Barbecue vegetables and seafood according to personal preferences

BY Donkey’s Late Night Cafeteria


200 grams of enoki mushrooms

4 chicken wings

5 spoons of edible oil

Cumin powder 100g

6 mushrooms

500 grams of lamb chops

1 baby vegetable

Four tin Category boxes

Six fish tofu


Half of the onion

Large amount of garlic

Practice step

1. Chicken wings are marinated with Oliang material, put a few fish, tofu and garlic into particles, add a small amount of millet spicy raw soy sauce oil and fried doll Caier to cut the strips, and a layer of hot fans are covered with garlic; enoki mushrooms; This is the way to operate onions under the sheep chop, roast it sweetly

2. Soul -soul cumin salt sugar and garlic (like spicy rice spicy and chili noodles), add hot oil

3. Apply the soul and small ingredients on the meat and vegetables.

The nutritional effect of enoki mushrooms

1. Promote intellectual development

The high amino acid content of enoki mushrooms is beneficial to promoting intellectual development, enhancing intellectual development, and enhancing memory. It is a necessary product for children’s health care to increase intelligence, prolong the elderly, and enhance memory of adults.

2. Promote metabolism

Strengthen biological activity in the body and promote metabolism. Absorption of interest nutrients.

3. Bloodylipidemia

Inhibit blood lipids, reduce cholesterol, and prevent hyperlipidemia, thereby reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.


4. Anti -fatigue

Antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, eliminating heavy metal toxins, antitumor.

5. Prevention prevention

Preventing allergies such as asthma, rhinitis, eczema.

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