In the hot summer, how to choose the color of yourself and simple advanced high-level, so many middle-aged women have a headache. After all, the woman is in this age, if the total wearing a dark color is inevitably gives people old feelings, while large-scale use of color lines, it is not careful and even fierce, even exposes complex skin.

And the white series is simple, and it is purely in the summer. It is the most steady and advanced choice in summer. Middle-aged women can highlight a lot of taste with a white line. This summer, a tasteful middle-aged love “White”, summer photo, mature and elegant temperament, hope to provide you with inspiration!

First, the advantage of the white system

As a long-lasting advanced colors, the white system has a variety of advantages, and it is not easy to wear.

First, the white is part of the basic, and the brightness is high. On the one hand, on the one hand, the brightness of the overall look can be improved, especially when the upper or lower is dark, one mekage can Smartly resolve the dullness of the dark.


On the other hand, the white system can also enhance the light feeling, for middle-aged women, will not cause elderly or cumbersome.

In addition, the white system is used in a variety of single-style style because of the classic and dyed, whether the middle-aged woman wants to create which style can be achieved, as well as high-grade and simple wearing effects.

TIPS: White Table In addition to single-dressing, it is also possible to act as other items, on the basis of improving the brightness, and is extra low-profile, and will not cause the hidden.


Second, the white color scheme

With strong neutralization, it is one of the biggest advantages of white. No matter which color, it is combined with the white system, you can get a certain degree of dilution and neutralization.


1, black and white color

Classic black and white color is best suited for middle-aged women’s color schemes, black and white comparison, mutual balance, and jointly manufacture classic and simple and simple high-level visual effects, not wrong, and noble is noble.

But when using black and white color, it is recommended that the 50-year-old woman will try to put the white system in the upper body.


2, low saturation light color + white system

White tuning is pulled, combined with darkness, can resolve your feelings, and mix with low saturation light-colored, it can further enhance light feelings, highlight the high-year women’s clean and refined temperament.

Such as white + light blue, white + light pink or white + beige, gentle and fresh.

Third, common white single items and match

A wide variety of white lines suitable for summer, when a woman has reached a middle-age stage, it is necessary to avoid some white single items for design, prioritize the basic paragraph, most practical, and most simple.

1, white t

Middle-aged woman wants to wear out of age, then there are many white t in the wardrobe. There is always a mistake, such as a white basic T-shirt, white letter T-shirt.


Summer is used in small feet, suits or high waist half-length skirts, simple and comfortable.


2, white shirt

White shirt is a must-have for middle-aged women’s closets, except for age, white shirts or magic weapons in summer.


But when choosing white shirt, compares the middle-aged woman compared to a slim shirt, properly loose style, used to match the jeans, and take care of the refreshing and land.

3, white system

White is under construction mainly including white skirt, white feet, white jeans, white straight pants or white wide-leg pants, etc.

First on the half skirt, because the white system is used as the expansion color, it is best to take the white high waist A type half-length skirt or the umbrella skirt, thereby avoiding a bloating.

If it is a white trousers, then it can be determined according to the leg shape. If it belongs to the pear shape, try white nine taper pants, white straight spinning pants, if the figure is well, then white tapered nine pants, white conical nine pants.

Summer is used to face shirts or T-shirts, and it is more refreshing and generous.

4, white dress

As a single item, the dress is combined with the white system, it is often able to further enhance the light feeling, but middle-aged women don’t forget to use the waist design or waist to point the waistline position.

The above is the full content of this time. If you like this group of white wear demonstration, then you will wish to refer to it!

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