What? The price of the bag has increased again! Have you found that in the past two years, the price of big -name bags has risen all the way!

Many people follow

Anxious to start



, My idea is to buy it if you like it.


If you are considering starting your life

The first luxury bag


In terms of, I suggest you continue to look down and share the five big -name bags I have bought, and there is no regret to start.

Not much to say, we enter the topic.

YSL Niki Middle number handbag


Reference price: ¥ 18700

I admit that it was indifferent to Niki at the beginning. I wrinkled and had nothing to do, but I couldn’t hold it. So many female stars rushed back.


Ouyang Nana, Qi Wei, Xin Yanlei, and Zhang Junning, even the supermodel Rosie Haminsin-Whiteli

It is also its fan.

After starting, I found that this wrinkled leather feeling is too real, it feels very soft, and the capacity is still large, I know it is good.

Shoulder, oblique, hold your hand


Can be controlled. Anyway, I have been carrying it for more than half a month, and it can be competent for almost commuting and leisure.

Because its leather is particularly soft and makes it particularly easy to deform, when placing, remember to put out the items and place it. Do not put it on, so it is OK.

I take it with a dress every day, and I can also take a lot of styles and wait for you to discover it. Do n’t miss this.

Silin Teen Soft 16 handbags

Reference price: ¥ 18500

Silin has released a new style again,

Teen Soft 16

This bag is really too versatile, a bag that can be memorized in any occasion, the atmosphere is not fashionable.

I bought it


Zhou Yutong

The same is yellow -brown, classic and versatile, and there are also

Qiao Xin, Sun Yi, Wen Yongshan

Also memorized this.



I am also very grass -long black models, but I love more yellow brown.


The overall bag is very soft calfskin. The touch is very soft and delicate, making the bag look more formal. so





Wool preparation

, I think this combination is very interesting, so that it has a versatile attribute.


White T -shirt



, Holding this bag also has more daily breath, diagonal, side back, hand holding, multiple back methods to switch at will.


Chanel coco handel

Reference price: ¥ 30100

If you ask me, I haven’t been in contact with Chanel, what is appropriate to buy? I will not hesitate to recommend you–

Coco handel



Coco handel This is a one


The bag named Miss Motor. still is

Lao Buddha

One of the three classic bags of Chanel and Chanel. The reason why it is called a limited edition is because the handle uses the lizard skin, and it is absolutely eye -catching on the road.

Its leather is

Lychee pattern cowhide

In addition to good -looking, it is very resistant to the nails. At first I wanted to start black, and I felt too ordinary on the upper body. Finally, I started the blue bag and the dark red handle.

There is also the shoulder strap design of this bag is too friendly. The length is not particularly long.




Floral skirt


It is the most trendy way to wear this year. It can be worn from summer to autumn.

LV NEVERFULL medium handbag

Reference price: ¥ 12000

I couldn’t get it once



The face value is not a big shopping bag and very street. But as I get older, I feel that the flowers are very impressive.


It’s really fragrant after the upper body! The first LV bag in life is really necessary to choose NEVERFULL old flowers. I bought the medium, the rose in the inside, and the height of 165 was just right.


The quality of the bag must not be said,




You can install everything. Many people are worried that there will be no loss. I have n’t lost anything. Even if I take a subway security check, it ’s okay.

You can put one in it

Inner bag


, Easy to put some private items. Whether you wear an elegant skirt or casual casual, it seems that there is no set of styles that this bag cannot be integrated.

Do you find it? The structure of this bag is simple, and it is so practical. It is super easy to carry, and it can reduce the age. Do you have to wait?

Prada Cleo Flip the Shoulder Bag

Reference price: ¥ 17900




Now it should be Prada’s hottest bag. I started one

White model

The bright face leather has a mirror luster, the simple design plus the round curve, which is too versatile.

Cleo has three styles:

Cingard bottom model, flat bottom model, flip cover

Essence Flinks is obviously my dish. The capacity is sufficient and can be installed lightly.

How to match it is good -looking, ordinary T -shirts are instantly dazzling, and the whole person is sweet and retro.

Its shoulder strap length and shortness are perfect. Even if wearing a thicker jacket and carrying it under the armpit, it will not feel stuck. It is a bit impatient, it is easy to leave a seal, and the others are very good ~


Well, the 5 bags are recommended here first. Is there a one that makes you heart? Leave a message to tell me ~

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