In the early summer, the mushrooms are not to plan to go to the beach HIGH ~

Going to the seaside to play the most important thing to take pictures, all kinds of postures are casually concave, do not have sexy blots?

Here is a small sexy blouse, second sexy goddess, this is not a dream! Wearing clothes in the best age, showing a good body, shining in the crowd!

[1. word collar]

Chiffon shirt loose word collar summer thin short-sleeved speaker stitch shoulder chiffon jacket women’s summer 2016 new Korea

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Big red noodle head with white short skirt is better, but it is full, if I also have snow white skin, I will go into a hanging wardrobe!

2016 Summer South Korea sexy word lead colored striped snow spinning shirt women’s loose lady top T-shirt


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The most distinctive thing is the shoulder design, plus the baby’s material is thin, and the upper body is the goddess. The necklines and cuffs have unique elastic bands, suitable for all kinds of girls ~, more importantly, the fabric will not pan! Mushrooms are cool, don’t be afraid!

[2. Shooter T-shirt]

Summer Korea Baiwido Panasonic Pendulum Pouring Asymmetrical Single Silent Backband T-Shirt Women

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Asymmetrical Single Shoulder T-shirts show a little bit of small playful ~ loose cotton feels very comfortable. It can cover the butterfly arm, but also show the side of the girl, should not be too perfect in the sea. Xiaobian saw this dress can be a heart blossom ~

[3. Openwork V-neck T]


Korean version of the cross hollow hanging neck V collar T-shirt female exposed bone short-sleeved solid color loose personality bottoming shirt showing thin top

The design of this design can be perfectly exposed, and there are many kinds of colors. White is a bit literary style, but it is very good, the grass is very characteristic, the pink is also a girl, full black with jeans and hat walking In the street is a tide woman. Such t should be in one ~

Large size custom 2016 spring and summer new loose slim pendant 5 points sleeve T-shirt tip bottoming shirt female student tide

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Simple style, personality design. With jeans is leisure, with a skirt is a temperament! The unique V-neck design is more prominent to clasp bones, and the thin men must try it ~ The loose version is leisure but does not lose temperament, and it is also the first choice for the wardrobe.

[4. Shutdown]

2016 white sweet hollow word collar shoulders women’s summer Korean version of short-sleeved loose shoulder lace baby shirt

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The hollowed cotton feels with a lace design, the material is soft. Long design is suitable for high children, look more reminiscent, white not only hundreds, but also a variety of art style, the breeze floating, as if the world is still still ~

Loose chiffon shirt fat mm leakage bathroom dress Han Fan Middle long section spring summer small shirt half sleeve chiffon baby shirt


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l Loose noodle baby shirt, cool and comfortable, young but not lost woman. Very slim, with a hot pants, the legs, the upper part of the mushrooms, and the preferred choice for the upper body. Wearing this top, blowing sea breeze, thinking about it is cool!

[5. Slim vest]


SHERRY small jade sauce 2016 summer new Korean version of the slim slim show short bandage vest female sling


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Korean version of the design, the design of the back, the nice mushroom is cool. Wear is very cool, with a high waist shorts show big long legs, and the return rate is extremely high. Going out to play this, just don’t be too beautiful, the body is like this.

2016 summer new seoul Korean solid color round neck sleeveless knit bottoming vest hanging with wild clothes

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Knitted materials, summer can be dressed in summer, cold winds can be mixed with jackets. Found this year’s special popular blouse ~ The upper body thin mushroom is more exciting! Surface color is very good, the price is cheap, Xiaobian can’t help but two pieces.

Ai Ai Pills newly tied knit straps vest female short summer sleeveless tight bottom vest


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If you have equivalence or a slim waist, Xiaobian strongly recommends this vest. Exposed small waist, women’s taste, very high back to the short skirt, short skirt, good ~ I am afraid that the mushroom is cool out of the door with a coat, a hundred and fashion, set off a new trend. Illustration 3 Wear Your Woman Washing ~ Let your clothes add a personalized design, maybe, you will find your own different sides!


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