Regardless of the spring and summer, the dress is the favorite of many beautiful women. A gorgeous dress can make women be beautiful. Elegant skirts and elegant skirts can always create different styles of different styles and different tastes for girls paper. , Can add charming temperament to women at any time.

1. lace stitching real silk dress

¥ 388.00

Ellen 2016 new silk dress European and American lace skirt round neck short -sleeved temperament mulberry silk A -line skirt

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The dignified and virtuous women are always so pity. This is a fashionable European and American style, covering low -key luxury. Its contrasting color can make the monotonous style be beautiful instantly. The temperament stitching color, the elegant and elegant H outline, have modern lines, whether it is the workplace or party, you can play from it. If you match a pair of high heels to add women’s temperament, it is not appropriate.


2. Printed lace dress

¥ 98.00

Korean version of slim lace skirt summer new women’s clothing 2016 small fresh printed student dress female

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Love this sweet goddess alone. The printed long skirts do not have less every year, and the lace and printing are the finishing touch. The entire 3D three -dimensional cutting, reducing the waist fat, showing a graceful curve. Every detail is showing the gentleness and gorgeousness of the woman, passionate, and playful, making them linger on the corners of the streets and alleys.

3. Pleumal small fresh lady skirt


¥ 149.00

2016 Summer New Women’s Bow, Black Chiffon Dress Short -sleeved A -line pleated fresh lady skirt

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Listening to the girlfriend said that romantic florals are the age reduction items for women in the season. It is full of foreign youth, adding its own elegance and blooming unique self -fashion attitude. Special elastic ruffled cuffs, temperament has a personality, filled with elegant and romantic feelings. Perhaps the fancy colors will make you ignore the lower hem pleated, but the tight waist is in a special position. If it is not pleated, it will never have such a good fresh effect.


4. Hollow embroidery red dress

¥ 158.00

Tinee 2016 summer hollow embroidered red skirt sleeveless red dress summer thin thin middle skirt lady skirt

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I really didn’t expect to design such an ordinary skirt can still be so dazzling. It’s just simply hollow embroidery. The simple style almost does not require any decoration, but it can show sensitive and popular touch in the low -key. Perhaps because the red is too beautiful, or the version is too delicate, so there is no complicated one at all. The pattern can show the avant -garde trend.

5.V Leadership College Wind pleated skirt

¥ 79.00

Inaae 2016 Women’s Korean Dress Verso College Wind Navy Wind Chiffon pleated mid -length skirt

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How can I miss this age -cut naval style dress? V -neck color stitching, eye -catching personality, black and white impact look more vibrant, so that the pure color dress is no longer monotonous. It also increases the visual effect, making people look tall and thin. The loose version, the vertical pleated hem, exudes a strong campus style. This makes people easily return to Girls’ Generation.

6. Ou Genya Titani Flower Dress

¥ 279.00


EST + II/Art Poem 2016 Summer New Products Korean Edition Genbolt Sweet Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress

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Maybe you are like a man, but after all, it is a woman, and there is a tender side. Occasionally wear skirts, you don’t need to tighten your body too much. The simple H version can be accompanied by simple printing, comfortable and elegant. Combined with the two -layer petal sleeves of the body, beautiful, playful and stylish.

7. Lace hollow dress


¥ 179.00

2016 summer new women’s white lace A -line skirt European gauze waist waist short sleeves summer hollow dress

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How delicate and sexy is it, you will definitely not understand without seeing this dress. The lace collar is decorated with charming collarbone, plus the hollow embroidery short sleeves refreshing and pleasant, interpreting thousands of styles. A bow ribbon around the waist can be said to be opened and down, and the graceful waistline is clearly modified. It is like a key, which evokes the infinite vision of mature women for sweetism.

8. Sweet shirt and shirt dress


¥ 159.00

Ii Bazaar Chiffon dress in summer, sweet slim -fitting women’s high -waist mid -sleeved shirt skirt

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I never believe that there is such a clean and beautiful skirt. Comfortable and refreshing fabric combined with shirt combination skirts, active and strong visual impact. The simple and clean pure color directly highlights the elegant and independent gesture of temperament. The elegant skirt is simple and elegant, and it can be so beautiful.