Two days ago, a small fresh meat Zhang Yunlei was pushed up on a hot search.

The reason was that he was picked up in a program and said, “Women don’t even do housework, what am I marrying you.”

Although many men are still thinking about it, there are not many people who dare to say it directly.

Therefore, after watching the news, I also went to watch the show. I wanted to confirm whether it was a talk, or a context.

The screenshot comes from the show “Flame Laboratory”. It was always talking about food, but sometimes the guests also talked about some extension topics. In the 25th issue, Zhang Yunlei’s conversation appeared.

In fact, when I first talked about who was cooking at home, Zhang Yunlei’s response was quite normal. It means that if the other half of the future will not cook, there is no problem. try. Several meals a week, and you can take takeaway at other times.


Even a little curious about the kitchen.

Although this also shows that Zhang Yunlei does not cook himself, but it is also said.

But when talking about his mother’s attitude towards cooking, the style of painting is a bit wrong.

According to his mother, it seems to be


It is a particularly faceless thing that boys can cook

: “Master Dangtang, holding the kitchen every day without shame.”

Emmmmmm … The female guests in the same field said they couldn’t listen.

The speech of another female guest is more reasonable: “(cooking), either interest or division of labor, otherwise who is empty.” “I don’t think this must be done by girls.”

Then the topic followed the cooking, and naturally talked about the family division of labor and who to do housework.

In order to avoid the bumper of this kind of topic every time, my sister said more, that is, the female guests of the show are really objective. They also talked about the women’s rights. of.


This thinking IF also agreed that equal rights means that they share the responsibility and have no problems.

But Zhang Yunlei came up,


Family (girls) to clean up


Female guests asked: “

Do you think she should clean up, or do we discuss?

Zhang Yunlei’s answer is:

It should (women clean up)

Then the controversial “golden sentence” appeared: “


Woman, you do n’t even do a good job in housework. What am I married?

Intersection “

He also said that even if he didn’t say, his mother would count the daughter -in -law (not doing housework).


Of course, he also explained that he did not want his wife to go out to work, and he could raise her.

When asked if he could accept the family model of “the heroine in the male lead”, his answer was very clear: he could not accept it.

Looking back at this, Zhang Yunlei’s view must be very clear.

Is his marriage view?

After all, although this kind of “woman should be responsible for her family”, “the male lead and the female owner is reasonable”, it is very aged and completely disconnected from the times. But I really encountered it, and it was easy to solve-


Regardless (marry) such a person, over


Women in the new era, instead of fighting with some of the people who have the strength and some narrow thoughts, are fighting in the debate. It is better to live a good life, find the person they want, and prove the power of women through their own happiness and success to change the world Essence

To be rough,

What they are willing to eat, eat and eat, we can eat it ourselves.

However, Zhang Yunlei’s mother, my sister wanted to discuss two more sentences -because she was also a woman, but her patriarchal propositions in terms of values ​​were more litigue than many men. And obviously many of the sons’ ideas “take it for granted”, which is the result of being educated by the mother.

In real life, there are many such women, and even in many families, they are the main force of suppressing female compatriots. Everyone must have never forgotten Zhu Yuchen’s mother who became popular in July this year.


Many of the views of Ms. Zhu have the same wonderful work as Zhang Ms. Zhang.

In terms of cooking, she is the same as Zhang Yunlei’s mother.


Son should not cook

Although Zhu Yuchen was able to make a good table of good dishes independently, she was not happy or appreciated, but she was guilty.


In Ms. Zhu’s values, housework is completely a woman. Men to do it is a serious loss of a woman.


She said, “Of course, the children of others are also babies, but

When men and women are different, women should be good wives and mothers. Since you marry you into the door, since you are willing to enter this home, you should take your responsibility

Essence This role you marry! “


For herself, she is even more demanding. “”

I treat my son with the whole life.

My position at home is that I top two Filipino maids.

Her evaluation of herself was: “I have no self at all.” When speaking, it was difficult to hide and proud.

Even her daughter was unmarried because of marriage phobia. Mother Zhu said that the reason was that her daughter saw her attitude towards her son.

When talking about this topic, Sister If the post -90s young colleague said in a fear of saying: “Oh my wicked mother -in -law …”

But the sister didn’t think it was so simple, because these mother -in -law were not simply bad, they just wanted to abuse their daughter -in -law. They felt that women should live according to their old living law.

Its extreme form is “Mother’s Tao”: Mother’s Tao, feeding without seeking, raising without demand, no life and no demand.

In order to be a “good woman”, let me give birth to a child, I will give birth, and let me die. Anyway, a woman is born with “a cheap life” (this is the mantra of the heroine of “Mother Tao”).

In the relatively extremely extreme real life,

This kind of thought is often packaged into the United States and virtues, and is recognized, executed, and required by many women


For example, diligence is the quality of women who should have. If you have money and good things, you can enjoy it for your husband and children. You can save yourself. How can you spend money happily? Too no life;

For example, to be willing to dedicate, having children is an obligation, and childcare is also an obligation. These are not good. What is the use of thinking every day?

For example, don’t be too harsh to men, it is good to give money or home. Everyone does everything. What do you want to do?

For example, there are old and young, you still remember your dreams and hobbies? You are not a good wife/good mother, you are too selfish.

Among them, games with family power are more imprisoned.

Women who cannot agree with their own freedom can only survive in the cycle of the “victim -persecutor”.

In essence, rejection of this life is itself to save our female compatriots and future generations …


Of course, if you have paid attention to the IF sister for a while, you will know that Sister If Sister never advocates that women only fight for rights, but they do not have the obligation, or do not pay for it, only gains.


Therefore, of course, my sister also has to give some methodology to avoid living so much.


First of all, it is still the old saying that women have to make money.

Speaking back, this is still a problem with hand capital,


People without capital, regardless of men and women, are passive and weak in a relationship.

Even more straightforward, it is the life of being picky.


Many of the older generations have been educated as a male subsidiary, and they lack financial ability from the beginning, and the choice of modern girls is more.

Cecilia Cheung can give birth to a third child without mentioning the child. On the one hand, she is bold, but on the other hand, she has enough resources to support the child.

Even when girls choose to get married partners themselves, they will not consider a person who is completely economically weak or dragging the hind legs of a small family, so it is fair. When I hope that they are advanced values ​​and can share more family responsibilities, Do your job well first, and make your economic ability stronger.


Secondly, don’t be too self -pity, don’t rely too much on others in spirit.


You can give an example here, which is Wu Peici.

In fact, she has always been capable of being economical and independent, and she has indeed done it, but I do n’t know why. She just is difficult to get fun from it. She always thinks about marrying people …

In the interview, I mentioned the luxurious gift from her boyfriend. She said that she was more happier than I made money to buy, and she said with tears: “This feeling of being loved is really good.”

I feel happy to receive a gift, which is a good thing, but the problem is that the kind of

Self -pitying emotions

Zhang Ailing wrote a quote in a prose:

Regarding professional women, Su Qing said this: “

I look at it myself. Everything in the room, even a nail, bought it myself. But what’s the joy of this?

“This is the famous saying, just a few times, and then I feel the desolation of them.


The time for this prose was about 74 years around 1944, so far, but many professional women are still using this idea to think about things.

This kind of self -pity needs to be vigilant. It will murder the pride generated by a woman’s independence, and finally runs the conclusion to: What is the use of your career so powerful? If a man loves, you have value.

It allowed Wu Peici, who could have been able to live quickly, and body, and fell into an abandoned woman who had a prospective singer and fashion blogger.

In contrast, I still prefer Zhang Ailing’s view of making money on her own -women should learn to enjoy the happiness of self -sufficiency.

Until now, I still fully enjoy the self -sufficient happiness


Maybe because I am still fresh, I can’t forget how to ask my father to pay the piano teacher’s salary when I was a kid. “


Although bitterness is bitter, I like my career

… I am glad that my parents are not the “emperor’s house” but the public who buy magazines. “

“Some things I think should be everything for me, because I enjoy it more than others, because it gives me extremely joyful joy

Essence Mian Si dreams of a piece of clothes, and when you buy it, you have to consider it again and again. The project that considers the consideration is also happy in pain. “

Finally, learn to nourish yourself.

This nourishment can be hobbies, buying, buying, fitness beauty, or dreaming.

In short,

Learn to do something, not happy for others, just for yourself.

Women are more likely to blame “not enough” and “selfishness” than men, and they are asked to bear more family responsibilities, but they are often required to be more stringent in terms of please self.

For example, all of them are soaking in bars. For public opinion, men (especially unmarried) are normal. Women will be evaluated as unreasonable and chaotic life regardless of whether they get married or not. The same is true for the pursuit of self -realization. It seems for granted that men’s pursuit of dreams, and women do the same thing will be criticized “not three or four” and “only care for themselves”.


For public opinion, Sister If there is no good way. Some people live in their own world. What we can do is the principle:

Don’t care about them, just do yourself well


Love yourself is listening to your inner voice.

You need to rest, you need to relax, you need to spend the day without a child, you need to eat some food, you need to travel, you need a bag that has been thinking for a long time, you need to have time to do what you want most …


Your needs, only you know most, and all these needs are not wrong.

Only the desire to accept the inner heart can face the most authentic self. Even if it cannot be achieved for the time being, it is justified, and as long as you remember, it will always be realized.

To achieve nourishment, as well as accepting wishes.

Having said so much, Sister If Sister’s text is over today, there will be a large patch below

It is a Christmas special from the IF grass planting machine, which has nothing to do with the text, but I also hope that everyone can like it ~

From time to time, a large wave of festivals such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Valentine’s Day are hitting us …

The gift is good, and it is also a way to nourish yourself. The sister picked a few Christmas gifts that are suitable for sending herself, giving girlfriends and girlfriends. Let’s first take two suitable people to take pictures.

The most suitable for shooting Douyin and sending a circle of friends

Satisfy the little vanity

Today’s first paragraph is the stinky weapon of my colleagues who unanimously recommend, suitable for the little fairy, nail easy-fart nail polish Christmas gift box. It has both face value, efficacy, high -profile, vanity or something, and it is satisfied by it.

The gift box contains:


-On Christmas Limited Armor Oil *5

-Fit Taojun MINI Hands *1

-Meenter music gift box *1


This gift box is won by the appearance. Like the rotating Trojan, it is super dreamy and full of gifts! The ugly and ugly fart Taojun instantly attracted the attention of the chicks in the office, and the girl’s heart was flooded ~

Hidden mystery at the bottom of the box, click the button, turn into a music box, Ding Ding Ding, nail polish also sing! It’s really a surprise from head to toe!

Naileasy nail oil is all powerful. Unlike the nail polish you have used, it is dry for 15 seconds after applying it without waiting for blowing. There is no irritating taste, safe and non -toxic, and adults and children can use it. There are five color numbers: Christmas flash, Christmas red, warm oranges, snowflake sequins, and fart powder. Each one is very “Christmas”, which can be switched to the color according to the shape.

Christmas Red+Christmas Flash ▼

What is even more amazing is that it does not need to remove nail water, and it can be torn off in three seconds (the one that is stripped from a large blockbuster ~) call it “daily toss nail oil”. Switch nails look.


It is easy to tear, but it is relatively easy to fall off. Therefore, a Christmas gift box comes with a Naileasy magic base oil (2.5ml/1 bottle). If you want to make nail polish stronger, first apply a layer of Naileasy magic base oil, and then cover a layer of nail polish!

The price is also very touching. Sister also applied for a limited time discount for everyone. It only costs 299 yuan. Send herself on Christmas.

It is said that the hand is the second face of a woman, and a pair of moist and smooth hands, not only the signature signature of your office, but also a weapon that shows the femininity of women in private. Best is a typical hand control. It is a year and four seasons. She also called Royal Apothic hand cream crazy on Twitter, giving it














“Sweet and surprise”, “Fans of it”

Wait for vocabulary. Queen Oprah also highly recommended this hand cream.

On Christmas, the Royal Light luxury atmosphere skin care brand also launched the Royal Apothic Classic Hand Cream Limited Gift Box.

The gift box contains:

-The Angel City, Dutch Park, Royal Garden, Royal Vanilla, Lemon Feast, Garden Art (35G*3, 5G*3, a total of 6, random taste)

Royal Apothic Hand Cream has the front tone of the front tone like perfume. After applying it, there is a long and light fragrance on the hand, rich in layers and strong recognition.


After smelling, the little friends praised it and couldn’t wait to smell themselves ten thousand times.

White creamy texture can be pushed away with a gently push, and the absorption is also fast. It is not the kind of fake slippery on the surface, and there is no greasy feeling. When you get things, you will not leave fingerprint marks.

The moisturizing degree is quite high, even in the cold winter, it will not dry. The point is that Christmas gift boxes are super cost -effective. It takes 413 yuan to buy alone, and the cost of gift boxes is only 288 yuan! Directly dropped 125 yuan, which is equivalent to sending 3 small only ~~ Listen to my sister password: open grab

The most ritual

Christmas atmosphere is strong


To say the most Christmas atmosphere, you can think of Christmas things at a glance. It must be lively and bright Christmas socks.

Sister’s colleague said that Christmas without Christmas socks is imperfect. Almond Rocks’s Christmas special sock combination, don’t give you any regrets ~

-Christmas limited color socks *3

I believe that Lao Fan will not be unfamiliar with Almond Rocks’ color socks. His socks are mainly popular, high cost -effective, and comfortable to wear a sister’s love. They have been recommended many times. Zhou Dongyu is also a ashes -level user of his family. Every time I look at her airport look, there are Almond Rocks stockings.

This group of Christmas socks combination, as usual, boldly contrasts, but has no sense of disobedience, showing the unrestrained temperament of “Christmas to ~”.

Do not match jeans and sneakers! The price is also very grounded, 96 yuan three doubles, with an average of 32 yuan per pair. It is the lowest price of the audience. The inventory is limited, first starting is strong ~

Remember there is a saying: “You can’t refuse chocolate, just like you can’t refuse love.” Girls’ resistance to chocolate is zero, and the colorful Christmas and mellow chocolate are even more equipped. Whether confession, date, or gift, you can easily hit TA’s heart ~


The Fox adheres to the purpose of “looking for hunting for the most important people”, and prepares the Christmas album gift box ~ 3 chocolates with both tastes and tastes for everyone to satisfy all your expectations for Christmas!

-Christmas album gift box (150g)

Strawberry gingerbread man fancy chocolate *1

Christmas snow tree style chocolate *1


Christmas Canton Crossing Records Chocolate *1

Handbag *1

The three combination albums are based on the original pure fat cocoa cocoa mulch imported from the Dublin Chocbox, handmade.

The cocoa slurry is mainly rich, lacks of sweetness, with soft marshmallow, crusher candy, and crispy and gentle red gingerbread and sweet and sour strawberry. The level of the taste is very rich, crispy, soft, and sticky. After a bite, warm and pleasant ~

The Christmas album gift box is 168 yuan, and the shelf life is 180 days. I keep eating slowly or sharing it with my family ~

Keke, the highlight is here ~~ The popular IF logo sweater, Christmas limited models!


The version is an invincible Oversize model. The silhouette is atmospheric, and it can cover the meat. Both thin and small girls and large size girls can control it well.

Blush+Zhenghong two -color optional.

The right red is particularly happy, the whole color is high, and it is very eye -catching in autumn and winter. Little fairy suitable for white skin;

If you are yellowish skin or a little dark, you are worried that wearing a positive red looks bad, you can buy wine red. The saturation of wine red is relatively low, and it is very good with various scenes in life ~

The side and back of the sweater are also very three -dimensional. The hat is fluffy and stylish, and even a little hump can be covered perfectly.

Slogan on the chest: “if you can dream it, you can do it”. The text is simple, but I hope this attitude can cheer up the girls who struggle.


It is very good to do inside or wear alone. Then, 手️ Fighting hands ❤️

It’s beautiful from head to toe

Every Christmas, many big names make their own ace products into a skin care gift box. The price is more cost -effective than buying, and it is not easy to make a mix of mixing and west. Whether it is sending yourself, girlfriends, and mother, it is very decent.

The royal royal skin care products from Danish Christmas gift box suits are very suitable for the whole set! The brand’s product has a high technology content. The founder has developed the world’s first ultrasonic scanner to help dermatologists scan the problem of two millimeters under the skin to make a correct diagnosis.


Their products are the main products

Anti -aging effect

, Skin care road:


Essence Suitable for young skin that prevent aging, and mature skin that is facing aging crisis.

-In step clean foam cleansing cream 200 mL (useful for pregnant women)

-Editar 30ml of grape seed rejuvenation (available for pregnant women)

-Grape Seed Essence Daily Cream 50ml (pregnant women are not available)

<< slide to view the next picture >>

The reason why it is called “one step” is because it

Take care of the light makeup

The effect of removing sunscreen is good. It is very suitable for lazy baby who do not like to make up and only go out. But if it is thick makeup, you still have to use professional makeup remover.

Bao Dang cleanup paste is relatively thick and the texture is very gentle. With the foam net that can rub a lot of dense bubbles, it can moisturize the skin softly. It focuses on

Do not tighten after washing+remove the fat effect


It is more suitable for acne skin and oily skin; the ingredients are natural and mild. The dry -sensitive skin feels that the moisturizing power is pretty good, and there is no tightness. But this cleansing cream is not very effective.

The essence of Grape Seed Huancai is his ace product, a bottle = bottle of a bottle on the dressing table. This is because the resveratrol and original flowers with very high activity purity can effectively fight aging. Each drop of the skin will become moist and shiny, insist on use, the dry lines will fade, and the skin will change from loosening. It is especially suitable for mixed dryness and sensitivity, and requires antioxidant and anti -aging skin.

The texture is relatively light oil. After absorption, it feels more water, and it will not have a sticky feeling. There is almost no taste, just a faint grape seed. A bottle of 30ml, use it every morning and evening, can be used for almost 2 months. To say more, in order to ensure the activity of the ingredients, IFER is recommended to use it 2-3 months after Kainea.

Grape Seed Essence Daily Cream is still anti -aging! Contains retinol ingredients, which can accelerate skin metabolism, thereby promoting cell growth. At the same time, it stimulate collagen production and is the first choice for antioxidant and anti -wrinkle. The retinol also has a certain effect on acne, which can relieve acne. However, the retinol is not very friendly to pregnant women and cannot be used during pregnancy.

The texture of the frost is relatively thin and durable, and there is no phenomenon of rubbing mud or card powder. Moisturizing is also good, with grape seeds rejoicing the essence, even if it is dry sensitivity, it can water all day. It is very suitable for mixing dry skin, sensitive skin, inflammatory skin+skin that requires antioxidant and anti -aging.

It is worth mentioning that this set of Christmas skin care boxes need a total of 1580 yuan. Gift box price: 1180 yuan. Essence+cream+cleansing is all dress, don’t be too cost -effective! Limited 50 sets, no hands are slow


If you ask what kind of gifts to look taste, a Bigger than Bigger essential oil gift box is more appropriate. Whether it is a birthday, a gift, or a variety of festivals. The fragrant gifts can instantly feel good and deepen the intimacy with friends and lovers.

The British authoritative aromatherapy brand AA-AA-Yarongma’s aromatherapy house gathers this heart in the Christmas shower oil gift box, 10 different effects essential oils to cure your body and soul. Apply for dating, sleeping, and opening party ~

-This bath oil 9ml *1 at night

-Light soothing bath oil 9ml *1

-The Yoshen Bath Oil 9ml *1

-Sethay and relax muscle bath oil 9ml *1

-Huan Huanchen Xiaoto Bath Oil 9ml *1

-Ming Huanxi Xia Xia Take Oil 9ml *1

-Suhe refreshing shower oil 9ml *1

-Shuhe grassy mint shower oil 9ml *1

-Huhe balanced shower oil 9ml *1

-The vitality reproduce the bath oil 9ml *1

After disassembling the bag, the strong essential oil came up, and the 10 essential oils were in front of the eyes, so she could not bear to destroy it.

Revive Eveningbath & Shower Oil is specially prepared for Princess Diana. It is suitable for people who are busy during the day and social and party at night.

Other bath oils also have their own characteristics:

The bathing oil at night, known as the “sleeping” artifact bath oil, is suitable for people who have long -term insomnia and need to go back.


Light and soothing bath oil, known as “a cup of red wine”, can relieve anxiety, headache, depression, suitable for hot moms with baby;

Yishen bath oil, relieves tiredness, tension, emotional instability, is suitable for people who use excessive brain for editing and markets;


To soothe the muscle bath oil and add ginger ingredients, which can promote the cycle, suitable for people with sedentary office, shoulder and neck discomfort;


The main component of Ming Huanchen’s bath oil is rosemary and grapefruit, which can diuretic, swelling, and drive away the gas;

Shuhe refreshing bath oil, eucalyptus ingredients, soothing nasal congestion, fighting haze, cold, seasonal sensitivity;

Shuhe Summita spicy mint coating oil can resist inflammation, conditioning migraine, motion sickness and seasickness;

Shuhe balances shower oil, the rose ingredients can be relieved of liver and qi, HOLD lives in menopausal and pre -menstrual mentality;

Vitality to reproduce bath oil, and sage helps to concentrate and relax.

As a bathing essential oil, it can replace the shower gel. The sister summarized the three usage to the iFer:

1. Take 1ml of hot water soaking your feet to stimulate blood circulation and help sleep;


2. Take 3ml on the upper body of the body and shower with hot water, which can relieve muscle soreness and skin rejuvenation;

3. Take 3ml in the water of the bathtub. Bathing can soothe mental stress and lack.

In addition to the face and body, the more delicate clothes such as silk, cashmere, linen, etc. are also worth treating better.


Marlab clothes to wash the Christmas gift box, specially customized for high -grade clothing.


Not only can I wash my clothes, drive away folds, odor

, Can also


Mild maintenance precious fabric

Essence Reduce the scrap rate of clothes caused by improper treatment … how lazy you are, how much you love them!

-Shei & wool laundry solution 500ml *1

-11 special laundry liquid 150ml *1


-Sloped spray 60ml *1

-Sulfing spray 60ml *1

-Rodidity spray 60ml *1

True silk & wool laundry solution is designed for the delicate fabric containing protein fibers. A bottle of detergent can have the dual effects of decontamination+softness. At the same time, the clothes are protected. Fluffy is elastic, does not shrink, does not deform, and does not fade. Highly concentrated formula, one bottle is used for one year, saving a lot of money to go to the dry cleaner, which is super cost -effective.

Special laundry liquid in personal clothing, specializing in BRA and underwear. Using composite enzymes, you do n’t need to rub it hard, soak it with a bubble, and quickly wash the menstrual blood. No preservatives, no thickeners, and pregnant women can also use it.

The removal spray will be bought by my sister all year round. It does not cover the aroma, but to capture and wrap the odor of the odor to absorb the principle of volatilization and dispel the flavor, environmentally friendly and healthy. With it, eat hot pot, smoke, sweat, pets … none of them will taste.


Wrinkles are too friendly for coats, sweaters, pajamas! For example, the cuffs are bent, the waist and hips, etc., spray it twice, and then pull it a few times, instantly smoothly. If my sister travels on a business trip, there will be no shortage of it in the bag.

Anti -static spray can instantly flatten the frying hair, and it is no problem to directly sprinkle the hair. It is not only suitable for winter, wearing long skirts in summer, the skirt can be sprayed when the skirt is sticking to the leg, and it flutter like seaweed in an instant.

It contains 5 practical Christmas gift boxes, the original price is 465 yuan. Sister also applied for a limited time discount for everyone,

As long as 399 yuan

, Exquisite girls send themselves one ~



IF grass planting machine gift function is waiting for you to flip the license

It is said that many areas in Germany, parents will hide their gifts in their shoes, and wake up the next day to find that the shoes are filled with candy and small gifts;

Hungarians are used to putting gifts under the Christmas tree, adding some small surprises;

The British like to show off at Christmas to celebrate each other every day;

And the gift of IF grass planting machine is very distinctive ~

Technical little brothers have developed online gift delivery functions

Essence You can choose a product for your boyfriend, girlfriends, and family. After paying, you can send it to TA, and the other party can immediately know what you send. You do n’t have to wait for the delivery to express your love. Then use your little hand to fill in the receiving address, and you will deliver the goods for you quickly.

The specific operation steps are as follows:

1. Enter the homepage of the grass plant, click the “gift” function. ▼

2. Click “Select Gifts”, start to buy crazy, join the gift list ~ ▼


3. After the gift is selected, if you give a gift, choose “

Single gifts receive all the gifts one person


Multiple gifts

“Just good.


4. Click “Payment Gift Friends” and choose three gifts, including text. ▼

Voice, say a touching freestyle. ▼


Video, compared to the face -to -face confession and gratitude, the video method can more naturally convey feelings. ▼


Text, voice, and video are selected one by one, and you can send it to TA if you arrange it ~~

Is it super love, super efficient, faster than Santa ~

Sister’s colleagues chose a gift to give it to Jiyou with a gift function. The other party couldn’t help but sigh: It’s too advanced now haha ​​~

The gift box contains:

The gift box contains:

The gift box contains:

The gift box contains: