Edit Introduction: In the era of stock, new consumption regression is a new trend and a new battlefield. How can new consumer brands do a place to win in the market and make themselves grow steadily? The author summarizes the underlying logic that helps brand growth in combination with his own business cases and experiences. Interested friends may wish to take a look.

In recent years, the rapid rise of the emerging brand, the dazzling stars, and the capital of capital, this scene seems to have known each other. The demographic dividend is over, the Internet has become the infrastructure of society, and the return of new consumption has become a new battlefield. In recent years, it is the best era of consumer brand entrepreneurship. Do it again. “

I have been engaged in the field of Internet, marketing, and e -commerce for more than 15 years. I have invested a lot of Douyin cases in the past 3 years. There are far more than 100 Douyin projects, serving various consumer brands such as international, local, and emerging. KOL, KOC, DOU+, Master’s bidding, information flow, UD, CO-ADS, Qianchuan, etc., Douyin closed loop or full link.


I have invested a lot of explosive models, and I have also witnessed the process of many brands from starting to its peak. I have also seen many brands falling quickly after the popularity of overnight. I have exchanged and discussed with many brand founders,

I have been thinking

What is the underlying logic of consumer brand growth?

This article requires a lot of courage. I also thank many friends for their encouragement. The six underlying logic of consumer brands has grown. It is some of my thinking and summary in recent years. I hope to inspire you.

1. The first underlying logic: category innovation

The most terrible part of entrepreneurship is: I chose the wrong direction, and even more effort is futile. Consumer brand entrepreneurship is also a typical “Choosing Great Efforts” model.

What is a good track?

The essence of the track is category choices. Even today I think most consumer brands are the ultimate goal of becoming a “category brand”.

In consumer cognition, it has become a representative of a certain category and their characteristics, and has the opportunity to succeed.

The choice of the track, I summarized a “best market model”:

1. Category scale

Judging the market capacity from a macro perspective is the basis of choosing the market. If the market size is too small, even if the efforts are large, the growth rate is still limited.

2. Category growth rate

Judging the market growth space from the future, maybe your development can follow the trend. Do not choose a market to go downhill.

3. Category competition

The fierceness of the competitive environment is obviously the Red Sea, or when the oligopoly pattern has appeared, please enter the game with caution. Of course, it should be focused on who the potential players are. It may be a very inconspicuous star, or it may be a foreign man who logically suitable for cross -border robbery. Often a industry is subverted, and many of them are “barbarians” outside the door. Essence

For the first three points, a lot of data is required. Today the information is transparent enough, and there are many tools available. In addition to insight into e -commerce data, I think the value of social data insight is greater.

Many social data are “future occur” or “new needs”

It is more objective to restore the real needs of consumers.

4. Category innovation

I think whether to choose the core of a category track is whether this category still has an opportunity to innovate.


The essence of innovation is how to find a new blue ocean or value depression in the Red Sea market, and all in sees the user’s mind in the field, becoming the innovative of the category and even a subverter


The higher the barriers of category innovation, the greater the difficulty of subversion. You use 100%of the power to break through one point and copy the energy of the mature brand at 10%. Do you think you have to fight?

Huaxizi is a typical category innovative. The track has chosen a large category and a faster makeup market. The category competition is fierce. The biggest competition does not come from mature brands, but the emerging brand of the same period, such as perfect diary, childhood childhood. Youquan, Zeesea, etc. In the category innovation, it is “Oriental Makeup”. From culture and aesthetics, the market structure has been re -established, and a blue ocean is opened in the Red Sea market.

In early 2019, we started serving Hua Xizi. I communicated with Hua Xizi, the founder of Hua Xizi. I asked him: “What do you think Hua Xizi will be the biggest shortcoming in the future?”

Hua Mantian said: “I think how to make a brand. Our team does not have brand genes. I asked many major industries. They did not recognize or are optimistic, but I think yes, we want to take a different way.”

In 618 in 2021, Huaxizi brand became Tmall Makeup No.1, Jingdong Makeup No.1, Douyin Makeup No.1, Kuaishou Makeup No.1.

Some time ago, I talked with Lin Qingxuan’s founder, Mr. Sun, and Lin Qingxuan voted for many elevator advertisements. The conclusion we communicated:

Focus is not to play brand minds, but to fight the mind.

If you are deeper, users are curious and concerned about category innovators, this kind of memory is much higher than mediocre brands. This is definitely not based on brainwashing, but to upgrade by user needs.

Before a car, a carriage was the best.

The hottest brand in the underwear market this year should be Ubras. I believe that many people have brushed their Douyin advertisements, or Ouyang Nana and a sizeless light -winding series underwear in the public.

Ubras’s “size -free underwear” is an innovative category. It is not important if UBRAS is the pioneer of this category, but it is important to use category innovation and saturation. After playing the mind of a size -free underwear brand, who is the second place, everyone won’t think about it.

Once the category innovation track is formed, users rarely remember who is the second place.

When a big brand awakens and wants to enter the new track, can you re -position the brand or incubate a competition, how the ending is self -evident.

Second, the second underlying logic: product coefficient


After the post -90s generation consumers, a new generation of consumer circles have been formed every 5 years. The new generation market has promoted the brand’s trend of youth, and the culture and brand self -confidence accompanied by the rise of national strength. In the past, consumers of the older generation advocated “foreign goods”, and today the wind direction of young people is “national tide”.

In recent years, it has been popular: All products are worthy of re -doing. The Internet celebrity product today is not the inspection of time, and it will eventually go to dust.

The famous Silicon Valley investor Peter Tell has such a sentence in the book “From 0 to 1”:

“Power Law is the law of the universe and the most powerful force in the universe.”

R (x) is the result you want, A is the coefficient, and B is the power times. The same power (b), the higher the coefficient (A), the larger the result (RX). The power change can produce the index quality change. When the index is not reached, nothing is, but once the quality change point is reached, that is, the upgrade of the “steep curve”, that is, the exponential growth.

The growth logic of consumer brands is fully in line with the power of power, and the product is the coefficient of the power of the power (A).

In a fully competitive environment, only after the innovation, it is possible to get market share and reverse the wind.

Just as the product is the coefficient of the power of the power, the product coefficient of others is 1, that is, linear growth. If your product coefficient is 1.1, the long -term acceleration will be faster. One riding dust, index -level growth.

What can I bless the product coefficient?

1. Category innovation

This may be the highest product coefficient. Before category innovation changes, the competitive environment is the game of zero -sum game. Players in the market are competing for limited resources in the stock market.

The value of category innovation is the breakthrough from the limited market (Red Sea) to the unlimited market (blue ocean).

2. Yan value justice

Jiu Xiang is not afraid of deep alleys. Today, it has become inefficient marketing. From the beginning of your launch, consumers have not understood and did not experience it. Act, there is a cognition to have the next step.

3. Quality effect

Quality is the longest investment in the brand. In terms of the logic of Douyin, it can hit the pain points. There are pain points and need to produce good content when needed, and good content will spread the combination of quality.

Douyin explosion is actually common, the face value is only the appearance, and the bottom layer is

“Strong Gang Need”




4. Spiritual attitude

Today, the media is fragmented, and the spread of brands is very efficient. Consumers’ perception of the brand is from bottom to top. Through product grass, you feel the brand attitude, and you will have the brand mind in the long run.

The attitude and spirit of the brand must be implanted in the core product. The product cognition represents a certain degree of the brand’s cognition. Each time it is created with KOL, the opportunity to reach with consumers, a short video, a script, a sentence sentence Copywriting, a floor -to -ceiling page, without a spiritual inheritance, then it is only a burst that can be forgotten at any time.

Consumers begin with novelty, fresh in beauty, love quality, loyal attitude.

Remember that when Hua Xizi was put on the first wave of Douyin, many people did not know it. In the same category, it was almost the highest price. From the perspective of the first market feedback, it was not ideal.

At that time, the Hua Xizi team was most concerned about the real feedback of bloggers and users, and continued to polish and upgrade the products until the “Hundred Birds” carved eye shadow products were listed. At that time, when they saw the product, they felt shocking. Essence


Sure enough, when this product is pushed to Douyin, the proportion of KOL and KOC “explosion” videos is very high. In addition to bringing a lot of brand exposure to Huaxi Zi, each big explosion video, there are at least six digits. Transaction data, more importantly, shows the brand’s attitude again and again.

After that, Hua Xizi’s products were like opening hanging. The Miao people impressed, and they were inherent, Hua Lu Linglong, and peony were stunned again and again.

Today, consumers’ awareness of the Huoxi brand is clear. If you mention Oriental makeup, then everyone will only think of Hua Xizi.

We look back to the review, so where is the variable of Hua Xizi, it is obviously obvious

They have been

Blessing “Product Coefficient”, finally relying on product breakthrough quality changes to achieve index level growth

Third, the third underlying logic: content construction

In the past few years, my biggest feeling is that the brand building has gradually transformed from top to bottom from the top to bottom of the traditional media in the past to the bottom up of social media.

Today, consumers learned about a new brand, more by bloggers of social media, a product of product planting, and a short video recommended by a good thing. Through these “grass content”, they found a treasure and ignited the desire to buy buying. Then place an order and start trying.

Starting from outer packaging, to product copywriting, to the cards in the package, to the effect of the product, and the use of experience, consumers will feel the brand’s attitude through these “content” in the process, and through these “content”.

When consumers are repeatedly reached by the “grass content” in the communication channel, and she also agrees that the “attitude” conveyed by the brand is very agreed with the brand’s category to produce a brand mentality.

I think today is the best time for consumer brand entrepreneurship, because doing a good job of branding no longer depends on how much media resources you can buy, but on the most source, whether you can do well.

Today’s “brand building” is about the same as “content construction”, which means that the content is no longer a “strategy”, but a “strategy”.

Two years ago, I served an old -fashioned domestic makeup brand. At that time, I often communicated with the founder of the brand. In the years of the rise of Douyin at the high speed, their attitude never followed the panic to follow up.

There are some bonuses in the early stage, and there are good Roi, but for the shallow understanding of Douyin, they are only ROI during that time, and the pursuit of the pursuit of quick work and close profit. During the circle, they lost two years.

This year, I re -served this customer. The founder has also had a lot of reflection in the past year. I believe that the content of social media is the lifeblood of the brand. I also bowed to the game myself, from product research and development to content launch, and led the team to actively participate.

Fortunately, we have found a breakthrough point, and we have deeply tied the content in 3 months. Recently, they tried to sow the water Douyin. The five live race racing, the team ran out of the first place, and was far ahead.

The founder has shared a lot with me. For example, the live broadcast decoration is content, the product talks spoken by the anchors, and even the anchor’s feelings for the brand.

If the recognition of the content is strategy, then the founder of the brand should bow into the game.


I used to serve a skin care brand on the head of domestic goods. It was very traditional. At that time, the product aging was very serious. Remember to go to the customer’s company for the first time. sound.

I remember that I asked a few key issues at that time, such as brand positioning and brand culture. I did not just look at it from the perspective future.

The later selection of products combined the core gene of the brand, and even the ingredients itself can represent the brand.

After that, we voted for 12 months of Douyin KOL (at the same time of traffic blessing), and unswervingly used the power of content to affect consumers’ minds. The three brands of pearl peptide “” keywords with high correlations of the brand are played. As a result, one year later, the brand occupied the domestic whitening essence No.1. It was once considered to be the Douyin net red brand. This star product almost represents the brand. itself.

If the product rely on content to spread today, consumers receive not only the product itself, but also the attitude conveyed by the brand. In the long run, the brand mentality is determined by the brand’s attitude.

In a large number of launch experience, we have also summarized some methodology of content, such as social symbols (social grass), PAVG (KOL number selection algorithm), 4T rule (content co -creation), etc.

But I think these are just efficient tools, which cannot replace the brand’s soul (content) itself. Today’s social media dissemination, I don’t think there is no secret, and the transmission carrier is consistent. Why is there a huge difference in different brand communication effects?


Thinking without deep bone marrow, creative income, is likely to have no attitude.

No soul. What the brand should give up is content marketing, and it should be faced with the content strategy.

Fourth, the fourth underlying logic: effect on the effect

In the marketing business, I have always adhered to a point of view.

“Rule 10”:

The train runs fast, leaning on the head, the content is “one”, the traffic is “zero”


Only one (content) is good enough can you add countless zero (traffic) later. Without that one (content), the zero (traffic) behind will be wasted.

Most brands of Douyin are pursuing the combination of product effects, and they also have more research on the market. However, from the perspective of a large number of case data, the content of the content is good or bad. The above factor. The other 50%of the influencing factor is the combination application of the current product.

In fact, it is even more accidental that I have contacted to start. There is also a process of getting through the full link.

In the first stage, our team has done a long time of social media content marketing. On the Douyin platform, as KOL’s price rises, ROI will inevitably decline, but KOL has a huge advantage in the influence and conversion model of communication. How to do it with it. By hedging traffic costs, pulling ROI is what we have been exploring.

In the second stage, the earliest use of DOU+tools. DOU+is a good product, a content flow pool, not only can enlarge the traffic, but also help KOL to impact the next traffic pool to a certain extent and get natural traffic. We have also eaten the dividend of Douyin Taoke, and also enjoyed a short -lived sense of brutal growth. DOU+can invest millions of traffic. However, the amount of DOU+is not enough, or it is not the ultimate. We have begun to use content hot push (today called content service). The crowd bag is more accurate and the flow is larger. Content services can invest millions of traffic, but there are still limitations.

In the third stage, we are the earliest people in the industry to eat crabs. We voted for the auction of Douyin later. KOL’s native information flow continued to superimposed traffic on KOL, and continued to pursue the ultimate effect of content traffic. Master bidding can invest millions of traffic. Then authorize the video of KOL, after editing, continue to amplify the traffic of high -quality content through the information flow. The information flow can be invested by tens of millions of traffic.

In the fourth stage, UD, CO-ADS, Qianchuan, and Douyin search for more current products, different traffic pools, and more traffic combination boxing, which can amplify the content of the content to the extreme.

Finally, after a lot of practice, I summarized the solution of the Douyin full -link closed loop “Douyin content traffic seven paragraphs”

A lot of cases have been invested, and there are more and more current products. Data precipitation, management, and interpretation have become a big problem, which seriously affects people’s effectiveness. In order to improve the efficiency and effect of launch, we have developed integrated

“Social Effect Putting Central Taiwan”

Complete data return and effect analysis and optimization. The launch of the Central Taiwan has covered the star map KOL, Douyin AD, Ali UD, Qianchuan and so on.

In so many projects, I summarized three points:

1. Do the weight of the content itself

The content is the key to leverage the cake of Douyin. The information conveyed by your content is not only the desire to do this business, but more importantly, the content represents the attitude of the brand.

2. Good content traffic cannot be wasted

The content is not low

If you do not enlarge the high -quality content, it is a waste of cost, a waste of communication efficiency and effect, so the current combination should be as much as possible to the extreme. The content of the content of the Douyin is: KOL+DOU+Content Services+Master Bidding+Information Stream+Search.

3. Outside the main battlefield of Douyin, the content can be distributed

Once high-quality materials are verified, in different flow pools, they have good effects. The distribution logic of omnichannel is: Ali UD, huge amounts of Qianchuan, JD CO-ADS, fast-handed magnetic engine.

This year, I served a certain brand of a certain 500 -day daily group in a certain world. From the original item, it has been traded by our team.

Before picking up this case, I learned about the past practices of customers. The Marketing department has always adopted conventional content marketing methods to find Douyin KOL planting grass. Although it is also hung on a shopping cart, ROI is very low. Flow blessing, limited natural traffic, no matter how good the content performance, the output is also very limited.

The solution I gave after taking over is


“Douyin full link closed loop”

The launch strategy, choose KOL with the type of goods, push the content model based on the ROI -based results, and then maximize the amount of traffic and improve the effect of the release.

In this case, a lot of explosive videos have been invested, and there are several KOLs that sell for millions of million. There are a lot of traffic products behind these KOLs. Personal bidding, information flow, search, each segment of traffic will calculate its ROI and the upper limit of the placement to pursue the effect of extreme measurement.

The co -created content produced by ROI -oriented, and finally, under the blessing of traffic, it helped the brand to realize the three harvests of brand communication, product grass and business growth.

In 2021, Tmall 618 promotion, body care category, the brand’s top three.

Back to this case is actually my core idea,

The content is “one”, the traffic is “zero”, the content is not good, the development efficiency is low, the content is good, the traffic cannot be eaten to the extreme, it is also a waste.

5. Fifth underlying logic: channel distribution

As the competition of the Douyin traffic market is increasingly saturated, the cost of traffic has risen, and the ROI effect has declined. Although there are still a small amount of dividends in local space, overall, it is difficult for brands to maintain long -term business by relying on marketing.

In recent years, the exchange with many brand founders will basically have a close consensus. In the past, advertising on CCTV media can quickly become popular in China. Today’s Douyin is actually similar. The difficulty will be greater, but if it is properly operated, it will have a similar effect on CCTV, and its control is better. The explosive product of Douyin, today’s sales channels are actually more bought.

Remember to talk to the founder of a brand, he said:

“This is the same as us in the past. A explosive product is speculated, and the omni -channel is wholesale, but it is changed to Douyin today.”

This should be considered the simplest and closer to understand.

The competition in sun protection categories can be described as extremely terrible. From December last year, the sunscreen brand began to lock the KOL schedule, and the competition in the Douyin sunscreen market in February this year began to be fierce.

The person in charge of a brand’s sunscreen product said: “By March, we can’t order any KOL, and a little better may be stolen 2 months ago.”

A customer we serve this year, the brand has fully exerted the sunscreen category. They have absorbed last year’s experience and deployed the market in advance. 120 million, sunscreen category No.1.

At the same time, on major e -commerce platforms, live broadcasts, offline merchants, and CS chain stores, it has almost achieved omnicinal distribution coverage, and the online channel has obtained the most resource levels. The offline channels have obtained the largest piles, almost almost the dump, almost almost In major channels, the brand’s sunscreen products are the top in the top.

Today’s consumer purchasing decision has been pretty prevailing. The browsing time of the product details page of the e -commerce platform products has been shortened from a few minutes to the current ten seconds. What is written in the page, it is not important in this state, which is why I did not focus on the operation in the station.

Douyin is doing a closed loop of e -commerce this year. I think success is a high probability. Consumers’ decision -making minds have occurred in Douyin. Where the order of ordering has been diluted, if KOL planting grass and shops, self -self -self -self -self -cultivated shops, shops themselves themselves, and shops themselves themselves. Broadcasting, constantly developing platforms to buy minds, then buying on Douyin is a thing that is not deliberately, but it is successful.

If consumers know or hear that a certain product is very hot in Douyin, when she is reached by her life circle, when other purchase channels reach, they will also be transformed first. If they are reached by the public, consumers will be convinced.

under these circumstances,

The explosive product is king, the channels are weak

The channel is willing to avoid the fees, giving more resources and even subsidies to push explosives, because it is still a cost -effective account from the end of the GMV accounting.

The explosive product is out of the circle, and consumers can buy the mind. In any place where there is a traffic, they can get the best resource position. The brand is harvested in the channel.

品牌在内容端的投入,建立了爆品火的理由是什么,在投流端的投入,建立了放大声量与月销的积累,最终让爆品在市场中的声量,火出天际,让在销售端的10W+monthly sales complement the “fire”, such prosperity is created. However, this process must be losing money. As for how much loss, you can accurately calculate the full link ROI model.

Back to this case, the brand bottom line is that Tmall’s broader market does not lose money, and all gross profit is invested to create explosive products. Then the brand’s money is also obvious. Sacrifting the profit of a channel, the budget invested in Douyin, made the volume of explosive products, and finally harvested the profit in the omni -channel.

Why do many emerging brands be regarded as a machine to burn money, because there is no channel for profit feeding, and only the possibilities of harvesting can only be harvested. The creation of explosive products is also complementary to the rhythm of the channel. The channels are not built in one day, but each step is counted.

Sixth, sixth underlying logic: private domain operation

I will find mature popular brands that create explosive models through Douyin and rely on omni -channels to harvest profits. Many emerging brands have no channel accumulation, and even in early laying channels are difficult to do. At this time, the meaning of private domain is very significant. major.

If a consumer brand is made of explosive products through Douyin’s launch strategy, it is neither harvested in channels nor harvest in private domains. How can this brand survive for a long time?

From the perspective of investment logic, I prefer consumer brands that are capable of privatized, because the private domain is not suitable for all brands, it means a very high threshold. Brand barriers.

I talk about my views on private domain operations:

1. Not all brands are suitable for private domains

The premise of privatization is that categories have the characteristics of periodic purchases. There must be a high repurchase rate, otherwise the operation of private domain is basically not established.

2. Private domainization has higher requirements for brand characteristics

What kind of characteristics do you have and what kind of emotional connection, it is worth choosing a private domain, interacting with you, and loyalty to you. Isn’t the platform easier.

3. The contribution of private domain to profits is absolute

There is no platform for harsh donations on the platform, but there is higher loyalty and higher ROI, which means that during the launch of the front link, the acceptable customer acquisition cost is higher and the distribution scale is larger.

4. The private domain is anti -public

At least a certain characteristic users gather here. The private domain users should be treasured. Even I prefer to call private domain users as brand experience officers, help brands to polish new products, and feedback. It is a participant in the brand construction process. It is also the group with the highest loyalty to the brand. If it rises to brand feelings, it is the highest -level private domain.

I think that the best company in China is Xiaomi. Although the car building is a good trend, it is more like the people’s hearts of rice noodles, so that the emotional connection of rice noodles has risen to brand feelings.

With this logical deduction, Huoxizi may reach a height that is difficult to reach, from brand feelings to rising to national feelings.

If I look at the investment of consumer brands as investors today, I will give priority to projects with possibility of private domainization, and then push back to the category track and product innovation of the brand selection. If “head” and “tail” choose Polyly, the logic of future growth is almost confirmed that I will vote for such projects.

Today, I think it is very standardized in content, development, and channel. It may not be possible to form a barrier of too high -brand.

For the emerging brand that is still starting today, my suggestion is to make a private domain. This is one of the barriers to the future brand. If you find that consumers have no reason to choose your private domain, it means that it may not be from the “head”. Do right.

Today, consumers’ purchase decisions have been on social platforms. It is not important which platform to transaction. The brand operation of the brand has also gradually shifted from the platform’s operation logic to consumer operating logic, becoming the operating management of the consumer life cycle.

Brands will also slowly evolve into consumer operating companies from consumer goods sales companies.

Today’s consumer goods market is very impetuous, and the hot money of capital has also helped. Everyone is enjoying the foam feast in the growth myth and capital valuation. After this wave of huge waves, how many emerging brands will stay. Every brand that stays, I believe I will find the answer in the minds of consumers.

7. Full link ROI model

In addition to these six underlying logic, I often discuss the relationship between growth and business with the founders of the brand. I find the same things, different cognitions, different understanding, and different choices.

Based on my many years of experience, I will recently share the “full -link ROI model” with consumer brands. Obviously, it is obvious that today in a single channel and a single launch model. Unless it is in the dividend period, it is difficult to make a profit directly. Model “is a longer and clearer for the brand’s operations. The data of data can be measured and disassembled, becoming the brand’s future” business compass “.

1. Full link 1.0 model

Single -products throwing vibrato, to Tmall, and transforming ROI in real time. Obviously, it is difficult to pass 1. This model must be lost in the brand.

2. Full link 2.0 model

Outside the station, the single product via Douyin, to Tmall, and the new transformation is newly transformed. Inside the station, the UD+station was put in, and high ROI harvested. It can be estimated that items are comprehensive ROI in the full link inside and outside the station. Some brands have a profit and loss balance on this model.

3. Full link 3.0 model



Outside the station, the single product via Douyin, to Tmall, and the new transformation is newly transformed. Inside the station, the UD+station is launched+natural traffic+live broadcast. Many brands use this model to explode models, and some of the ultimate brands are calculated in ROI of the whole store. Why is this model suitable for explosive models, because as long as it is tied, it can be madly capacity.


4. Full link 4.0 model

All sales volume of the omni -channel of the single product, except for all the items, is the omni -channel ROI. This model is a high -end player, brand profit harvest model.

Therefore, you can understand why some brands obviously do not make money, but have been investing strongly, but in the end, it seems that there is no loss and continued to grow. Some brands are cautious, controlled, but the business is getting smaller and smaller. What kind of thinking is practical, what kind of results can be obtained.

The model from the full link 1.0 to 4.0 has been verified that the practice of several years has been verified that it can accurately calculate and measure, continuously re -inventory, continuous iteration and correction, can be a compass for brand operations.

Eight, conclusion

The six underlying logic of consumer brands is actually a combination of fist. The track determines the product, the product determines the content, the content determines the spread, and the communication decides to grow. This is a process of “spiral rising”.

Why do many emerging brands In-House today, in my opinion, if time can be pulled long enough, only the brand In-House team may be a breakthrough in “from quantitative change to qualitative change”. With a complete ability is the future brand. The road to upgrade must be.

The height of today’s brand depends on the shortest bucket board. There is no board in the supply chain, products, content, content, operation, operation, channels, and private domains.

In the short term, external Age 13 can help the brand to make up the shortcomings. In the process, I think the most important thing is the learning ability of the In-House team, which can continue to iterate, but to be honest, the outstanding talents in the consumer industry are very scarcely scarce In addition, the liquidity is large and the difficulty is not small. Another idea is In-House and Agency horse racing.

In the long run, In-House and Agency horse racing are a better choice. In the process of horse racing, let the team keep learning and iterative. Internal and external competition, internal In-House will not be proud and complacent. To win, both sides will work hard for this and are more secure.

In the end, I want to go back and talk about the “Magic Law”, which is also the most important underlying logic I think.

According to the blessing of content and research capabilities, and the thinking of the full -link model, assuming that this is no longer scarce, then the effect of amplifying and creating explosive models is not a problem. The market will return to the game of zero -sum game.

If the market is the end, this is the case,

“Product coefficient”

The value will be more prominent, because

“Category Innovation”

The breakthrough is the highest coefficient of the power secondary rule.

If you lead your opponent 10%, with the continuous accumulation of power, your advantages will continue to magnify. The longer the time, the more likely it is to create an index level.

I firmly believe that “product is king”, consumers vote with their feet and decide the future.

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