This issue to share a wave of imported snacks,

It’s not expensive, and the face value is huge.


Many of them are Internet celebrities.

There are Fujia, bread superhuman biscuits, solid fruit Bailizi, Cabca chocolate checi, YBC lemon sandwich biscuits,

Meiji Chocolate, Mori Yongtai Sugar, Guili Fruit Children’s Skitzing Biscuits, Fuji Family Cocoa Chocolate, etc.

There is everything.

Little sweet potatoes who like snacks are rushing ducks!

Let’s focus on sharing hot chocolate in winter.

Matsushash chocolate -Japanese Matsien is a specialty for small chocolate brands,

This chocolate has five classic flavors.

There are 27 boxes in a box,

Every shape is different, cute and love.

There are separate packaging,

It’s not bad to send girlfriends and girlfriends!

Gully Disney chocolate egg -Japan has a Disney Q version character,

The outer packaging pattern is very cute.

Packaging paper wraps chocolate eggs,

There are four capsules per bag,

The taste tastes delicate,

The flavor is strong. Makes you full of girl feelings.

The packaging is accurate and easy to carry.

Meiji almond strong chocolate has two sandwich flavors,

The pinch of ginkgo kernels is very large,

The outside is a cocoa chocolate wrap.

It is more fragrant after baking,

The taste is silky,

Two flavors bring dual taste.


Let you have a long aftertaste,

Enjoy the endless deliciousness!

Fuji Milk Milk sandwich chocolate this chocolate is printed with cartoon patterns,


Children like it very much.


The taste is very strong, and it is super satisfied in one bite.

Sailing chocolate is a very popular sailing biscuit in Japan.

Crispy and delicious with silky chocolate.

Half half chocolate and half biscuits,

Biscuits and chocolate blend together.

At the entrance, it has a long aftertaste.