eyeshadow has a mermaid color, and nail polish is also available. Apply it to make your fingertips shine like a mermaid scales like a colorful luster!

I believe that Sister Bai, apply nail polish according to this method, really bother to make an appointment for nail shops. Don’t be too happy to change the color of your nails for three days and change your nails for three days!

Some nail pictures are provided by Penny, new media fashion editor of “Fashion Bazaar”

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In the fashion circle, the handle,

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