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Time is really fast, and it’s a late autumn. The weather is cold in one day, what clothes do you wear recently? I see the stars and fashion people’s street shooting, find

Baseball jacket

The person is quite a lot, and it is very good to do.


Baseball cap jacket is a very


Single item, this dress is actually a sportswear. Basically, small collar, most of which are short, and have a long period in recent years. And this dress is colorful, black and white, green, and red white is the most common. It is very casual, it is very popular.




The people suitable for this dress are very broad, and young people can wear, and middle-aged people can wear. The space is very large, and everyday shopping is very good. Let’s take a look at how this year’s fashionable girls wear baseball jackets. Give your autumn and winter to put a little

New idea

Deep autumn wearing baseball jacket with narrow leg trousers, profiling is very angry

Short baseball jacket is very good, this dress is short, but relatively loose. Comply with

Short mess, narrow width

The matching method is row. The most popular wearing this year is to give this shirt with one

Narrow leg pants

. Like tights, pipe tube or straight pants can be.


Because the baseball jacket is colorful, relatively fancy is more cumbersome. So the matching pants and the inner pair should be simple and low. Then a black pants are very good.

The looks of Wu Ming in the picture above are very good. Her baseball suit is black and white, and there is a big white R word in the chest. It is very similar to the atmosphere. She takes a black lapel leggings and black tights, and even the shoes are black. Leaves and atmosphere.

Although her pants is narrow, it is not tight. So although the upper is relatively short, the overall is generous. And handsome and profit. Very young.

Black and white color matching baseball jacket is the most common, except for black narrow legs or tights, match

Navy blue


Jeans is also good. Because dark blue texture and properties are almost the same. So and black and white color matching jackets will not appear noisy and fancy. If your pants have holes or hurry, it will be more tide.

As for shoes, black and white shoes are the best, but also the most insurance.

If you think that the black and white color of the baseball jacket is a bit ordinary, it can also wear a color comparison


Baseball clothing. For example, green is the main color, white for auxiliary colored baseball cap jacket, very refreshing.

Because the color of this baseball jacket is brighter, it is low-key, black or white in other clothes. Other colors and this green jacket is a lot.

The bright baseball jacket is very nice to a black pants. As for the style, black tights or straight pants are good. It is best to match a straight pants this year, like Li Feier’s matching. She gave this green baseball jacket with a black straight trousers, and the legs were straight and comfortable.

This year, no matter what color, the baseball jacket is wearing a

Black narrow pants

It is very good, fashionable and comfortable. If the shoe pants are colored, the legs are longer.

Not afraid of cold friends, deep autumn can wear baseball jackets with shorts, beautiful and tide, very style


Although the weather is cold, but the fashionable girl is really not watching the temperature, and then the shorts are in the November, and it is not cold. So wearing one piece

Baseball jacket with shorts

It is very nice to match.

For example, a short baseball jacket, a white shirt, a white shirt, a white shirt, and a bright color of the shorts can be shallow or deep. Wear black thick shoes on the foot and white socks, you can also wear Lake shoes to add white socks. Retro is very tidal.

Black leather shoes plus white socks


It is the most popular combination of this year.

Orange plus white baseball jacket is Ming Mei and handsome, wearing a very eyeball. Put the white shirt, with a light blue cowboy, the feeling of neutral wind, cool and tide.

If you still feel that you are not cool, then you can wear a pair of golden

Robot leg shaped

The bottom socks are really handsome and special.


If you think the color of the baseball jacket is a bit, then you can wear one

Solid color

Such as purple, refreshing and low-key and fashionable. This purple baseball jacket is relatively long, almost covered with hips, and the space is bigger.

The picture above this girl is good, the inscribed shirt is equipped with a dark blue shorts, and the foot is a camel bootstream. Like the color of the shoes, it is also equipped with purple. So wearing handsome and high-level feelings.

Deep autumn wear baseball jacket with suit pants, in fashion, in the style of knowledge, suitable for work

Although the baseball jacket is a casual clothes, it can wear


Feeling. How do you wear it, first choose a solid color jacket, so refreshing atmosphere. Leisure is weak.

For example, this lady wearing this baseball jacket is good, pure white, just a small stand collar stitching yellow. A simple piece of clothes. The style and workplace of this clothes are no violation.

Give this white baseball jacket with a light blue gray loose pants, or a half-length skirt, the horse has a sense of integrity. This pants can be a trousers, which is correct, and the shoes are selection double high heels. Then this set is a set of very good-looking work wearing.


The solid colored baseball jacket with a loose pants, which has a sense of knowledge. It is very suitable for work.

If your baseball jacket is pure black, some letters and numbers above are not very fancy. That a black shirt, and then with a relatively simple-known suits or a word skirt, which will also have a sense of intellective skills. It is also good to wear to work.

Ok, let’s summarize it, wear a baseball jacket this year, there are three trendy matchs, one is to give this dress.

Black narrow leg trousers


, Straight pants or tights. Second,


Wear, very energetic. The third is to choose a solid color baseball jacket with a suit in the hands of handsome.



a feeling of. It is also good to work in work.

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